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Inspiration » Wedding Planning » Chasing Your Veil: Why The Wedding System Is Broken

Chasing Your Veil: Why The Wedding System Is Broken

by Cali Pitchel
Chasing Your Veil: Why The Wedding System Is Broken

We’ve written before about the stresses of wedding planning—of which there are many! Our “Ask Brittany” column is dedicated to helping you navigate the politics, expectations, and anxieties of this season of life.

One thing we don’t talk about enough, however, is the way that the wedding industry creates these bad feelings. Sure, weddings are a beautiful display of love, affection, family, and commitment. But it’s really hard to keep those things at the center when you’re constantly distracted by what your wedding should look like. The dress, the flowers, the table scape, the wedding party. Not only is it expensive, it’s emotionally and mentally exhausting. And it creates what we’ve so condescendingly termed: The Bridezilla.

What exactly is a Bridezilla? There’s been plenty of buzz lately about Bridezillas, Bridechillas, and everything in between. Kelsey McKinney made an impassioned defense of the Bridezilla in the August 5, 2017 issue of The New York Times. McKinney says the word “is specifically designed to condemn a woman who puts any energy and authority toward trying to achieve entirely reasonable goals.” You tell me if you’ve kept your cool through the entire wedding planning process, and we’ll discuss over a bottle of champagne all the ways you were able to keep your chill. I can tell you, from the midst of wedding planning, that maintain my chill is not my number one skill. But even being chill isn’t enough anymore. You can be too chill, so says The Knot.

But why? Why is this a thing? Why do brides, in particular, get criticized so intensely for their wedding planning affect(s)? In this episode of the Bridechilla Podcast, host Aleisha Maddock interviews our Director of Marketing, Cali Pitchel, about Bridezillas, Bridechillas, the inauthenticity of the wedding industry, and what it demands from couples in time, money, and expectations.

Give it a listen! And let us know what you think about Bridezillas, Bridechillas, and the wedding industry’s pressure for you to act a certain way and make your wedding look a certain way.

Photo: Central Pennsylvania-based Landon Wise Photography.

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