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Fall Wedding Ideas That Celebrate the Season

by Ariel Dreicer
Fall Wedding Ideas That Celebrate the Season

September and October have recently overtaken June as the most popular wedding months, and for good reason. Fall is magical. The temperatures drop, the leaves change colors, and anything that can come in pumpkin *will* come in pumpkin. So if you’re looking to follow the trend (and we don’t blame you), these fall wedding ideas to help you make the most of the season.

Lean into the harvest

Along with flowers, go with whatever other plants are native to your wedding location during the fall. For example, grasses and stalks can add beautiful texture to your bouquet and decorations.

Don’t be afraid of darker colors

fall wedding style dark colors

Photo by With Love by Georgie

Winter is coming. Fall is all about change and drama: lengthening nights and changing leaves. So fall weddings can be moodier than summer ones. Darker, earthy tones like burgundy, navy blue, green are perfect complements to the cloudy skies and deeper colors of the season.

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Go outside!

fall wedding style foliage


Since the heat of summer has subsided, fall is the perfect time to host your wedding outdoors. Also, there’s nothing like the backdrop of fall foliage for your wedding photos (especially at golden hour).

But keep your guests warm

blanket fall wedding ideas

Urban Fig Photography

If it’s a little chilly, provide blankets for your guests. That way, everyone can keep enjoying the beauty of the evening without resorting to a beer blanket.

Of course, since fall weather can be unpredictable, you’ll also want to have a rain plan.

Get your vegetables

bouquet fall wedding ideas

Melissa Fuller Photography

Add some seasonal vegetables, like kale blossoms and artichokes, to your bouquet and decor for a unique and festive look.

Start a fire

fall wedding ideas smores bonfire


Choose a venue with access to an outdoor space where guests can sit, drink, and warm up around the bonfire. You can even create individual s’mores packages for dessert, or set out a s’mores table.

Let them eat pie

fall wedding ideas pie


Pies are the stars of fall desserts, why not bring them out at the wedding? Serve up some of your favorite pies in place of a traditional wedding cake. Your guests — and your budget — will thank you.

Have more fabulous fall wedding ideas? Let us know what we missed!

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