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Inspiration » online wedding invitations » A Midsummer Night’s Wedding: Shakespeare Inspired Event Inspiration

A Midsummer Night’s Wedding: Shakespeare Inspired Event Inspiration

by Kelsey Vickers
A Midsummer Night’s Wedding: Shakespeare Inspired Event Inspiration

With its stunning courtyard garden, vast theater, and spacious ballrooms, the Ebell is the perfect location for a Shakespeare-inspired wedding. In his play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare tells the tale of a wedding influenced by a mischievous group of fairies.

This play remains one of Shakespeare’s most popular stage productions and the perfect source of inspiration for a thespian wedding. With elaborate sets and a tale fuelled by love and whimsy, here is how you can take what you love about Shakespeare to create your own memorable display during your nuptials.

Choose Your Palette

When determining your wedding palette, stick with light, airy colors. Dusty hues and romantic pastels capture the essence of a Midsummer Night’s Dream while remaining fashionable and trendy. Light makeup with a focus on highlighting will create a nice balance with some of the elaborate decor elements. Use florals with an abundance of greenery, and add that fairy tale quality with twinkle lights. While these elements may seem underwhelming when viewed separately, placed together in the right space, they will create a dream-like atmosphere that will take your breath away.

Use His Words

The Bard has well over one hundred sonnets, various plays, and a random assortment of narratives and verses. Use them to your advantage during your ceremony and in your decor. Gold-script sharing some of his romantic writings, becomes a decor element of their own when placed near your cake, gift table, and head table. These verses can also be used during your ceremony as readings and blessings.

Set the Stage

Determine which elements of Shakespeare you want to incorporate into the main events of your wedding. Using the gardens to your advantage reduces the need for elaborate florals during the ceremony, but still captures the essence of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. If you want the theatrics associated with his works, the theater area could be the ideal location for dramatic, unforgettable images. The ballrooms can be filled with lush greenery to bring the outside in, paired with Victorian-inspired centerpieces, chairs, and decor elements.

Musical Pieces

Most people are unaware of the fact that the traditional Wedding March music heard in so many Hollywood weddings originates from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. By incorporating this song into your ceremony, you are paying tribute to the works of the Bard. You will want to incorporate various instrumental pieces, preferably with string instruments, into your various events. Employing a solo harpist to play during dinner captures the fairytale feeling Shakespeare strived for in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The Honeymoon

What better way to finish the evening than by making a romantic escape to start your honeymoon. Jetset to London to visit some of the influential locations that shaped Shakespeare’s life. Various castles, temples, and theaters in the area tell the tale of the greatest playwright to walk the earth. If you and your partner have lived together for a while and are looking for alternatives to material gifts, you can create a zero-fee wedding registry by Honeyfund to help finance your trip to Bard’s homeland.


You can also get creative by using Joy to include a digital wedding invitation inspired by Shakespeare, quoting his poems and introducing the wedding theme on time. You can set up your wedding website to match, introducing all aspects of the event – timeline, dress code, song playlist, even the act part if included. And if you decide on the alternative wedding registry, you can easily connect your Honeyfund account to your Joy website, making it easily available for guests!


Shakespeare once said, “The course of true love never did run smooth,” but your wedding at The Ebell will be the exception.


Content partnership with Honeyfund.

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