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Inspiration » Wedding Planning » Wedding Day-Of Coordinator: Someone to Make Your Amazing Plan a Reality

Wedding Day-Of Coordinator: Someone to Make Your Amazing Plan a Reality

by Allison Hata
wedding day-of coordinator


It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be a big task. That’s why we created this guide, after all! Even though there can be a lot to keep track of, many couples opt not to go with a wedding planner and are perfectly comfortable doing the planning themselves. And this is a perfectly reasonable decision, given the expense. But on the day of the wedding you’ll be busy getting married, of course! Who will make sure everything (and everyone) is in the right place at the right time? Getting help with managing your wedding day can be a necessity for all but the tiniest of weddings. And we have good news! You don’t have to hire a wedding planner just to manage things on your wedding day. To get it all done in style you can use the services of a wedding day-of coordinator.

Someone to manage your wedding day

Hiring a professional wedding day-of coordinator(DOC) is a solution that many couples find works for them. It can be less costly than hiring a full-on wedding planner. And despite the name, a DOC will usually provide a consultation in the early stages of planning and work with you during the month or so leading up to the wedding.

Asking a friend or family member to manage things on the wedding day is also an option that many couples go with, and it can work out great. It’s a decision you should take some time to think about, however. A friend who’s managing everything on the wedding day won’t be able to sit back and enjoy the event. They won’t be able to take part in much drinking or partying, and it can be a demanding task.

One thing’s for sure–it’s best not to attempt to manage your actual wedding day yourself. If you have someone to help out, you can focus on the whole getting married thing and enjoy the moment. To help you get started, here’s our guide to getting wedding day help.

Venue Coordinators

You may be thinking, “What about my venue coordinator?” Many venues have a coordinator available, and you may be considering making use of their services instead of hiring a DOC. A venue coordinator is usually just responsible for things directly related to the venue, though, and they may not be able to help with everything. If your venue has a coordinator, contact them to ask if they can help with your specific needs. If there are too many things they are unwilling to lend a hand with, it could be time to start looking for a DOC.

What a wedding day-of coordinator does

So at this point you may already be thinking about hiring a DOC. What exactly can you expect a DOC to handle? First off, they should be able to create a timeline for the wedding day. It’s also standard for a DOC to run the wedding rehearsal. Earlier in the process, they may be able to review vendor contracts with you. Of course the main task for a DOC  is managing the day of the wedding, and everything that implies. They will manage setting everything up, coordinate vendors, get the processional started–basically all of the logistical concerns of the day. Beyond that, what DOCs are willing to do may vary. That’s why it’s important to ask the right questions during vetting!


You’ll want to go through the usual process of vetting for a DOC (check out our guide to vendors for more tips). Some questions that you may want to ask a potential DOC are:

  • Are they willing to work with the type of venue and other wedding choices that you are set on?
  • Will they be able to help with design?
  • How do they deal with people problems? (family members who don’t get along, for example)
  • Do they always work with the same vendors?

Choosing a friend for the job

You may have a friend who loves planning weddings and will jump at the chance to manage your wedding day. Or you may have a family member who isn’t already involved in the wedding proceedings who wants to do what they can to help. Whatever the case, if you are asking someone to be a DIY DOC, make sure you fully understand what you are asking of them and make it clear. You should be ready to compensate them in some way, even it’s just returning the favor and serving as a DOC for their wedding. And make sure you do the work of providing them with a detailed plan with all of the necessary details and contact info!

What they should do

  • Manage all the wedding-day logistics and keep things on schedule
  • Be able to follow the highly organized and detailed plan you have left for them
  • Handle all of the vendor logistics on the day of, including paying them
  • Remain calm and collected (and not drunk), even if something goes wrong
  • Manage taking down decorations, removing equipment, and cleaning
  • Any other specific needs you have–hitting play on the music for the processional, serving as MC during the reception, showing guests to their seats

Whatever route you choose, finding the right person to be in charge of your wedding day is something you shouldn’t overlook. You’re spending so much time and effort planning a wedding that is right for you. You’ll rest easier knowing that you have someone to put your awesome wedding plan into action so you can focus on, you know, getting married.

Get Started – Changing Your Event Code

One reason couples hire a DOC is because getting all of your wedding guests in the right place at the right time can be challenge. Luckily, with your Joy wedding site, managing who can go where is easy!

For your privacy, every  has a private event code that you can require guests to use to RSVP and view your site. Your event code is automatically generated for you, but you can easily change it if you’d like!

  • From you dashboard go to “Settings”.
  • Look under “Privacy Settings.”

change event code

  • Where you see your event code listed, you have the option to change it. Just click “Change code.”

change event code

  • We provide some suggestions that may be easier to remember, but are still very secure.
  • Remember to use a code that isn’t too easy to guess if you’re concerned about keeping your wedding site private.
  • On the right you will see the requirements for your event code and some tips for creating a secure code.
  • In most cases, we don’t recommend changing your event code after you have invited guests.

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