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Inspiration » Wedding Planning » Your Guide to the Best Spring Wedding Colors for 2020

Your Guide to the Best Spring Wedding Colors for 2020

by Joy Editors
Your Guide to the Best Spring Wedding Colors for 2020

Spring weddings are beautiful. There’s a good chance of a clear, sunny day and it’s much easier to secure your favorite venue before the busy summer wedding season starts. One of the other advantages to a spring wedding is the gorgeous color palette. Spring wedding colors are typically soft, subtle hues — pastels and earthy tones are popular choices.

Colors like blush pink, peach, sage green, and cornflower blue continue to feature heavily at weddings this season, but there are plenty of alternatives if you fancy something bolder. Darker shades, including navy and other traditional fall wedding hues, look beautiful when paired with the softer pastels for spring.

Whether you choose a traditional color scheme for your spring wedding or something more unusual, here are some of the best spring wedding colors to inspire you on your wedding planning journey.

1. Lilac and Ivory

Let’s start this adventure into spring wedding colors with a nod to lovely lilac. Purple is a great color idea for spring weddings as it’s a fresh take on the more traditional pale pink.

With lilac as your main color, you can layer different shades of purple to add richness and depth to your flower arrangements or wedding decor. (Even better is that lilac flowers are in bloom during spring.) Paired here with ivory, this color combination works well to make the bride stand out.

2. Mint and Coral

Another beautiful color palette for a spring wedding is mint green and coral. These two soft yet striking colors complement each other well. Use gold as an accent color to really bring this pairing to life.

There’s something vintage-inspired about the combination of mint and coral. It also embodies a rustic vibe, so it’s perfect for casual backyard or barn weddings.

3. Teal and Copper

Many people believe that spring weddings should stick to pastels. We think they couldn’t be more wrong. It’s a great time of year to experiment with brighter shades, like the jewel tones of a rich teal.

Copper has long been a favorite when it comes to wedding themes and decor. It’s a versatile metallic that complements most wedding color schemes. Here it’s used to emphasize the beauty of a deep teal hue.

4. Mauve and Gold

It’s no surprise that mauve has made it onto our list of best spring wedding colors. This dusky pale purple is a perennial favorite of couples who wed in spring, as it complements many other pastels and muted shades.

This combination of mauve and gold is especially striking. The gold is rich and emphasizes the softness of the mauve. Combine with blush pink, pale peach, and ivory for an elegant style.

5. Blush Pink

Blush spring wedding colors

Blush pink is another well-known favorite for spring weddings. It’s a fresh, delicate, and versatile color that can balance a stronger, brighter tone in your wedding color palette.

Feature blush pink as your main color or team it with another shade such as sage green, dusty blue, mint, or other pink hues.

6. Blue Hues

With lots of couples opting for pink or purple as their main spring wedding color, it doesn’t hurt to look for something different. Choose one shade as the anchor, then create a subtle gradient effect with coordinating yet not-precisely-matching bridesmaid dresses or a watercolor-inspired wedding cake.

Blue is a great choice for spring as it feels fresh yet classic. Navy blue, light blue, cornflower, and periwinkle are all beautiful blues to feature in your color palette.

7. Magenta and Green

Speaking of something different, here’s a bold color combo. The jewel tones in this boho magenta and forest green table setting really make for a rich, inviting experience.

Don’t be afraid of strong colors for your spring wedding. There are no rules that say you need to stick with a traditional spring color palette. Go wild with a theme and decor that feels elegant and opulent.

8. Aqua and White

For couples who want a vibrant color scheme, look no further than this aqua and white combination. It’s light, pretty, and colorful.

Aqua is a color that stands out, so it’s best complemented by softer pastel shades in a bouquet, centerpieces, or table settings. These softer hues let the vibrancy of this beloved green-blue shine through.

9. Periwinkle and Dusty Blue

For a spring color palette that exudes tranquil sophistication, try this periwinkle and dusty blue color combination. These hues work together to create a look that feels romantic and sweet, and wouldn’t feel out of place at a palace.

This pairing is subtle and classic yet offers lots of opportunity to bring in darker (or lighter) shades. You could also bring out the softness of these blues with a rose gold accent. Use it throughout your decor and accessories to add depth, interest, and emphasis.

10. Soft Yellow

Yellow is a color traditionally associated with springtime and new beginnings. While many couples consider a bright or golden yellow too conspicuous, this soft yellow is a perfect alternative, especially for a garden wedding.

A soft, warm yellow works well with a range of color schemes. Pair it with pastels for a charming, romantic look. Add in sage green and peach for a vintage wedding theme. Dark green sets off these pale yellows beautifully, so add in plenty of greenery for a stronger impact.

11. Peachy Pink

Can’t decide between peach and blush pink? The good news is you don’t have to. Peachy pink is a stunning color that sits halfway between the two.

Create your own fairytale look with this beautiful muted peachy pink. Pair it with green and earthy tones for a simple, natural wedding theme. Add in plenty of white or ivory for a more romantic look.

12. Sage Green

We complete this list of spring wedding colors with one of our favorites, sage green. This shade is so pretty whether you feature it as your main color or pair it with a blush pink.

Sage green is a popular choice for spring, and it can work with many wedding themes. It works beautifully with natural tones and textures for a rustic outdoor wedding, but works equally well with peach and muted orange for an unexpected pop of color.

Inspiration for Your Spring Wedding Colors

Wedding garland on a wood post

There’s something magical about a spring wedding. The changing of the seasons signals the start of a new journey for you and your partner. Bring your big day to life with favorite colors that reflect how you want to celebrate this special moment.

We trust that this guide to the best spring wedding colors has given you some inspiration for your own color scheme. Take time to explore different color combinations, reflect on the wedding ideas that inspire you so far, and know that ultimately you can do whatever you want.

Whether you go for a traditional palette or something unexpected, you’ll soon have the perfect color palette for your wedding day.

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