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Inspiration » Wedding Planning » Should I Put the Bar Policy on My Wedding Website?

Should I Put the Bar Policy on My Wedding Website?

by Jennifer Prince
should i put bar policy on wedding website

As an essential wedding planning tool, your wedding website helps you conveniently share important information with guests. Beyond the basic who, what, where, and when, guests can discover details about dress code, hotel blocks, and registry details, among other matters.

What about the bar policy? If you’re wondering whether you should add the bar policy to your wedding website, the short answer is yes — but only if you want to. While it’s certainly not necessary, it may be helpful for guests to know what to expect when drinking and celebrating during your cocktail hour and/or wedding reception.

Whether you’ve decided on an open, limited, cash, and/or non-alcoholic wedding bar, here are five scenarios that may justify including the bar policy on your wedding website. 

1. You’re Having a Dry Wedding

Some guests head to weddings to party, so disclose ahead of time that they’re there to celebrate you at a dry, or non-alcoholic, event. You want them fully present in body and mind from the processional until the final send-off.

Tip: You may choose to list the type of drinks you will provide in lieu of alcohol, especially if they’re unique.

2. There Will Be Specialty Cocktails

Nowadays, many couples offer craft cocktails using one signature drink or two “his and hers” beverages. Get your guests excited about the choices on your wedding website, and provide the recipe(s) if you’d like. 

3. Cash Is Required to Purchase Alcohol

If you’re having a cash bar, it’s a must to let guests know. After all, how many people carry cash anymore? Guests will need to prepare and bring adequate funds to your reception. 

4. The Bar Will Be Open

An open bar may mean a designated driver, which guests should select ahead of time. Guests can also preschedule a ride with a rideshare company to arrive home safely.

5. You’re Encouraging BYOB

Want guests to bring their own beverages? Communicate this well in advance so they know to bring their favorite wine or hard ciders along.


Adding the bar policy to your wedding website may be a good move, especially if you fit into any of the above scenarios. Whatever you decide for your bar policy, remember it’s your wedding day. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad or have you questioning your decisions. Just ensure you communicate essential details guests should know about partying on your big day.

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