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Inspiration » Invitations + Stationery » 15 Creative Wedding Escort Card Ideas

15 Creative Wedding Escort Card Ideas

by Amanda Hanna
rustic wedding escort cards

Once you’ve sealed your vows with a kiss, your wedding guests will be eager to celebrate. To avoid any confusion or disarray with seating arrangements, it’s common to display wedding escort cards at the entrance of your wedding reception venue. Wedding escort cards are visually-appealing “seating charts” that direct guests to their tables — not to their individual seats like wedding place cards do. Depending on your wedding type, you can either use wedding escort cards exclusively, or in combination with place cards. 

For a sit-down or buffet reception, wedding escort cards can be useful and fun for your guests. Not only do they guide guests on which table to sit at, but they can also set the stage and tone for the reception and even double as wedding favors. The best part is you can get as creative as you like with your wedding escort cards and how you display them. To get your inspiration juices flowing, here are 15 creative wedding escort card ideas to consider for your big day.

1. Calligraphy for an elegant touch

Wedding escort cards that have a calligraphy flair can bring tons of elegance to your reception. It can also be fun to practice the art of calligraphy with your partner and wedding party — not to mention, it makes for a great bonding activity. Your guests will love these classic pieces of art that each have their own lettering and personality.

2. Greenery to embrace nature

If you and your partner enjoy nature or being outdoors, or you plan to have a garden wedding, attaching some kind of greenery to your wedding escort cards can be a simple and sweet statement. You can either opt for one leaf variety, or choose a handful for a little more visual interest on your escort card display. You can then find some complementary ribbon, rope, or string to tie that lush greenery to those sturdy, little cards.

3. Coconut cards (and drinks) for a destination wedding

These coconut-centric wedding escort cards are a fun way to spruce up your display for a destination wedding, especially if it’s tropical-themed. The best part? They can also double as cocktails, helping your guests enjoy the process of navigating to their table a bit more.

4. Fall wedding colors and trinkets that bring joy

If you’re having a fall wedding, try incorporating the colors of autumn with Moscow mule mugs that do double-duty. Not only can these cute, little mugs be your wedding escort cards, but they can also act as wedding favors. Whether you have your guests’ names and tables engraved on the mugs or you use ribbon, rope, or string to tie cards to the handles, this wedding escort card idea will surely put a smile on everyone’s faces.

5. Rustic wedding for inviting vibes

One of the most creative ways to display your wedding escort cards, these adorable cardholders can complement any rustic wedding. Made of real wood, these holders invite the outdoors in as your guests search for their names and table numbers. They can also remind guests of a wood-burning fireplace, which can create comforting, inviting vibes for your reception.

6. DIY — with handwritten notes

To turn up the volume on your wedding escort cards in a subtle way, writing little, DIY notes for each of your guests is a sweet — and surprising — gesture. This idea would work well if you have a small or medium-sized wedding, given these cards are handwritten. If you and your partner have the time, these wedding escort cards will surely bring joy to your guests as they find their table.

7. Luggage tags for jetsetting couples

These wedding escort cards are perfect for couples that always seem to have the travel bug. Try to pick a handful of complementary colors to showcase visual variety on your display, which can make it easier on your guests as they look for their names. These luggage tags can also act as wedding favors for your guests.

8. Watercolor for timeless beauty

For simplicity and beauty all at once, try using watercolors over your wedding escort cards. The best part is that your watercolor doesn’t have to be perfect — plus, it’s a great excuse to have some fun with your partner and wedding party. Try to choose colors and ombré effects that complement your wedding theme or color palette, the hue of your flowers, or your other surrounding wedding decor.

9. Communicate with acrylic — and champagne

These acrylic wedding escort cards are perfect if you want to incorporate champagne into the mix before the reception. Upon seeing this display of champagne, your guests will be able to find their table and quench their thirst at the same time.

10. Mini plants for an outdoor wedding

If you’re having a casual, outdoor wedding, this wedding escort card idea might be the perfect fit — especially if you and your partner are succulent fans. You can either write your guests’ names and table assignments directly on the pots, or hang small cards containing this information by wrapping some thin rope around the middle. Plus, this is a two-in-one idea, as guests can take their mini plant home, serving as an adorable token from your big day.

11. Boozy vibes that shimmer

To shake up some fun and glam before the reception officially starts, these wedding escort cards and shakers will do the trick. Not only will they shine and glimmer on your display, but guests can also take them home and use them when cocktail hour strikes. Simply hang your escort cards from the top of the shakers so they’re all lined elegantly in a neat row.

12. Festive keepsakes that last

For couples that love horses or horseback riding, these make for pretty wedding escort cards. After your wedding, they can also double at festive Christmas decorations for your guests, especially if you use red or green for your ribbon — a perfect keepsake for years to come.

13. Floral elements for a chic display

This wedding escort card idea tickles all the right senses, and will set the tone for your chic wedding right away. Although the luster of the flowers won’t last, they will certainly make a statement on your wedding day, and result in lovely photos.

14. Food that does triple-duty

For foodies that also love a bit of a surprise, fortune cookies as wedding escort cards are the perfect fit. Imagine the delight on your guests’ faces as they approach your display and realize they have to break their fortune cookie to discover their table. Although they won’t be able to take these creative escort cards home, they will get a snack out of it!

15. Keychains for discovery

These keychains are a wonderful way to commemorate your big day, while also guiding your guests to their table. After the wedding, guests can even attach these wedding escort cards to their keys, or simply put them in their keepsake drawer to re-discover later.

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