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Inspiration » Wedding Planning » Your NYC Wedding: 5 Things You Need To Know

Your NYC Wedding: 5 Things You Need To Know

by Allison Hata
Your NYC Wedding: 5 Things You Need To Know

Planning your wedding is an exciting time! You can choose exactly the wedding you want, from the theme (if you have one), to the location, the vendors and everything in between! If you’re planning your an NYC wedding, here are a few extra things you need to consider.


1. There might be more demand for your venue

First things first: contact your venue. If you are completely set on one venue and one venue only, you may need to be flexible with your date. Bigger cities come with bigger populations and that means more interest in ‘sought after’ locations! That’s not to say you might not get the venue you want on the date you want, but it could be possible that your date is booked up!

As ever, fall weddings are incredibly popular, with 5 of the 10 most popular wedding dates in 2018 taking place in September and October. All 10 dates were Saturdays as well, so bear that in mind when you’re contacting venues and vendors for your big day! If you can, maybe consider a date that falls midweek, or perhaps in a ‘quieter’ month as you might find it easier to have the day of your dreams.


2. Coordinate with your vendors

Once you have the venue and date picked, now it’s time to book your photographer and entertainment. Some venues will supply their own sound equipment, and perhaps have a photographer available, so this could cut down how much organization you need to do. But remember, it’s your big day, so it’s all your choice. The important thing is that you communicate your thoughts and plans with your venue and your vendors.

If you decide to opt for live music, wedding bands bring their own equipment and some supply their own LED lighting. As always, be sure to check the cost of optional extras, and if your venue allows the installation of lighting. Some venues might not allow lighting installation due to insurance or other considerations.

When asking for quotes from vendors, it’s best to include any and every request you might have. That way you know the ‘all-in’ price, and you can pare it back then to fit with your budget or other considerations. “The most important thing is to let your vendors know what you expect of them,” says Adam Michaels, owner of Around Town Entertainment, a wedding band company in New York City. “If you need anything set up by a certain time or you want us to adhere to any specific requests, the sooner we know that the better. In a city like New York, you can never be too prepared when it comes to executing an event.”


3. Accommodate your guests

If you’re having your wedding in New York City because you’re a resident there, you probably have plenty of friends who live there, too. However, it’s always worth considering where any out of town guests can stay when they come to your wedding! Remember, not every venue will have accommodation, particularly some of the cool reception venues.

While it is your day, it’s nice to consider where your guests can rest their heads. You might be tempted to put them up in your own home, but remember that you’re getting married! So, playing host to family members and friends won’t be high on your list of priorities. We’d even caution against that, because, after all, you’ll be newlyweds and want some chill time in the lead up to the big day!

Some venues might have partnerships with accommodation providers in the city, and lots of places offer group discounts or discounts for bookings in advance. If you’re in a position to do so, ask about block-booking rooms for your family and friends from out of town who will definitely be attending.


4. Double-check the venue address and directions

When you’re sending out your save the dates and, especially, your official invitations, make sure you’ve checked the address of your venue. Make sure any landmarks you use on your directions are accurate—for example, the bar on the street might have changed its name.

If you can, include information about parking, including locations and costs for guests driving to the venue. Also, include the exit name and number for any highways, and be sure you get the directions correct.

Smartphones don’t always account for slight variations in names, and if the location isn’t registered it might not show an exact location. If you’re booking a shuttle bus or similar, make sure the driver knows exactly where guests should be dropped off at the venue, and where they should go when inside the building!


5. Check if guests have allergies or other requirements

When finalizing your meals and seating plans for your big day, ask your guests if they have special dietary requirements. Of course, offering a vegetarian and meat option is a great idea, but perhaps someone has a nut allergy, celiac disease or an allergy to strawberries. When arranging your catering, ask guests about this and be sure to pass any information on to the caterer.

This also applies to any vendors you have in attendance, such as a wedding planner or photographer! Your photographer will have been with you all day, from your last minute preparations before the ceremony, to the night time when you kick off your shoes. That means if you’re hungry, they’re hungry! Check to see if there is anything they can’t eat or drink and make sure they’re catered for.

If you have any guests who need special accessibility requirements, ask the venue if they can accommodate. If you have children attending, ask about high-chairs and travel costs. For any elderly relatives who aren’t steady on their feet, find out about renting a wheelchair or if there are elevators. If the venue is in a position to make these arrangements, then great! If not, you can try to find a workaround with the venue manager, but it’s best to bring attention to these things in advance.

Finally: enjoy yourself! Live in the moment. This is your big day, a day you’ve carefully planned and considered for months, if not years, and you should embrace it and enjoy it as much as you can. While you want to make sure your guests are comfortable and well looked after, it’s important to remember your own enjoyment and comfort too!



Donna Maurer

As an experienced content creator, Donna has written about weddings and marriage for numerous publications. She is a newlywed herself and a former writer for a wedding planner; she’s conquered the realm of wedding coordination and is now fully immersed in married life. Donna loves sharing the insight she’s learned from past weddings she’s worked on, along with anything she tackled in her own planning process.

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