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Inspiration » Looks » Gender-Neutral Wedding Outfits: Style Guide + Where to Find Them

Gender-Neutral Wedding Outfits: Style Guide + Where to Find Them

by Joy Editors
A lesbian wedding couple, one in a gender neutral wedding suit and the other in a white dress with bouquet, walk together with smiles

When celebrating love at a wedding, you deserve to feel your best — whether you’re the one getting married, one of the attendants, or simply a guest. To help you find the perfect ensemble for the big day, we’re diving into the world of gender-neutral wedding outfits, where style, inclusivity, and personal expression take center stage. 

Perhaps you’re a trendsetter looking for contemporary fashion or maybe a traditionalist with a twist? From tailored suits and chic tuxedos to elegant skirts and modern jumpsuits, this guide will introduce you to diverse options for your gender-neutral wedding attire.

How to Find Androgynous Wedding Attire

To ensure that your wedding attire reflects your authenticity, these practical steps will help you confidently navigate the process.

Woman leaning against doorway wearing a black suit with black bow tie and purple and green boutonniere
Photos above courtesy of Suzanne Karp Photography

“It was a challenge to find a wedding suit that both fit my small frame and didn’t have features common to traditional women’s suits. I eventually chose to have a bespoke suit made for me.”

Jasmine D.

Get inspired

Browse through fashion magazines, explore Pinterest boards, and check out real wedding photos to identify styles that resonate with your unique taste. Collect images and ideas that inspire you, forming the foundation for your personalized wedding look. 
Equally Wed is a great resource for glimpses into LGBTQ+ weddings from across the country. They also identify wedding vendors that are LGBTQ+ inclusive, providing them with an Equally Wed badge to verify their intention. Joy is a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community, and we are proud to wear the Equally Wed badge of honor.

Set a budget and a timeline

Determine the maximum amount you’re willing to spend on your outfit and set a timeline that aligns with the wedding date. This ensures you stay on track while exploring your options. 

If a suit is your preference, keep in mind that they cost $300 on average, and tailoring could take several weeks. If you opt for a bespoke suit for the big day, prices could range from $1,000 to $5,000, and production time could take several months.

Start shopping

Explore a diverse range of stores, both online and in-person (if that’s possible where you live), that specialize in gender-neutral and androgynous fashion. Trying on different styles will help you find the perfect fit and express your authentic self on your special day. 

Depending on the options available in your area, you may want to visit major department stores to see if any gender-neutral fashion options are available in-store.

Personalize your outfit

Consider accessories, custom alterations, or non-traditional color choices to infuse your personality into the outfit. If you are one of the wedding celebrants, this step can be an opportunity to incorporate your unique individuality into your special day. Small details like adding your initials to a shirt cuff or sewing a loved one’s handkerchief into a skirt lining deliver that extra meaningful touch.

11 Brands Offering Gender-Neutral Style Options for Special Occasions

This curated list of fashion-forward brands redefining traditional norms can offer inspiration with various formal wear choices to consider for the wedding. All price ranges are approximate.


Person posing for camera wearing a pale pink leather suit jacket from WILDFANG

Price range: $300-$400

Store type: Online and In-store (Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR)

WILDFANG stands out for its fashion-forward gender-inclusive designs, offering a diverse range of ready-to-wear clothing that effortlessly blurs traditional gender lines. With a commitment to empowering individuals to embrace their unique styles, WILDFANG provides a trendy and inclusive selection of wedding attire suitable for celebrants, attendants, and guests.

2. Hautebutch

Two women pose for photo, one wearing a cream vest and pants from Hautebutch and the other wearing an orange and black dress

Price range: $300-$500

Store type: Online only

Hautebutch brings a touch of sophistication, specializing in masculine-inspired gender-neutral designs that cater to diverse tastes. Renowned for its off-the-rack tailored elegance, Hautebutch offers a collection of wedding fit options like suits, vests, and various accessories. This queer Black-owned business creates a stylish and welcoming experience for anyone seeking non-binary, gender-neutral, or androgynous attire.

3. Bindle & Keep

Person wearing a blue wedding suit from Bindle & Keep with matching bow tie while looking away from camera

Price range: $1,200-$1,600

Store type: In-store (Brooklyn, NY) and Virtual fittings available

New York City-based Bindle & Keep excels in crafting custom-made, non-binary wedding outfits that prioritize individual preferences and unique style expressions. Their commitment to inclusivity is evident in their personalized tailoring process, allowing every customer to embrace gender-nonspecific fashion that reflects their authentic selves.

4. Kirrin Finch

A couple poses for camera, the one standing wearing a Kirrin Finch suit with vest and bolo tie and the one seated wearing a colorful dress

Price range: $350-$750

Store type: Online and In-store (Brooklyn, NY)

Kirrin Finch stands as a beacon of gender-diverse fashion, offering a delightful array of gender-neutral ready-to-wear wedding outfit possibilities. Known for its sustainable and inclusive approach, Kirrin Finch gives celebrants and guests a chance to celebrate love in outfits that are stylish, comfortable, and ethically crafted.

5. Duchess Clothier

A person wearing a tailored blue suit with white accents from Duchess Clothier stands holding a bouquet of orange and cream flowers

Price range: $1,000-$3,000

Store type: In-store (Portland, OR) and Virtual fittings available

Duchess Clothier is a Portland, Oregon-based trailblazer in the realm of unisex wedding attire. Renowned for attention to detail in their custom suits, Duchess Clothier provides a unique and personalized shopping experience for those seeking wedding outfits that transcend traditional gender norms.

6. The Tailory

Wedding couple with short beards pose, one looking to camera wearing a green suit jacket and a flower crown while the other kisses their cheek and wears a black textured suit jacket with boutonniere

Price range: $2,000-$4,000

Store type: In-store (New York, NY) and Virtual fittings available

The Tailory New York stands out for its commitment to personalized gender-inclusive tailored custom clothing, offering a wide selection of wedding outfits that cater to diverse styles and identities. Known for its bespoke approach and modern style, The Tailory provides the opportunity to embrace fashion that aligns with an individual’s unique preferences.

7. Thúy Custom Clothier

Couple walks holding hands, one wearing black suit from Thúy Custom Clothier and the other wearing a pale pink knee-length dress

Price range: $1,000-$2,500

Store type: In-store only (San Francisco, CA)

Thúy Custom Clothier is a San Francisco-based standout choice for those seeking personalized and unique gender-inclusive wedding attire. Specializing in custom suits that capture individual styles and preferences, Thúy Custom Clothier offers a unique experience in crafting the perfect fit for any body type.

8. Sharpe Suiting

A couple in complimentary suits, one fuchsia and the other pale blue, from Sharpe Suiting holds hands and look at each other standing in front of greenery arch

Price range: $900-$5,000

Store type: Appointment-only locations (Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Charlotte, and Tampa) and Virtual fittings available

Sharpe Suiting is synonymous with sleek and sophisticated gender-inclusive wedding attire, providing a range of tailored ready-to-wear and bespoke options that challenge conventional norms. With design session locations across the U.S., Sharpe Suiting empowers individuals to express their authentic selves through the wedding outfits of their dreams. They’ve even developed and trademarked a sizing formula they call “Andropometrics” based on an individual’s gender identity and style.

9. Twisted Tailor

A person wearing a pale violet suit from Twisted Tailor with a vest, lace shirt, and ribbon bow around collar

Price range: $100-$300

Store type: Online only

Twisted Tailor brings a modern twist to gender-neutral wedding attire with its edgy and fashion-forward off-the-rack designs. As a trendsetter in androgynous fashion, Twisted Tailor uses color and patterns that allow the wearer to showcase their unique style in outfits that effortlessly blend contemporary aesthetics with inclusivity.

10. Shane Ave.

Person in navy blue suit from Shane Ave. with a white bow tie and a boutonniere looks to their left with a smile on their face

Price range: $1,000-$2,000

Store type: In-store (Sydney, Australia) and Virtual fittings available

Shane Ave. is an Australian-based business that distinguishes itself with its contemporary and gender-diverse wedding attire. With a focus on fashion that transcends traditional gender boundaries, Shane Ave. provides its customers with a sense of confidence and empowers them to express their unique personalities on the wedding day.

11. The Butch Clothing Company

A couple holding hands, one wearing a blue suit and the other wearing a grey suit, both from The Butch Clothing Company, look to their left with smiles on their faces

Price range: $2,000-$3,000

Store type: In-store (Kent, England) and Virtual fittings available

U.K-based The Butch Clothing Company stands as a reliable source for androgynous wedding attire, providing non-gendered and gender-neutral custom suits. Recognized for its commitment to authenticity and diversity, The Butch Clothing Company makes it possible to celebrate love in a fashion that feels right.

Create the Perfect Wedding Website

Set up your wedding website in minutes with design options to make yours truly unique.

Now that you’ve got some ideas on where to find the perfect gender-neutral wedding outfit, we hope you can embrace the freedom to express your individuality on this big occasion. No matter your role at the wedding, the joy you experience from celebrating your personal flair will resonate with everyone there. 

Gender Neutral Wedding Outfit FAQ

What types of clothing are considered gender-neutral for weddings?

From stylish suits and elegant tuxedos to flowing dresses and contemporary jumpsuits, the possibilities are endless. If one is provided, consider the dress code for potential inspiration. This is an opportunity to celebrate your individuality, so allow yourself to choose clothing that authentically reflects your own unique style and personality.

Do I have to wear a suit or dress for a gender-neutral wedding?

Feel empowered to choose attire that resonates with your style, whether a chic jumpsuit, a tailored tuxedo, or a dress that defies conventions. While suits and dresses are fabulous options, there’s a world of possibilities to explore, so there’s no need to limit yourself.

How do I ensure a good fit for my gender-neutral outfit?

Many brands offer customization options, allowing you to tailor your outfit to perfection. Or, if you bought your ensemble as a ready-to-wear piece, don’t hesitate to seek professional tailoring for that personalized touch. Since you’ll be looking at these wedding photos for years to come, it’s worth the time to make sure that your outfit fits like a glove.

Are there specific etiquette guidelines for gender-neutral weddings?

Gender-neutral weddings celebrate inclusivity and personal expression, so there’s no strict etiquette. Feel free to communicate openly with your guests about the dress code expectations. Your wedding website is a great place to share this message, creating an atmosphere that honors diversity and individuality. Whether your special day is a mix of traditional and non-traditional elements or a unique approach, your wedding is an opportunity to showcase your authentic love story.

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