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40 Wedding Favors Ideas That Will Leave a Lasting Impression

by Joy Editors
Wedding favor gift idea: Two heart cookies decorated in a design with a wedding dress and a tuxedo

Your big day is almost here! As the wedding planning process begins to wind down, there’s just a few items left on your to-do list. Up next? Deciding on the perfect keepsake for your guests to take home. Arguably one of the more fun aspects of planning, choosing a unique wedding favor idea can add a final personal touch to your special day. If you’re drawing a blank on how to thank your guests for joining you, here are 40 of the best wedding favor ideas to spark inspiration. 

Wedding Favors 101 

When it comes to wedding favors, the “why” is truly as important as the “what.” Whether they’re just down the street or traveled across the country, your loved ones have taken the time to be there on your big day. Many likely came bearing gifts from your wedding registry as well. A wedding favor is just a small token of your appreciation that recognizes their effort.

As for wedding favor ideas, the options are endless! There are countless ways to extend your gratitude no matter your wedding vibe, be it whimsical, romantic, rustic or modern. They also don’t need to break the bank. Couples typically allocate around $2 to $5 per guest, but this range can be adjusted to fit your overall wedding budget. Remember, it’s the thought and sentiment behind the favor that truly matters — not the price tag.

Wedding favor gift idea: Eight brightly colored macarons in a box surrounded by more macarons, ribbon and roses

The beauty of wedding favors lies in their versatility. They can align with your wedding theme, reflect your personality or a bit of both! For example, perhaps you and your partner are known for hosting countless dinner parties. In that case, consider offering something edible or an ingredient your guests can use in their own cooking endeavors.

But when it comes to what’s trending in wedding favor ideas, food and beverage gifts are by far the most popular. This includes novelty items that come along with consumable gifts such as wine stoppers, bottle openers, koozies and more. As more weddings look to repurpose centerpieces from the reception, botanical wedding favors have also become increasingly popular. 

But remember, select wedding favors that align with you and your personality. Take into consideration things like your wedding theme, destination or location, and personal interests. And if all else fails, choose a wedding favor idea from our comprehensive list below!

Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

One thing’s for sure — you can’t go wrong with a sweet treat.

Wedding favor gift idea: Four elegant chocolate truffles in a row

1. Chocolates

Share the sweetness of your special day with gourmet chocolates as wedding favors. The great thing about this touch of indulgence is that there are options at every price point. Customizable M&Ms can be used to decorate a dessert table bar or placed in colorful favor bags. Opting for something more elegant? Personalized truffles might be the perfect option. Pro tip: Avoid common allergens like nuts for such treats.

2. Gummy Candies

Here’s another highly customizable and budget-friendly option. Gummy candies can act both as an after-dinner sweet left at each place setting and a wedding favor for a take-home treat. It’s a fun and nostalgic reminder of your joyful wedding day and will leave guests with sweet memories to savor in all of your favorite flavors. Is your dessert table a candy bar? Let guests pack their own wedding favors by providing mini mason jars or something similar.

3. Jam Jars

Preserve the memories of your wedding day with mini jam jars. These charming and customizable wedding favors allow you to choose a variety of flavors that can be more inclusive to guests with allergies. They might even be used before your guests leave their hotels the next morning. While you can certainly go the DIY route, these can be pre-purchased and personalized with a custom label. Go simple with your monogram or print your wedding hashtag for a creative touch. 

4. Mints

Beyond their refreshing taste, mints also symbolize the couple’s commitment to a fresh and lasting love. If you’re splurging, order personalized engraved tins. For a more budget-friendly wedding favor idea, just add a sticker that says “thank you” along with your wedding date. 

5. Macarons

This delicate dessert makes an exceptional wedding favor. It’s as sophisticated as it is delectable! If macarons or a similar dessert hold a special place in your relationship — such as a post-engagement treat you enjoyed together in Paris — share the story with your guests. Include a small card with a sentence or two about why it’s meaningful. You can also choose flavors that match your wedding color palette and package them in clear favor boxes at each place setting. 

Beverage-Themed Wedding Favor Ideas

Whether you choose something bubbly or something to be brewed, there are plenty of drinkable wedding favor ideas to please the masses.

Wedding favor gift idea: Champagne bottles decorated with a wedding theme on a reception table

6. Tea Blend

Offer a soothing and personalized tea blend as a token of gratitude. You can even turn this into a pre-wedding date night activity by signing up for a tea blending class for two. If time isn’t on your side, use an online service to choose your own flavor profile. Your guests can enjoy moments of tranquility while sipping your specially crafted tea, cherishing the memories of your special day with each and every cup.

7. Hot Chocolate

Warm your guests’ hearts with a gourmet hot chocolate mix. It’s the perfect blend of sweetness, comfort and nostalgia — plus, it can be enjoyed by all ages. Consider setting up a cocoa bar at the end of the night as well so guests can get a preview of their sweet sip on their way home. 

8. Mini Champagne Bottles

Encourage your guests to continue celebrating the moment with mini bottles of bubbly. This pop of joy and sophistication is a tribute to you, their hosts, and is easily customizable with a unique label. If budget permits, the bottle can reflect the exact Champagne served for your wedding toast.

9. Wine Glasses

Toast to love and friendship with customized or engraved wine glasses. While a bit of a splurge, this is a timeless keepsake for your guests that’s elegant yet functional. For the eco-conscious pair, place the wine glasses on each table in advance so guests are using only one glass for the duration of the night. Just be sure to let them know it’s a gift for them to take home!

10. Wine Bottle Stoppers

Preserve the memories with wine or champagne bottle stoppers. This practical wedding favor idea can be personalized with your wedding details or a meaningful phrase. If you want to splurge, choose heart-shaped stoppers and have your wedding date engraved on the side. It’s useful for more than just alcoholic beverages, too. 

11. Shot Glasses

Add some fun to the festivities with a spirited reminder of your wedding day. These unique and collectible favors are a toast to the memories you’ve created together and the ones yet to come. Toast one final drink together with your guests before your official exit as a married couple!

12. Personalized Koozies

Do you love a good backyard barbecue? Personalized koozies are a nod to your laid-back couple style. Chances are your friends and family love a good koozie, too. Whether you opt for a humorous phrase, your wedding date, or your names, this favor is bound to see plenty of use. Pro tip: Order extras for the next backyard bash you host as a married couple. 

Practical Wedding Favor Ideas

Can they use it again? This category of wedding favors will come in handy around the house, long after your big day. 

Wedding favor gift idea: a keychain shaped like a key

13. Bottle Openers

Enhance your guests’ at-home bar with decorative bottle openers, an exceptionally practical keepsake. These openers are useful to nearly everyone and will bring a flood of memories rushing back in with each and every new pour. Choose a shape meaningful to you — keys are a popular pick — or a classic style with a simple engraving, like your wedding date. 

14. Keychains

Keychains offer a fun, daily reminder of your union. This customizable gift allows your guests to carry a piece of your big day with them and adds a touch of charm to their daily routines. To make this more practical for your loved ones, consider a less personalized design that is still meaningful to your day. Consider your wedding flower, an actual key, or a simple engraving with the outline of the state where you held your ceremony. 

15. Coasters

A functional and elegant wedding favor, coasters are easily customizable. Start by selecting your favorite material, such as wood for a rustic wedding or slate if your style is more contemporary glam. Then, choose an engraving, such as the date of your wedding. Budget permitting, you can even personalize these wedding favors to the individuals you are gifting. 

16. Magnets

Customize magnets with your wedding date for a daily reminder of your love and appreciation. Whether they have a refrigerator full of magnets or this is their first, it’s a gift that symbolizes the magnetic attraction that brought you and your guests together on your wedding day.

17. Matchboxes

Light up their lives with personalized matchboxes, a charming keepsake to remember your special day. This surprisingly affordable yet practical gift is easily customizable and often an event staple. If you’re looking to splurge, pair it with a small scented candle as a thoughtful wedding favor. 

Floral-Themed Wedding Favor Ideas

Don’t let the decor go to waste. Whether these are centerpieces on your wedding reception tables or decorate other parts of your venue, these favors pull double duty on your big day. 

Wedding favor gift idea: Succulents in a wooden crate with terra cotta pots stacked and a tag that reads "our day would have succ-ed without you"

18. Seed Packets

Symbolize the growth of your love with ready-to-plant seed packets. Choose blooms that reflect your wedding flower arrangements or are just your favorite flowers. These budget-friendly packets are a unique opportunity to offer a gift that keeps on giving.

19. Succulents

Potted succulents make a perfect yet manageable wedding decor that double as wedding favors. Bonus: They are also great DIY wedding favors. These hardy plants represent strength and endurance and are easily cared for, thriving even in the most challenging conditions. Let your guests choose their own from a pretty display on their way out the door. 

20. Air Plants

This low-maintenance and meaningful gift symbolizes the growing love your guests witnessed at the event. Like succulents, they need only minimal care to thrive and often grow even in the most unassuming of places.

21. Bouquets

Brighten your guests’ homes with fresh flower bouquets, a fragrant and beautiful token of your gratitude. They can be repurposed from flowers used during the ceremony, table decor and other moments throughout the day. Just ensure a florist is on-hand to help you create these wedding favors while you’re partying the night away!

Wedding Favor Ideas for the Couple Who Cooks

If you and your partner are known for your skills in the kitchen, gift your guests accordingly. These wedding favor ideas offer a curated cooking experience that will remind them of your big day. 

Wedding favor gift idea: A potted basil plant

22. Spice Blend

Spice up their chef adventures with artisanal spices or a blend of your personal favorites. This fine dining-focused wedding favor allows you the opportunity to infuse the location of your wedding into your parting gift. Did you have a destination wedding in Italy? Perhaps a basil-forward spice blend is the perfect gift. These can be packaged in mini glass jars for an elegant, DIY touch. 

23. Herbs

Give the gift of fresh herbs in pots, adding flavor and life to your guests’ kitchens and their gardens as an undying gesture of appreciation. These herbs can represent the natural “spice” of a relationship or, like a spice blend, symbolize a theme or location. Lavender from a wedding in the South of France? Perfect.

24. Olive Oil

Share the gift of culinary delight with mini bottles of premium olive oil. These flavorful keepsakes can be used far beyond the wedding date and will remind your guests of the fun they had to celebrate your nuptials. Include a card with a thank you from you and your partner as well as a favorite recipe on the back. 

25. Hot Sauce

Some like it hot. Spice up your wedding favors by giving unique bottles of hot sauce. The fiery flavors might just represent the passionate love you two share. 

DIY Wedding Favor Ideas 

Perfect for the artisan couple, these wedding favors can be handmade and filled with love. 

Wedding favor gift idea: Two handmade soap bars wrapped with twine and tied with a sprig of lavender

26. Soap Bars

Pamper your guests with artisanal, handcrafted soap bars. These indulgent self-care staples will provide a touch of relaxation for your guests after an eventful weekend. Pro tip: Use only subtle scents with no common allergens so guests can use this beautifully curated gift without worry.

27. Lip Balm

Ensure their comfort throughout the night with personalized lip balms. This useful gift keeps their lips hydrated, making it a practical and thoughtful token of appreciation. Use natural dyes to match your wedding colors!

28. Candles

Scented candles ignite a warm and aromatic atmosphere and are a universally enjoyed gift. These candles symbolize the light and warmth your love brings into their lives. Skip this favor for destination weddings, as candles are often difficult to pack and carry home on a plane.

29. Ornaments

Holiday weddings offer a wonderful occasion to present your guests with artisanal holiday ornaments. Instead of making it centered on your wedding date, focus on something beautiful that will help your guests fondly recall your special day. Consider incorporating dried versions of your flowers, a silhouette of your destination, or even a brief love poem.

30. Hand Fans

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, provide your guests with hand fans to help them stay cool. This thoughtful gesture serves as both a practical necessity and a beautiful token of your gratitude. On those sweltering summer days when the sun is at its peak during your nuptials, they’ll be much appreciated. Choose one of your wedding colors so your photographer can capture a dramatic visual during the ceremony. 


For avid readers, bookmarks make for thoughtful keepsakes. These timeless and decorative tokens serve as a symbol of your love story and as a reminder to celebrate each chapter in their lives. There are endless ways to personalize these wedding favors, from listing your favorite books to including a quote from a book you both love. 

Destination Wedding Favor Ideas

If you invited guests to travel far and wide for your big day, treat them to a destination wedding favor befitting their journey. 

Wedding favor gift idea: A close-up of a monogrammed beach towel with the letter A in bright stitching

32. Luggage Tags

Help your guests travel in style with personalized luggage tags. These practical and chic wedding favors will make their journey home smoother. Bonus: It might just remind them of the journey they shared with you and your partner leading up to and beyond your big day. For maximum reusability, skip your wedding date and personalize these favors with your destination and the year. 

33. Reusable Bags

Packing at the end of a wedding weekend is never easy. Go eco-friendly with your wedding favors by gifting a customized reusable bag. These bags not only reduce waste but will also assist them in getting their belongings home that night or the next morning.

34. Monogrammed Tote Bags

Nothing says thank you like a personalized gift. Take your reusable bags up a notch by adding a personal monogram for each guest once you have the finalized guest list. Bonus points if the bags are delivered to their hotel rooms prior to the event filled with snacks and beverages. Don’t forget an itinerary for the wedding weekend and a welcome note from you and your partner. 

35. Monogrammed Beach Towels

Asking your guests to meet you in the beautifully fabulous Costa del Sol? Make sure you prepare them accordingly! When it comes to beach destination weddings, a custom towel with their personal monogram serves as a unique wedding favor. Your guests can enjoy this thoughtful gift as they relax on the sandy shores and then take it with them for future tropical getaways.

36. Flip Flops or Sandals

Offering a variety of gender-neutral sandals can be a wonderful wedding favor for a beach wedding — especially for guests who tend to forget comfortable shoes. Providing an assortment of flip-flops or sandals at your reception can also ensure everyone is able to hit the dance floor at the reception. They can take them home as a keepsake after the late-night revelry is over. 

Seasonal Wedding Favor Ideas

Love is always in season — and so are these wedding favors.

Wedding favor gift idea: An outstretched hand holding a snow globe with glittering lights in the background

37. Personalized Picnic Baskets for Spring Wedding Favors

For local weddings, provide your guests with personalized picnic baskets or totes. While this may already be a splurge, you can also fill them with springtime goodies like mini bottles of wine or fresh fruits. 

38. Custom Sunglasses for Summer Wedding Favors

Personalized sunglasses are the perfect wedding favor for a summer wedding. They’ll not only protect your guests’ eyes from the sun during the ceremony but also serve as a memorable keepsake. This wedding favor can be extra-fun if you have a photo booth set up during your reception — make time for a group picture!

39. Mini Pumpkins or Apple Decor for Fall Wedding Favors

Fall is all about harvest and cozy vibes, so consider gifting mini pumpkins or decorative apples. They’ll make for charming seasonal table decor and can also be taken home as a reminder of your special day.

40. Personalized Snow Globes for Winter Wedding Favors

Snow globes make for a delightful winter wedding favor. They can be customized with your name and the wedding date, your guests’ names or monograms, or even left blank to encapsulate the enchantment of the season.

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