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Inspiration » Fashion » 5 Websites for Casual Bridesmaid Dresses Now That J. Crew Weddings Are Gone

5 Websites for Casual Bridesmaid Dresses Now That J. Crew Weddings Are Gone

by Cathie Wigert
5 Websites for Casual Bridesmaid Dresses Now That J. Crew Weddings Are Gone

If you’re anything like us, you found yourself picking your jaw up off the floor when you saw J. Crew weddings is no more. How could they do this to us? They were the casual-wedding-anchor in a stormy sea of sequins and giant bows. Though their designs may have been minimalist, our feelings for them were anything but minimal.

Luckily, there are still websites out there that are carrying the torch of helping brides find casual bridesmaid dresses. We’ve compiled five of our favorites to help you sift through that ocean of excessive taffeta and find your dream bridesmaid dresses for your dream bridesmaid crew.

Zara: This European store is the go-to shop for any bride seeking casual bridesmaid dresses that also scream glam. Think the classiest of little black dresses, decadent velvet, and enchanting English gardens. What we especially love about Zara is how effortless their dresses look. Every one of your bridesmaids will be using the hashtag #wokeuplikethis while also using the fire emoji. Zara has seemingly endless choices for the bride hoping to capture a balance between comfortable and cocktail-chic.

H&M: H&M may not be the first store you think of when hunting down bridesmaid options, but oh man it should be! What makes H&M so great is their ability to create very “together” looks at manageable prices. Much of their clothing comes in solid colors, which is great for a matching color scheme or if you’re hoping to mix and match colors. Simple, straightforward, and classic…that’s what has us coming back to H&M over and over again.

Image: ASOS

Image: ASOS

ASOS: This UK based online store has its very own “wedding shop” where you can get lost in ethereal and casual bridesmaid dresses. They’ve got the let’s-dress-like-a-breathtaking-bouquet-of-damn-flowers down and we can’t get enough of it. The rest of the site is filled to the brim with unique and comfortable bridesmaid dress options, so don’t feel like you’re limited to just the wedding shop itself. Get lost in their other gorgeous gowns. We’ll meet you there.

Weddington Way:  This gorgeous site is a dream come true for any bride that might be in a different city than their squad.  You and your bridesmaids get to virtually shop together for bridesmaid dresses in your own virtual showroom. What we love about this is the way it gives remote brides a chance to still build priceless memories with their bridesmaids, regardless of where everyone may be in the world. With basically every color imaginable, every neckline you can picture, and every length possible, you and your bridesmaids will feel like kids in a candy store!


Image: Weddington Way


ModCloth: For the bride that is dreaming of casual bridesmaid dresses that have a fun vintage-vibe with whimsical prints and fabrics, ModCloth is the place to go. And even though a lot of their dresses have a casual feel to them, they are casual in the way Grace Kelly would have been casual had she gone to a fancy picnic. While they have launched a dedicated part of their site for just weddings you can also spend time on the rest of the site searching for unique, casual bridesmaid dresses (or jumpsuits!!) that will leave your bridesmaids taking selfies for days.

Image: Green Wedding Shoes

Image: Green Wedding Shoes

We may not have been prepared to say goodbye to J. Crew weddings just yet, but the team here at Joy most certainly is ready to help make your wedding planning a little easier. It may feel like wedding planning can get a little overwhelming, but we’re here to lighten the load. Let us be your virtual bridesmaid (and we don’t even need a dress).

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