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Inspiration » Wedding Planning » Your Guide to Fabulous DIY Wedding Decor

Your Guide to Fabulous DIY Wedding Decor

by Allison Hata
DIY wedding decor

Adding your own touch to your venue through decor can be one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding. Many couples see it as the main way to personalize the event. And it’s true that decor is one area where even on a budget there are tons of possibilities! You can find an endless amount of ideas on Pinterest and Instagram. It’s also a great opportunity to get creative and come up with your own ideas. DIY wedding decor can be a lot of fun if you’re into crafts. And even if you’re not, there are a ton of beautiful decorations out there you can buy to make your wedding look fabulous.

Wedding decor is also one of those areas where a dose of realism can really help you out with your planning. You can’t have every beautiful decoration you see online, and  To get your wedding decor plan off the ground, you have to focus on what matters. Most importantly, you should take care of other essential aspects of your wedding before delving into creating monogrammed wreaths. And remember the big picture: your decor should contribute to an atmosphere of fun and enjoying the company of your loved ones. With that in mind, here’s our guide to getting started with planning your awesome wedding decor.

Start with decor only after the really big decisions have been made

First of all, don’t get ahead of yourself. Decor isn’t the first thing you should plan, though it may be tempting to start thinking right away about the awesome place cards you’re going to have. How you decorate will depend on the big decisions about your guest list, budget, venue, and vendors. Of course, if you hire a wedding planner, they will be your help with decorating. But even if you want to DIY your wedding decor, you shouldn’t worry too much about embroidered napkins before you know how many tables and chairs you need!

That said, it can be good to know how much time, money, and work you want to spend on decorating your wedding. If you’re going to have DIY wedding decor, one question that is important to think about earlier rather later is who will be your decorating team. Get an idea of who’s willing to help out before making ambitious decorating plans. If you know who your decor team will be, you can worry about the details once you’re done with arranging the who, when, and where of your wedding.

Things to consider before getting started

Your venue

Your venue, the place that you’ll actually be decorating, should be your guide when it’s time to start planning your decor. What decorations are a good idea will really depend on the type of space you are working with. What works for a wedding in a church may not work for an outdoor wedding. Likewise, what works in a small venue may not be right for a large social hall. Your venue may also have lots of rules about what kinds of decorations you can use, and whether you can hang anything from the walls. All of these factors should be informing your decor decisions from the start.

Color scheme and style

Deciding on a color scheme and style can narrow things down and make it easier to choose projects. For your color scheme, you can choose several colors to make things more flexible. This way you won’t have to worry about finding everything that you need in just a couple of colors. The style you choose can literally be anything. The trick is to make your style one that helps you decide on which projects to focus on and which things to buy. You can combine themes to be as offbeat or traditional as you want. “Retro tropical,” “futuristic casual,” “sparkly”–whatever speaks to you!

Organization and time management

As with every aspect of wedding planning, being organized can make things go much more smoothly. Keep a list or spreadsheet of decor projects big and small. If you’re DIYing it, figure out about how long projects will take you and when you will work on them and make a note of it. This can help you manage your time and avoid having to rush to finish projects in the hours before the wedding.

Wedding day logistics

It’s also important to know where you’re going to store everything and how you will get it all to the venue. You’ll also want to make sure your decor team or any other friends or family are available to help install the decorations before the wedding. As always, having a plan means you can spend less time stressing and more time enjoying the day.

DIY wedding decor projects

Look online for ideas

Look for pictures of weddings in similar venues to get some general ideas. Be aware that social media can provide lots of cool ideas, but also unrealistic expectations. Many of the decorations you see on Pinterest will have been created by professionals at a steep cost. For DIY projects, simpler is better! There are so many ideas out there, it may seem overwhelming at first. For some great suggestions we found click here, here, and here.

Impact vs. effort

Think about the importance of the project vs. how much time and effort it will take. Some projects can have a big impact on the look and feel of a space with minimal effort. Focus on those! You don’t necessarily want to spend hours and hours on something that is a nice detail but has a smaller impact on your guests.

You can make stunning decorations with cheap materials!

It’s always an option to focus on finding projects that can be done with cheap materials. If a project you like seems too expensive because of the materials, you may be able to feasible substitute materials to do it for less.

Tips for your venue

Again, your venue will determine which projects are best to focus on. Some venues may pose more challenges than others, but you can still make your wedding look fabulous!

Large venue

If your wedding is in a large venue with tall ceilings, it can be challenging to make your decor stand out and not be overwhelmed by the space. Tall centerpieces can help, as can balloons and arches. You can also try hanging Christmas lights, paper cranes or ribbons!

Outdoor venues

Arches are also great for outdoors spaces. Make use of the natural surroundings! You can hang decorations from trees and use flower runners. Also take the weather into account. You may want to go with sturdier centerpieces if there is a chance of wind, for example.

Venues where attaching decorations to the walls or ceilings is not allowed

Balloons are great decorations for a venue where you can’t hang anything from the walls or ceiling. You can also  buy frames for backdrops or columns to hang things from.

DIY wedding decor

Making vs. buying

You may not be able to create every single part of your decor. In fact, you probably shouldn’t! Remember that many types of decorations can be bought ready-made. In fact, you can find most of your decorations this way if you want! There are plenty of shops online and in most cities that specialize in wedding decorations and supplies.

And whether you’re buying the majority of your decorations or making your own DIY wedding decor, keeping the big picture in mind will make your wedding beautiful in all the ways that matter.

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