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Inspiration » Fashion » Men’s Wedding Fashion Tips: Ties, Bow Ties, Suspenders or Boutonnieres?

Men’s Wedding Fashion Tips: Ties, Bow Ties, Suspenders or Boutonnieres?

by Aubrey Bach
men's wedding fashion trends

Even men who don’t spend much time or energy keeping up with the latest trends want to look good on their wedding day – after all, whatever they wear (and what their groomsmen wear) will be recorded forever by photographers, guests and videographers. Even if focus tends to be on the bride, the groom will be in the pictures too, and he should look good. And details can make or break an outfit. Find out how men’s wedding fashion trends can dictate the look and feel of your wedding.

It may not seem like it, but there’s a lot to think about when planning what the groom and groomsmen will be wearing. The choices go beyond the tuxedo or suit debate. Will they be dressed up in a tie, maybe a bow tie, suspenders or maybe even a pocket square? There’s so much to think about because each option can totally change the look and feel of your wedding. Seriously.

suspenders for groomsmen

Photo credit: Jack Rodriguez Photography


This old school piece has made a comeback and is staying stylishly strong. The great thing is that suspenders are versatile. They can be worn under a suit jacket or all on their own. They come in leather for a fancy wedding, in patterns for a quirky wedding and are the perfect accessory for a vintage wedding. It’s important to note that if you decide to go with colored suspenders,  make sure they match your suit color. If you decide to go with a pattern, your suit should usually be monochromatic.


There’s just something about a pocket square that instantly takes a suit up a notch. This look has been revived and embraced in the last few years, thanks to Don Draper. But it also can be a key way to highlight the feel of your wedding. It’s just really how you fold it.

Check out this video above to find out a few stylish ways to fold it.

Choose a precise Presidential/Straight Fold for the sixties look, a Puffed/Pouf Fold to add a little bit of flare, or a Peaked fold for a little bit of drama, the good kind.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. It’s a quick, simple way to stand out.

Groomsmen wearing ties

Photo credit: Sarah Hummert Photography


Ties are a staple. They come in endless options such as silk, wool, and satin. If you’re going for a classic look, this is a great option. A satin tie can offer a shiny look, but snags do stand out. If you’re wedding is a rustic theme, a wool tie is a great option. It comes in knitted and woven fabric emitting a down-to-earth style. There’s also color and pattern options. As we said, options are endless.

bow ties for groomsmen

American Apparel bow tie


We love that this geeky formal accessory has become too cool for school. There are three ways to buy bow ties: pre-tied, self-tie or clip on. It’s not hard to tie a bow tie (check out the video below). They also come in different styles. The slim line bow tie is the standard for grooms. The butterfly jumbo style looks better on men with larger neck sizes. A batwing bow tie has personality, so if you’re looking to wear a colorful or patterned bow tie, this is the style for you. Club Round has rounded ends instead of flattened ones channeling a retro style.


Photo credit: Sarah Hummert Photography


This accessory visually creates a tie between the groomsmen and the bridesmaids, as well as the overall wedding theme. How? They’re usually the same flowers as the bouquets and the wedding centerpieces. But lately brides have also selected feathers, succulents or personal trinkets.

A little tip: Wait to put the boutonniere in till the last possible moment, so they can stay fresh for the photographs.

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