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Inspiration » Wedding Guests » Beyond the Beer Koozie: Better Engagement Gift Ideas for Him

Beyond the Beer Koozie: Better Engagement Gift Ideas for Him

by Ariel Dreicer
Beyond the Beer Koozie: Better Engagement Gift Ideas for Him

All those years of wing-manning have finally paid off: your friend is engaged.

He’s the happiest he’s ever been, and you’re happy for him. Now, you want to find him a gift that shows him just that. You want to get him something that doesn’t suck; something he (or he and his partner) will actually love. Unfortunately, the internet has been no help. One quick search and suddenly you’re drowning in a sea of pseudo-masculine office chotchkies and silly “his and hers” t-shirts, wondering where the last hour of your life went.

The solution? Take a second and think. What is he into? What’s his thing? Then, match the gift to the man. To help you do just that, we’ve assembled some of the freshest and best engagement gift ideas for him — whoever he may be.

The booze-lover

If the man enjoys the finer fermented things in life, go ahead and indulge him. But don’t just get him something because it’s vaguely alcohol-related. For instance, steer clear of those kitschy wine and whiskey glasses. (You know they’re going straight to the back of the cabinet.) Instead, buy him a nice bottle of alcohol that he wouldn’t get for himself.

The home chef

For the enthusiastic home chef there’s nothing better than a fresh crop of new ideas. And there is no shortage of great cookbooks out there today. Buy him something specific to his tastes, like one exploring the flavors of Jerusalem, or an all-around technical guide like The Food Lab.

The sports fan

For the big sports fan, do him one better than a team logo beer koozie he may or may not use. Get him tickets to see his favorite team. He’ll love the experience, and, if bae isn’t a sports fan, he may even bring you along.

The traveler

There is a time and place for gift cards, and this is one of them. An Airbnb gift card doesn’t expire and can be used anywhere in the world. Your friend and his partner can use it for their eventual honeymoon, or a relaxing pre-wedding trip.

The holes-in-his-shoes guy

We all have that friend that’s been rocking the same boxers since middle school (usually featuring the faded image of Stewie from Family Guy). If that sounds like your newly-engaged friend, do him a favor and help him upgrade his wardrobe from the inside out. Companies like Tommy John are revolutionizing comfort and function in men’s underwear. Buy him a couple pairs as a starter. His bum bum and his S.O. will thank you.

Note:Recommended for close friends only.

The coffee enthusiast

There’s no better way to honor a caffeine freak than to help them perpetuate the habit. To do just that, order your friend a monthly coffee subscription — something he and bae can enjoy together every morning.

There are tons of coffee subscription providers to choose from. For one great option, check out the Seattle-based company Bean Box.

The just-rolled-out-of-bed guy

News flash: Self care is not just for women! The male grooming industry is booming and, since your friend is about to get hitched, there’s no better time for him to look his best. Get him a sampling of your favorite beard care products, or spring for a nice daily face lotion with SPF, like this eucalyptus moisturizer from The Art of Shaving. (If he’s really helpless, gently turn on Queer Eye in the background.)

The culture addict

Experiences truly make the best gifts. So give him a gift he’ll remember forever, and buy him tickets to see his favorite musician or a comedian he’s been dying to see. For pricey big names or acts, split the gift between a few friends.

What’s the best engagement present you’ve ever given? Leave us a comment below!

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