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Save Money On Your Honeymoon With 5 Genius Travel Hacks

by Aubrey Bach
Save Money On Your Honeymoon With 5 Genius Travel Hacks

Let’s face it: even though your honeymoon is supposed to be the best part of the entire wedding experience, planning it can be stressful. Many newlyweds opt for exotic vacations requiring redeye flights, multiple hotels and unfamiliar airlines. While the cost of a wedding can quickly add up, so can the honeymoon…. that is, unless you take advantage of a few genius travel hacks to save you money on your special trip.

1. Use Skiplagged To Find the Cheapest Tickets

You may have heard of Skiplagged before — its founder, Aktarer Zaman, was sued earlier this year by United Airlines and Orbitz for “unfair competition”. However, Zaman won and now you can use the service to find super-cheap airline tickets. How the site works is by finding “hidden city” plane tickets — cheap routes with cities that include a stopover that is actually your final destination, whereas that destination is usually more expensive if you fly there directly.

The only downside to using this service is you can’t check your bags, as they’ll continue on to the route’s final destination. But don’t let that deter you, as our other tips can help you skip those checked bag fees — even if you have trouble packing light.

2. Pack your bags with Dufl

This hack is especially helpful for newlyweds who travel often… or just need a little help packing. With Dufl, you send the service the clothes you want packed, and Dufl will then ship them to your destination of choice. (Forget losing luggage or checking your bags!) If you travel often, you can send Dufl your entire closet, and then select which clothes you want sent to each destination — and Dufl will wash your clothes between your trips. Dufl costs $10/month, and each trip costs a flat fee of $100, but if you are planning a long honeymoon — or just don’t have time to pack — this could save you some serious airline fees (and time.)

3. Ditch your makeup

Makeup can take up a lot of time… and space. To avoid having to check your bags thanks to TSA, simplify your makeup routine while on your honeymoon with Birchbox’s Universalist Multi-use Color Stick. Not only will this save you time during your honeymoon (so you can focus on more important things instead) but it will save you tons of space in your bags, allowing you leave the rest of your makeup at home.

4. Browse Privately

If you opt to book travel more traditionally, be sure you’re using a private browsing mode (such as “incognito” in Chrome). This isn’t just so you can surprise your future spouse with the trip of a lifetime (though that would be pretty awesome). As it turns out, travel sites usually use “cookies” to track your visits and will raise the price when you return to book your trip simply because you’ve visited before. By using private browsing, these “cookies” are disabled and you can guarantee the most fair (and usually lowest) price when booking hotels and airfare.

5. Use Gear Compression Packs

Here’s another space AND money-saving hack if you’re planning a long honeymoon and need pack a good chunk of your closet: use gear compression packs. These bags are basically large Ziploc bags that you can fill with all the clothes you need; then, you roll out all the air at the bottom. (There are similar solutions that use a vacuum, which work a bit better, but in the end might not save you any money. Also, a vacuum may be hard to find when you’re packing to come home!) Travel blogger Kit Whelan swears by these, and as you can see from her blog, they can squeeze a ton of clothes into a little space; which means you can forget checking your luggage and instead use a (free!) carry-on instead for your honeymoon.

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