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How To Showcase Your Wedding Party With Joy

by Cali Pitchel
How To Showcase Your Wedding Party With Joy

Weddings are filled with all sorts of odd traditions. It might not seem that way now, but the origins of the wedding party are a bit…strange! We’re all at least a little familiar with the bridesmaids and groomsmen and their respective responsibilities. Bridesmaids help the bride prepare for the wedding, hosting the bachelorette party and bridal shower and providing lots of moral support. Groomsmen plan and attend the bachelor party, ushers guests to their seats, and the Best Man carefully stows the rings away until the right moment in the ceremony. (There’re other tasks, too, and we cover them here!)

That all seems pretty innocuous, right?  But just a few hundred years ago, their duties were far more serious—it even meant life or death!

The origins of the bridal party

Bridesmaids dressed similarly to the bride in order to protect her. When all the women dressed alike, it was less likely that someone (a heart-broken suitor, perhaps?) would kidnap the bride or steal her dowry en route to the wedding. So basically, the bridesmaids were decoys! In addition to that, in ancient Rome, it was thought that a wedding—or any happy event for that matter—would attract bad jujus. But, by the wedding party all dressing the same, they could confuse the negative forces long enough to allow the bride and groom to finish their vows.

There’s a lot more lore around wedding parties, but here’s the long story short: the wedding party has always been important. And because they are your most-important-people, we created a way for you to showcase them and share why they’re so special to you!

Showcase your wedding party

First, you want to add the Wedding Party page to your admin dashboard. You can do this by clicking on the “Add More Pages” button and selecting “Add Wedding Party.”

Now you are ready to roll. There is a + button at the bottom right corner. Click there to begin adding the members of your wedding party—upload a photo, add their details, and share with your friends and family why they’re part of your special day.

You can also seamlessly invite your wedding party to Joy from the Wedding Party page. 

Once you save the Wedding Party profiles, you’ll see them from your admin. You can move them around from there by hovering over each member and using the arrows to move them left or right. Also note: There’s some flexibility here! You can include your officiant, your flower girl and ring bearer, friends or family members who might do a reading—whatever makes the most sense for your wedding!

What does your Wedding Party page look like for your guests? Good question! There’s the app view, the web view, and then you can also click into each person and read the story you wrote about how you know them or why they’re such an important person in your life.

App view of your wedding party!

Website view of your wedding party!

And that’s that! How to showcase the people you love on your wedding day!

Tell us what you think!

Are you having a wedding party? Or are you thinking about using this feature in a new or interesting way? We want to hear about it! Leave a comment below.

P.s. The feature photo in this article is by Landon Wise!

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