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The 21 Best Registry Sites and Stores for 2021

by Amanda Hanna
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What could be better than creating a list of your most-wanted gifts for post-wedding bliss? Okay, maybe cake tasting. Or Christmas morning. Whether you and your fiancé need some essentials for your home, have the adventure bug, or want to give back to the community, you have many wedding registry options to choose from these days. But which ones are worth your time? Read on for our roundup of the best registry sites and stores for 2021 to find ones that reflect your unique tastes and needs as a couple — plus, how to navigate the registry planning process like pros.

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Top 5 Wedding Registry FAQs

1. When should I start my registry?

Our recommendation is to start thinking about and creating your registry early on in the wedding planning process. But this doesn’t mean you have to panic and register for everything right away! Depending on your wedding date or how long you spend wedding planning, your registry wishlist will likely evolve and change. Take your time. The idea is to always have at least some registry options so friends and family can gift at any point.

2. How many registries should I create?

The best place to start is by creating your first registry and going from there. Whether you ultimately end up with one registry or three, make sure it represents what you want and need as a couple. Remember that the more registries you create, the more lists you have to manage. For efficiency, try to choose a registry that suits as many of your needs as possible.

Tip: No matter how many registries you have, Joy makes it easy to showcase your multiple wishlists to your guests on your wedding website.

3. How many items should I register for?

The number of items to register for is a personal preference and depends on your needs. At the same time, you want to make sure wedding guests have various gift options to choose from. Selecting two or three items per guest in a range of price points is a good way to balance your registry — for you and guests.

4. How frequently should I update my registry?

You should review your registry every few weeks to ensure you have plenty of options, at various price-points, for guests to pick out gifts. 

5. Where should I create my registry?

Every registry provider has an online option that makes it easy for guests to shop off your registry. Try to think about where you like to shop, what matters to you most, and the experiences you hope to have. From there, choose a website, or a handful, that reflects you as a couple and suits your needs and wants. To give you a head-start, here are our top 21 registry picks for 2021.

The Best Wedding Registry Sites and Stores


amazon logo

Highlight: With the world’s largest offering of products, Amazon is the ultimate go-to for the essentials, the envy-worthy, and everything in between. With a few clicks, search for any product or brand, and discover similar or complementary items that pique your interest.


  • 20% completion discount [for Amazon Prime members]
  • Fast and free two-day shipping on eligible items
  • Easy returns within 180 days

Must-Know: With Amazon’s Universal Registry Button, easily add products from other websites to your Amazon Registry, helping you save time and track all of your items from anywhere.


anthropologie logo

Highlight: At Anthropologie, discover specialty, eclectic products to help you create a vibrant registry. From charming knick knacks to colorful home decor at a variety of price-points, choosing your wedding gifts will be a fun experience for you and guests.


  • One-time 15% completion discount, available up to 90 days post-wedding
  • In-store or online shopping
  • Extremely simple to navigate

Must-Know: Other than oversized and heavy items, Anthropologie offers gift wrapping options for guests — including its exclusive registry “wishbone” wrap for $4.00 per box or its DIY self-wrap kit for $2.00 per box. Guests can also include a custom gift message with any order, free of charge.

Bed Bath & Beyond

bed bath & beyond logo

Highlight: Register at Bed Bath & Beyond, and discover everything you need to start a new chapter of your life together. Whether its everyday essentials or big-ticket items, this retailer offers thousands of products to help you create a happy home. If you’re adventurous, you can even add an experience to your registry for that vacation you’re dreaming up. Plus, you can rely on Bed Bath & Beyond’s registry experts if you need help creating your perfect wishlist.


  • 20% completion discount
  • Group gifting so multiple guests to pitch in on big-ticket gifts
  • Monogram-able registry gifts for a unique touch
  • Easy returns and exchanges

Must-Know: Bed Bath & Beyond offers Ship or Swap, an opt-in service that allows you to choose how and when you receive your gifts. It also gives you the ability to swap for different gifts without the gift-giver knowing.


bloomingdale's logo

Highlight: Offering thousands of splurge-worthy home goods, Bloomingdale’s is an easy choice for your registry. From sophisticated essentials to eclectic accents, help guests fill your home with memorable items designed to last.


  • 20% completion discount
  • 20% off coupon for dresses, suits, intimates, and more 

Must-Know: If you register with Bloomingdale’s, book a registry appointment with an in-store registry expert if you need some help and inspiration for getting started with your wishlist.

Crate & Barrel

crate & barrel logo

Highlight: With thousands of items made to last, a registry with Crate & Barrel is perfect for couples with a unique yet contemporary style. From furniture and appliances to decor and entertaining, curate your home with products crafted by artisans and designers from around the world. Plus, with the convenient Crate & Barrel Registry App, add items from anywhere, anytime, for easy, on-the-go managing.


  • 15% off completion discount, available for multiple uses three months post-wedding
  • Group gifting so multiple guests to pitch in on big-ticket items
  • Registry experts to support you

Must-Know: Besides free shipping for guests on eligible registry items, couples can enjoy Crate & Barrel’s design services for tips and inspiration on curating a perfect home.


gofundme logo

Highlight: If you want to use your registry as an opportunity to give back, GoFundMe is a great option. As a popular website that supports raising awareness and funds for important causes, all charities on GoFundMe are certified non-profits so guests can feel good about the contributions they make in your honor.


  • Thousands of registry charities to choose from
  • The money guests raise flow directly to the charity
  • Empowering, selfless act that can make a difference

Must-Know: It’s incredibly easy to sign up for a GoFundMe registry — and just as easy for guests to contribute to a cause that’s important to you.


honeyfund logo

Highlight: As a trusted cash fund service for over 12 years, Honeyfund helps you make your honeymoon a reality. Guests can either contribute cash to your vacation or send a gift card, loaded with funds, that you can use for airfare and dining to hotels and tours.


  • No credit card fees to guests

Must-Know: With a honeymoon registry like Honeyfund, you have immediate access to gifted funds, which you can spend any way you see fit, as well as an amazing gift card selection from which your guests can choose.


ikea logo

Highlight: For modern style and affordable essentials, look no further than Ikea. As a reliable, global brand, discover thousands of products that will fill your home with joy and ease.


  • Budget-friendly selections
  • Shop in-store or online

Must-Know: Whether it’s kitchenware or decorations, Ikea offers a wide range of home goods and furniture for your registry. Plus, if you’re not sure what you want or need, you can opt to register for Ikea gifts cards instead.


macy's logo

Highlight: Whether it’s fashion, home essentials, or trendy decor, Macy’s offers thousands of registry items to keep you and your home in tip-top shape. If you need inspiration to kick off your planning, take advantage of several registry perks. This includes attending one of Macy’s in-store Registry Events or perusing The Registry Guide, a digital look-book that syncs with products from your nearest store.


  • Newlywed discounts that last six months post-wedding, including an extra 20% off most remaining items on your registry and an extra 10% off any big items remaining on your registry
  • A variety of other discounts in your Macy’s wallet to use on dresses, shoes, jewelry, and more

Must-Know: With a registry at Macy’s, choose from a large assortment of department store products and shop in-store or online.

Pottery Barn

pottery barn logo

Highlight: If you’re after timeless, quality products, a registry with Pottery Barn is ideal. Discover thousands of conversation starters, crafted by artisans from around the world, that will wow guests as they choose that perfect gift for you.


  • Exclusive, well-designed products
  • Ability to add gifts from West Elm and Williams-Sonoma, all in one place

Must-Know: Pottery Barn offers both quality and style, with original designs you won’t find anywhere else. You can also enjoy free gifts that come with select registry items, like a wine decanter and cake serving set. Plus, use the Gift Tracker to easily track your gifts and make sure you receive them in a timely manner.


rei logo

Highlight: If you and your partner are outdoorsy types, a registry with REI is your best bet. From camping and hiking to yoga and paddle boarding, discover a specialty assortment of high-quality products you can enjoy and put to good use for many years.


  • 10% completion discount
  • Free shipping for most registry items over $50
  • Shop in-store, online, or over the phone
  • Easy returns and exchanges for up to a year

Must-Know: An REI registry helps you create a truly unique wishlist for all the active things you love to do as a couple.


target logo

Highlight: With thousands of locations and products, Target is the go-to choice for affordable and stylish products you can count on. Registering here makes it easy for guests to give you something you’ll love — and if you change your mind, return or exchange any registry product for up to a year.


  • One-time 15% completion discount
  • Bonus gifts with select registry items
  • On-the-go access with the Target Registry app

Must-Know: A registry with Target means guests can enjoy free two-day shipping on items $35 and up. And when the wedding is over, use the retailer’s thank-you note manager to track your Thank You notes — and sort by those you still need to thank!

The Knot Registry

the knot logo

Highlight: If you’re looking for various registry types in one place, a registry with The Knot is a reliable option. Whether you’re hoping to create a product, cash, experience, or charity registry — or all of the above — The Knot helps you do so easily. Simply choose gifts from any online store and include them on your registry with just a few clicks. Or further customize your registry by setting up your own cash, experience, or charity fund.


  • Partnerships with over 20 retailers to make sure your registry is up-to-date

Must-Know: By registering with The Knot, you can easily track gifts in a single place. Guests can also enjoy free shipping.


thirstynest logo

Highlight: The first and only registry for wine and spirits, ThirstyNest is a perfect option if you and your partner are alcohol aficionados, or just love to indulge in the occasional adult beverage. From drinkware and wine to spirits and bar furniture, discover thousands of items to help you create your own bar setup at home. 


  • Various price-points for alcohol and bar accessories
  • Gift tracker to see which guests gave what

Must-Know: With ThirstyNest, add items from pre-made registry collections with just one-click, saving you time. Plus, the expert-curated assortments give you gift ideas for a perfect at-home bar.

Traveler’s Joy

traveler's joy logo

Highlight: If you and your partner love adventuring, a registry with Traveler’s Joy is your best bet. Register for any experience, go anywhere, book travel with anyone, and help guests contribute cash in your honor.


  • 100% free options available
  • Local and international experiences

Must-Know: Skip the blender, and join over 500,000 people who’ve created unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime, thanks to Traveler’s Joy. And with thousands of five-star reviews since 2004, you’ll be in good company.


vebo logo

Highlight: With various experiences for every lifestyle, a registry with Vebo is perfect if you prefer exploring and experiencing what life has to offer. You can register for spa days, kayaking, wine tasting, skydiving, and more — perfect for romantic honeymoons or even local date nights.


  • 5% of registry sales donated to a charity chosen by you
  • No fees for creating a registry or purchasing gifts

Must-Know: Plan your concert, sports outing, cooking class, and more for whenever it’s right for you, as vouchers never expire. Vebo also makes group gifting easy so multiple people can contribute to those big-ticket experiences.


wayfair logo

Highlight: Whether your style is traditional, modern, or something in between, you’re bound to find products you love with a Wayfair registry. After all, this online retailer offers over 18 million products across a variety of price-points. Plus, if you’re not completely satisfied, there is a 90-day exchange or return policy.


  • 20% completion discount, available for 6 months post-wedding

Must-Know: With a wide selection of home goods and furniture, registry experts you can count on for advice and inspiration, and a gift tracker tool, a Wayfair registry is an easy choice for couples hoping to add traditional retail items to their wishlist.

West Elm

west elm logo

Highlight: If you’re looking for unique, modern home goods that were crafted sustainably, a registry with West Elm is a perfect fit. Plus, guests will feel good about supporting an environmentally-friendly brand, too.


  • 15% completion discount 
  • Special registry deals on items from retail partners like Mark & Graham, Minted, Pure Barre, Dry Bar, and The Bouqs 
  • Ability to add gifts from Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma, all in one place

Must-Know: For tips and inspiration as you plan your registry, you can rely on West Elm’s in-store and online design services. A registry with West Elm also makes group gifting easy, especially for big-ticket items that multiple guests will want to contribute to.


williams-sonoma logo

Highlight: For the best selection of professional-grade, everyday essentials for your home, a registry with Williams-Sonoma is your best bet. From timeless kitchen appliances to classic cookware, discover thousands of products made to last.


  • Bonus gifts with select registry items
  • Ability to add gifts from Pottery Barn and West Elm, all in one place

Must-Know: With Williams-Sonoma, you can rely on registry experts for any questions or issues you may have as you add to your registry. You can also take advantage of a private, in-store shopping event with gift registry specialists who help you create your perfect wishlist. Plus, if you download the Williams-Sonoma Gift Registry app, you can scan products in-store to add to your registry and manage your list on-the-go.


zola logo

Highlight: For a variety of registry types in one place, Zola has you covered. From products to custom experiences to honeymoon funds, planning your online wedding registry is easy and convenient.


  • 20% completion discount for items, available for up to 6 months post-wedding

Must-Know: A registry with Zola means being able to rely on online registry experts to support you from start-to-finish, and taking advantage of free returns within 90 days of delivery. For guests, it means free shipping on eligible orders — a win-win for everyone.

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