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23 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

by Travis Zane
wedding favor ideas

Wedding planning can be a mixture of excitement, joy, and panic. Between the floral arrangements, catering spreads, and playlists, you have many opportunities to ensure your wedding day is a memorable one. While deciding on the details of your wedding ceremony and reception, there is one decision that can help leave your guests and wedding party with a positive last impression: what to give as wedding favors. If you want to go beyond stickers, shakers, or shot glasses, try to think about your wedding favors in terms of three factors: relevance, personalization, and surprise.

  • Relevance. The perfect wedding favor blends charm with practicality. Choose something that wedding guests can actually use or consume as opposed to a trinket that might end up in a box in the garage.
  • Personalization. Add a note of personalization (initials, the wedding date, a photograph) for a special touch. This will leave your guests with a sentimental reminder of the celebration they took part in. The personalization can vary from simple initials to a full-fledged collage, helping you tweak the wedding favor’s level of sentiment and humor.
  • Surprise. The best gifts are the ones no one expects.

We’ve compiled a list of unique wedding favor ideas at various price points to help you get started.

Unique wedding favor ideas under $10

1. Premium wine stoppers

To impress the wine enthusiasts among your guests, leave them with a premium wine stopper that removes the air from the bottle to maintain peak freshness.

2. Personalized mini jams

Gift your guests a sweet treat, like a delicious mason jar of jam printed with a thoughtful message (up to 10 words). This edible wedding favor goes with anything, from cheese to toast to sandwiches. It also comes in strawberry, peach, or apple flavors.

3. Personalized wellness kits

Bless your guests with mini-wellness kits that can come to their rescue the morning after your wedding reception. With this creative wedding favor, you can order custom tote bags branded with your personalized design ($6.50 per bag or less) and fill each with a collagen facial mask ($1 per mask), electrolyte powder packets ($1 per packet), and a food delivery gift card (optional).

4. Couple shirts or socks

Surprise your guests with a party favor they’ll be required to love: your faces! Print personalized t-shirts or socks with oversized profiles of you and your partner. For something extra special, personalize the garment with a formal photograph or a simple phrase.

5. Personalized mini hot sauce bottles

Keep those tears of joy flowing with favor boxes or favor bags filled with personalized, mini hot sauce bottles. They’re customizable with photos, words, and any branding your imagination can conjure.

6. Personalized mini candles

Bring the light and warmth from your special day into your guest’s homes with custom candle favors that match the season, including sweet scents for winter weddings and floral scents for summer weddings.

7. Personalized flasks and mini bottles

Keep the party going by gifting your guests a mini bottle and flask pairing. Vary the types of liquor to add an element of surprise.

8. Personalized bottle openers and wine stoppers

Equip your guests with what they need to properly drink a bottle of wine: a tool to open it! And to please those who like to drink a glass of wine and save the rest for later, include a personalized wine stopper.

9. Personalized wine glasses

Remind your guests of all the reasons they have to celebrate with these personalized wedding favors. Engrave a beautiful wine glass that your guests can take home, including a note of gratitude, a sentimental message, or an inside joke.

10. Personalized playing cards

One of the best wedding favor ideas, this is the perfect addition to any suitcase, road trip, or kitchen table. Give out decks of custom playing cards printed with your own photographs, unique designs, and wedding colors.

Unique wedding favor ideas under $30

11. Minimalist insulated coffee/tea mug

Keeping coffee hot after the morning’s pour is a modern struggle that everyone can relate to. Spoil your guests with a beautifully designed mug, insulated with stainless steel and coated in ceramic, that they’ll be excited to use every morning.

12. Custom essential oils

Ever want to start your own apothecary brand? Now’s your chance! Create your own essential oils with custom blends of different scents, give it a personalized name and label, and give one to each of your guests.

13. Personalized wine bottles

Wine is the gift that keeps on giving. Design your own label, complete with photographs, a name for the wine, and a description, to send your guests off with a personalized bottle they can rejoice in later on.

14. Little market wine totes

These adorable totes are the perfect companion for any outing, picnic, and dinner party. Your guests will finally be able to carry their wine in style and donate those tattered New Yorker totes!

15. Personalized photo books

Do you have some time on your hands or love graphic design? Create a custom photo book with your partner to give each of your guests, showcasing photos of your favorite memories with family and friends and the history of your partnership.

16. Multicolor smart lights

Surprise your guests with one of the most trendy interior items of the decade: a multicolor smart bulb. With multiple colors, patterns, and music syncing options, they’ll be able to relive their reception floor dance moves from the comfort of their home.

Unique wedding favor ideas under $60

17. Memorabilia blankets

Create a beautiful, personalized blanket with a collage of photographs that feature your favorite memories as a couple, your favorite memories with your guests, your wedding theme, or — to opt for a more humorous approach — silly photographs from all of your guest’s social media profiles. This personalized, wedding favor keepsake will bring joy to your guests for years to come.

18. DIY wine making kits

Gift 12-18 bottles of wine to every one of your guests with a DIY wine-making kit! These kits simplify the winemaking process into one easy step. All that your guests will need to make wine at home are a carton of juice and some sugar.

19. Engraved hydro flasks

What better way to treat your guests than to ensure they stay healthy? Give the gift of hydration with a custom hydro flask, the product that sparked the craze of the insulated water bottle, engraved with your phrase of choice.

20. DIY mosaic kits

Reignite the child within each one of your guests with a DIY mosaic kit, complete with pre-cut tiles to create a variety of mosaics. Choose from vases, frames, pots, and a Black Lives Matter serving tray.

Unique wedding favor ideas: choose your own price

21. Gift cards for crafts and DIY kits

Give a flexible favor with a gift card to marketplaces that specialize in bespoke items and DIY wedding favor kits. We recommend Etsy for a variety of handmade crafts and customized kits or Uncommon Goods for a diverse array of interests. For the DIY lovers, we recommend Uncommon Goods’ DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit and the Homemade Mushroom Ravioli Kit.

22. Gift cards for flights

Encourage your friends and family to visit your home by giving out gift cards to an airline with direct flights to the nearest airport.

23. Gift cards for accommodation

Are there a lot of travel bugs attending your big day? Join them in spirit on their next trip by giving out gift cards to an accommodation booking site like AirBnB, Vrbo, or Agoda.

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