How to Create the Wedding Website of Your Dreams

    Wedding planning is stressful, and the best way to get through it alive is to surround yourself with all the support you can. We believe that, next to the maid-of-honor and a ready supply of chardonnay, your wedding website is your best wedding planning accessory. The perfect wedding website looks beautiful, answers all of your guests’ questions, and, just like the invitations or the flowers, becomes a keepsake you’ll admire for years to come.

    Since it’s what we at Joy do best, we’ve drawn out the most important steps to creating the wedding website you’ll love almost as much as your fiancé.

    Tell your love story

    joy website love story

    Amidst all the check-writing and the phone calls, it’s easy to forget why you’re doing all this in the first place: to celebrate your love. Make your website a reminder. Take an evening and reminisce with your partner. Pick out your favorite photos of the two of you, choose the website design that fits you best, and write out the story you’ll be telling for years to come.

    Trust us, the effort will show. Your guests will be wowed, and you’ll find yourself returning to your website every time the tailor calls with another three-week delay.

    Lead with the schedule

    joy wedding website schedule

    Probably most importantly to your guests, your wedding website should include the full schedule of events of your wedding day or weekend. With Joy you can easily fill in details about everything from the rehearsal dinner to the morning-after brunch. And since locations are linked to Google Maps, your guests can get directions right from your Joy website or app, so they won’t have to call you the morning of the ceremony.

    List travel information

    Unless your guests are all local to the wedding venue, you’ll likely need to arrange accommodations. Use the Travel section of your Joy website to list airport information, hotel blocks, and any other travel-related info and links your guests might need.

    Honor your VIPs

    joy website wedding party

    Just as important to your celebration are the supporting characters, the ones who’ve seen you and your fiancé through to this moment. Honor each one of them by filling out the Wedding VIP section of your Joy website with a photo and blurb about how great they each are and how they helped you get here.

    Answer all the questions

    Head-off any and all questions your guests might have — What’s the dress code? Is the ceremony outside? Can I bring the baby? — right on your website. Joy has a dedicated FAQ section that’s completely customizable. As the wedding day approaches, you and your wedding team can direct all your guests’ questions to this single source of truth, and you can focus on calling the caterer.

    Disclaimer: We can’t guarantee your aunt won’t still text you three days before the wedding and ask if she can wear a white dress. (True story.)

    Link to your registry

    joy wedding website registry

    You and bae are about to build a new life together, and your guests want to know how to help. Whether you’re registering to furnish your new home, or just asking everyone to donate to your favorite charity, the Registry section of your Joy website makes it easy for your friends and family to contribute.

    Ready to get started? Create your own beautiful wedding website for free with Joy.






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