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Inspiration » Tips and Tricks » Creative Engagement Announcement Ideas

Creative Engagement Announcement Ideas

by Joy Editors
Creative engagement announcement idea with two hands holding an ampersand sign

They popped the question and you said “yes”! Now, how do you and your partner spread the big news before wedding planning begins? The right engagement announcement idea will broadcast your excitement with loved ones while also reflecting your unique personalities.

How you share your announcement — via snail mail or digitally — is up to you. Mailing formal announcements is a time-honored, old-fashioned way to share your engagement news. From holiday cards to an invitation to your engagement party, there are plenty of options for communicating the message. Finally, save the date cards get your point across, along with details of your wedding. A word of caution: Only send them to people you are sure will get invitations to the actual event.

Once you’ve shared with the people closest to you through more personal methods, you can now broadcast your exciting news to your larger circle. Social media is a great way to reach people en masse. The best way to do so? With a powerful photograph. If you have a great selfie or professional photos from your romantic proposal, post one on your favorite accounts. If you’re waiting until your engagement photoshoot to snap the perfect picture, we have five creative engagement announcement ideas that will wow your friends and family.

1. The Ring Shot

engagement announcement idea ring shot

A photo that focuses on your new engagement ring artfully communicates your betrothed status while being adorable at the same time. A close-up shot is perfect, or you and your partner posing in such a way where the ring is prominent works beautifully, too.

2. Say it With a Sign

engagement announcement idea signage

Adding a sign to your engagement session is a charming way to share the news. Write “I said yes” on a chalkboard. Put a sign around your furry friend that indicates their “humans” are getting married. The sky’s the limit when it comes to photos for your creative announcement! Also consider a sign that states your wedding date. This will get the point across effectively and work well for your save the dates. You can even get creative and work a favorite hobby into the mix. For example, a couple that likes to fish can have a sign that reading “less fish in the sea.” Add a rod and reel and it will make for an adorable announcement.

3. Handwritten Message

engagement announcement on a cup

Writing a message in the sand, on a hand or on a cup is a great way to communicate your news. All you need is a writing instrument. Just choose your platform and whip up an organic announcement that’s less work and requires less prep than signage.

4. Scrabble Tiles

engagement announcement scrabble tiles

A growing trend in engagement announcements is to use letters to get the word out. Together with your partner, spell out a message in your hands and consider using the engagement ring in place of the letter “O.”

5. Tying the Knot

engagement announcement tying the knot

For this engagement announcement idea, get your message across with a length of rope. You can show off your fancy knot-tying skills or make an elementary knot, as the communication is the same. Just try to get the ring in the photo so people aren’t mystified as to why they’re looking at a piece of rope!

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Engagement Announcement FAQs

engaged couple
Who receives an engagement announcement?
As with most wedding details, there is, of course, engagement announcement etiquette involved — starting with who should find out first and how. A good rule of thumb? Generally, the closer a friend and family member is to you, the sooner they should be in the know and the more personal your announcement should be.
Who do I share my engagement announcement with first?
Unless you have children who need to be informed first, parents are the people you should reveal your news to ahead of everyone else. Oftentimes, though, parents will know a proposal is already in the works; the groom-to-be may have asked his intended’s parents for their blessing in advance and let his own folks know his plans ahead of time. But, parents should still be informed that the proposal went off with the desired results! Traditionally, the bride-to-be’s parents are informed first followed by those of the groom, and the news is relayed either in person or via telephone depending on the circumstances:
How should I share the news with extended family and close friends?
Aunts, uncles, and cousins can be informed of your new marital status by your parents via phone, online, or mail. Of course, any relative you’re particularly close to can be informed personally or by phone, after your parents and siblings have received the news. For your best friends, it’s best to pick up the phone and call them. If the engagement took place out of the country, an email will work, too—but don’t email or text the happy news to someone close if you’re in town and it can be relayed in-person or on the phone.

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