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Inspiration » Tips and Tricks » 14 Ideas for a Barbiecore Wedding

14 Ideas for a Barbiecore Wedding

by Maureen Burke
Closeup of a person holding a colorful flower bouquet and wearing white dress and hot pink pumps.

A childhood classic is back in the (bright pink) spotlight, thanks in part to the Greta Gerwig’s upcoming film Barbie starring Margot Robbie. But the iconic doll isn’t just for kids. From bright pink hues and Malibu Beach vibes to fashionista-worthy heels and accessories, the spirit of Barbie — widely known as Barbiecore — is making its way down the aisle. It’s a trend we can get behind as more couples seek ways to draw upon this colorful and light-hearted aesthetic for their big day. Here’s how to weave elements of the Barbiecore trend into your ceremony or reception and create a dream wedding that’s both tasteful and fun. 

Here’s What You Need to Know About Barbiecore

No, you don’t need to rock Barbie pink from head to toe, go blonde or dance like a plastic figure. Embracing Barbiecore is all about taking inspiration from the glittery fashion, over-the-top energy and vibrant hot pink that defines the doll’s aesthetic. It’s a vibe that can work for almost any element of your big day. Think tasty pink cocktails, pops of pink florals or retro sunglasses as party favors. The trend cuts across gender, budgets, venues and generations, and — best of all — welcomes imagination with a healthy dose of nostalgia. 

Try These 14 Barbiecore Wedding Ideas 

Ready to add a pretty-in-pink vibe into your “I dos”? We rounded up 14 ways to incorporate the Barbiecore trend into your wedding. 

1. Create a signature font

Draw inspiration from the iconic logo for your own signature font. A memorable font can stand out and be used for your whole celebration from start to finish, from save the dates and your wedding website to reception menu cards. Throw it back with a swooping script like you might find on a vintage box or go modern with bold, curved lines reminiscent of today’s logo. If building an entire font from scratch seems overwhelming, consider a unique design of your married name or first initials or find an existing font inspired by a Barbie era. 

2. Think pink for ceremony decor

Drop in some accents of hot pink to your ceremony to set the Barbiecore tone for the rest of the festivities. A small dose here or there won’t overpower your big moment of walking down the aisle and saying your vows. For a subtle touch, incorporate the color in your wedding program designs or scatter rose petals down the aisle. Or go bold with a pink aisle runner. Hot pink is a flashy color, but layering it with more muted shades or adding in some neutrals will make it appear more organic in a space.

3. Add a pop of pink through your jewelry and accessories

Barbie and her friends always have a fully accessorized look. Take a page out of their book and pick out accessories — in pink, naturally — for yourself, partner and the wedding party. Consider enameled pink cufflinks, bracelets and necklaces adored with pink gemstones, or even hot pink sunglasses. These little accessories can be part of your look throughout the night, or just a few fun moments like a wedding reception grand entrance or wedding party photo ops.

4. Hide an unexpected flash of pink in your wardrobe

Who doesn’t love a signature color? Even if pink isn’t part of your everyday look, there’s no need to hold back on your wedding day if you’re going for a Barbiecore vibe. Little pops here and there add some excitement to a classic wedding look. Hassle-free pink options could include a satin sash or ribbon, shoes, socks and pocket squares. Or, if you’re feeling bold, go all in with a second look and plan head-to-toe pink outfits for your reception.

5. Paint it pink

Love nail polish? Relax during a hot pink manicure or pedicure or treat members of your wedding party before the big day. Pink is for everyone, and you can even let your wedding crew choose their own way of incorporating the electric hue with fun nail art or colorful french tip styles. It’s a modern take on traditional wedding nails.

6. Coif like Barbie and Ken

Here’s the thing about life in plastic: Picture perfect hairstyles are an everyday reality. But you can still recreate the look for your big day with a super polished updo, high ponytail or that perfect swoop of bangs. There’s no need to go blonde, but draw inspiration from the overall shape of their styles and effortlessly chic nature. Hair accessories could also have a moment on your big day — think headbands or pink clips, if they fit naturally into your wedding look. 

7. Make a statement with bright pink floral arrangements

Rich pink tones offer a modern take on centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnieres. Look to blooms such as hot pink roses, bubblegum pink peonies or fuchsia ranunculus to create Barbiecore-inspired florals arrangements that will pop in photos. For a balanced bouquet or centerpiece, pair the vibrant stems with blush or cream flowers and dark green foliage. Whether you’re hiring a florist or opting for DIY wedding flowers, this trend is totally within reach.

8. Serve up a pink signature drink

Consider a cocktail shaken with beet juice, topped with a pink umbrella stir or adorned with pink rock candy. This is an opportunity to really get creative because the possibilities are endless. Feeling extra? Name your drink after Barbie or Ken.

9. Sweeten up your big day with a pinkalicious dessert table

Fill your treat table with a variety of sweets and confections in various shades of pink. Lean into fruits and flavors like raspberry, rhubarb and rose to double-down on the Barbiecore vibe. If you’re planning to serve a traditional wedding cake, make it pink for a showstopping sweet that would make Barbie and Ken proud.

10. Use a retro cake topper resembling Barbie and Ken

Add a little personality to the top of your wedding cake with a customized cake topper. Use vintage Barbie or Ken figures for some nostalgia or opt for a modern silhouette in that iconic pink. 

11. Recreate Barbieland with a photo booth

With a whimsical photo booth, you can invite your wedding guests to strike their best pose. Whether your backdrop is your very own dream house or features coastal California vibes, it’s a fun way to engage guests in your Barbiecore vision. Use props inspired by the cast of characters and their style, such as rollerblades or pink feather boas. For a final touch, make the frame of your photo strip print pink.

12. Set a mood with hot pink reception lighting

Light up the dance floor or entrance area of your reception venue in pink. Dramatic wedding lighting can create a party vibe that draws your whole crew out to the dance floor — a nod to the memorable scene from the “Barbie” movie trailer — while a pink spotlight can draw attention to key moments of your reception, like the first dance. 

13. Weave in karaoke

In Barbieland, you can be anything, so why not a rock star? No sparkly pink guitar needed. Take a page out of her party book and fire up a karaoke machine later in the reception or during the after-party. 

14. Reserve a sweet ride as your getaway car

Wave goodbye to your family and friends as you drive away from the reception in style. Rent a classic pink convertible or Jeep Wrangler for a memorable, on-theme departure. Don’t forget to add a bright pink “Just Married” sign.

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