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Inspiration » Decor » Trend Alert: How to Make a White Wedding Theme Work For You

Trend Alert: How to Make a White Wedding Theme Work For You

by Joy Editors
White wedding decor ideas

Do you have dreams of a white wedding? It’s the latest trend and we’re totally feeling it too, and not in the Billy Idol way. Find out where the white wedding trend came from and how you can implement it in your own wedding.

The color white conveys light, freshness, growth, creativity, and awakening. These also happen to be great words to describe any union, and especially a wedding. There also happen to be a million and one ways that you can make your white wedding dreams a reality. It doesn’t matter if you’re going with a vintage theme, a modern twist or bohemian feel. It also doesn’t matter what time of the year you decided to get married. White can be a color for all seasons, so whether you’re getting married in the winter or in the summer, white works.


Here are a few ways the fresh, awakening color white can be part of your wedding day:

Solange Knowles' beautiful white wedding

Photo credit: Flickr/Geoffry Franklin

The Bridal Party

White bridesmaids dresses didn’t start with Pippa Middleton. Bridesmaids have worn white before, but when Pippa wore white as Kate Middleton’s maid of honor the trend took off. This is an especially great idea if the bride decides to wear an alternative style dress. But if the bride wants her bridesmaids to wear white, it will no way take away from the bride. Check out the pictures in this post for proof. (And don’t forget about the groomsmen. They can wear white too.)

Still not sure if a white wedding party will look okay? If Solange made it work, so can you.

Pippa Middleton wears a white bridesmaid dress

Photo credit: Flickr/Ojars Lasmanis

The Guests

You’re probably used to thinking that only the bride can wear white to her wedding. This long-standing rule used to be true, but some rules are meant to be broken. Let’s be clear though, it’s only okay to break this rule if it’s okay with the bride. How do you know if it’s okay with the bride? Check your invitation for the dress code – or ask her.

White wedding decor ideas

Photo credit: Fantasy Sound Event Planning

The Decor

The mood of your wedding starts with your venue. If you want white to be the main color of your wedding, start there. Then it’s all about the details. Go with white flowers, chairs, table settings, candles, etc.. You can add a pop of color for accent or keep everything pure – it’s ultimately up to you.


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