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Inspiration » Proposal Ideas » The Best Places to Propose in Los Angeles

The Best Places to Propose in Los Angeles

by Joy Editors
The Best Places to Propose in Los Angeles

From the natural wonders of the beach and mountains to the glamour of Hollywood and the rich tapestry of culture, Los Angeles is a hotbed for romantic and intriguing locations to propose marriage. Whether you’re hoping for The Question to be popped during a whirlwind adventure or to feel like it was pulled straight from a movie, the City of Angels has your back. While there’s no bad place to propose in LA, we’ve combed the city to find the most unique, romantic, and memorable destinations to take the exciting next step into love. Without further ado, here’s our list of the 9 best places to propose in Los Angeles.

1. Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel

santa monica ferris wheel proposal
For classic romantics, surprising your honey with a ring on the Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel is one of the most perfect rom-com proposals you can craft as the sun drops below the horizon. Mix childlike wonder with this adult question by timing the proposal to when your chair reaches the peak of this 130-foot Ferris wheel — and maybe bring some cotton candy to share after the ask-ee says yes.

2. Central Garden of The Getty

getty center proposal
This awe-inspiring cultural fixture not only features the most extraordinary art in the world but also houses a stunning garden, making you feel like you’ve been transported to a world where all that matters is basking in the sun, smelling the roses, and asking the big question to the person you love.

After strolling through some exhibits, if you’re able to contain your question that long, lay out a blanket and picnic lunch on the manicured lawn of the Getty Center’s garden, and pull out the ring while your date is digging into the charcuterie board — and don’t forget to pack the champagne. You could also take your honey on a stroll through this vibrant wonderland and assume the down-on-one-knee position while a bloom distracts them.

3. Horseback at Griffith Park

griffith park proposal
If you have an affinity for the rustic glamour of Hollywood Westerns, you’ll appreciate the ambiance created by you and your special someone on a horseback ride, exploring trails through Griffith Park’s 5,000 acres of wilderness before relishing the sights of the famous Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory.

There are numerous equestrian services in the Griffith Park area, but Sunset Ranch Hollywood is one of the most popular options. Be sure your proposal goes off without a hitch by informing the ranch guide of your plans before the tour, so they can help you with the ideal spot to stop and any photos you’d like to take.

4. El Matador Beach

el matador beach proposal
Sea caves, otherworldly rock formations, long stretches of golden sand, and the rolling waters of the Pacific combine to create the perfect backdrop for your momentous question. While this beach is extraordinary at any hour, it’s especially enchanting at sunset when the sun kisses the sea at an angle that creates the illusion of millions of diamonds glistening in the waves.

If you’re not yet convinced that this is one of the most spectacular locations to propose, know that parts of the most romantic movie of all time were filmed here. Yup, we’re talking about The Notebook. If El Matador Beach is good enough for Ryan Gosling, it’s good enough for us. Bonus: If you’re looking for creative beach proposal ideas, we’ve got you covered!

5. Griffith Observatory

griffith observatory proposal
This LA landmark was home to one of the most swoon-worthy musical numbers in La La Land and has been the site of many other epic moments in big-screen love stories. It’s not hard to figure out why Griffith Observatory has garnered so much attention, as it offers some of the best, unobstructed views of the LA basin and the Pacific Ocean, features extraordinary architecture, and seems like a gateway to the cosmos. Prime spots to pop the question include the front lawn — especially if you ask during a star-covered picnic — the planetarium, or the Hollywood Sign terrace.

6. Vasquez Rocks

vasquez rocks proposal
This 932-acre park just outside of Los Angeles will make you feel as though you’ve traveled to an alien world to propose, as the massive, angular rock formations create a supernatural ambiance. Because of this, films and shows like Westworld, Star Trek, and The Flintstones were filmed here. If you want to get creative and industrious with your proposal, ask your partner to meet you at Vasquez Rocks for a hike. Then, make sure you arrive early to set up a picnic in a private space you’ll lead them to during the walk.

7. Chateau Marmont

chateau marmont proposal

If you want elegance and sophistication as the main ingredients of your proposal, your go-to venue should be a balcony-clad room at the Chateau Marmont. This renowned hotel was built in the 1920s to resemble a castle used by French royalty and has been housing Hollywood elite ever since.

While endless films have been shot here, one of its most memorable appearances was in the 2018 version of A Star is Born when Ally lays tearful eyes on her billboard. You can create your own ‘happy tears’ moment by having the hotel set up fresh flowers, champagne, and strawberries on the balcony before you arrive, setting the scene for the most important question you’ll ever ask.

8. The Queen Mary

queen mary proposal
Channel Rose and Jack by creating a Titanic-level proposal on the glamorous Queen Mary. (But don’t worry; your love story will have a happier ending.) This sophisticated ship — that’s actually larger than the Titanic — has been enjoyed by British royalty, Hollywood celebrities, and dignitaries since its maiden voyage in 1936.

Renowned for its intricate and elegant Art Deco design and lavish interiors, the ship eventually retired in Long Beach, California where it is now used as a hotel, cultural landmark, and an ideal venue for both proposals and weddings. We recommend touring the expansive space a few days before your proposal, so you can suss out the ideal onboard location to pop the question. A few popular proposal sites include the Gazebo, Wheelhouse, and Grand Salon.

9. The Huntington Botanical Gardens

huntington botanical gardens proposal

The sprawling scenery at the Huntington Botanical Gardens is home to some of the most beautiful displays of nature in the Los Angeles basin, making you feel like you’ve been transported to a subtropical region of Australia, to the cacti-soaked landscape of a desert, to the royal gardens in China, or to a woodland inhabited by Shakespearean characters.

This 120-acre oasis is brimming with stunning locations for your marriage proposal. Memorable spots include the ceremonial teahouse or moon bridge in the pristine Japanese garden, beneath a bloom-covered pergola in the fragrant rose garden, or under a forest canopy in the jungle garden. If you want to ensure the proposal is picture-perfect, visit alone for a reconnaissance mission to discover your ideal spot to pull that engagement ring out of the box.

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