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Inspiration » Wedding Planning » Wedding Suit and Tuxedo Guide: What You Need to Know

Wedding Suit and Tuxedo Guide: What You Need to Know

by Allison Hata
Wedding Suit and Tuxedo Guide: What You Need to Know



It should go without saying that looking and feeling good for a wedding isn’t just a priority for those who choose to wear a dress. There are also important wardrobe decisions to be made for anyone involved in the wedding who wants to go with a suit. But if you aren’t already accustomed to wearing one, it might not be obvious what to look for. You can find suits at any major retailer, but you’ll want to make sure to choose one that fits the occasion. Your wedding suit options will depend in part on the level of formality you want for the event. And just as (if not more) importantly, you want a suit that fits! Whatever your role in the wedding, here’s your guide to wedding suits!

Wedding suit basics


When it comes to the color of your wedding suit, the general guideline is that lighter shades are for earlier in the day and darker shades are best for evening events. The context of the wedding should also be taken into account. If you’re having a beach wedding, for instance, lighter colors and fabrics are a good idea.


Your choice of suit for yourself and for wedding party members will also dictate how formal the event is. You will want to take your venue into account when deciding on your attire. A church wedding may require a level of formality that would seem out of place for an outdoor wedding where drinks will be served in mason jars.

Suit Style

Aside from the color and fabric, there are different styles of suits to choose from. A suit with two buttons is the most common suit choice. But besides the standard two-button suit, you can also choose a three-button suit or a double-breasted suit. However, you’ll probably only want to consider a three-button suit if you are particularly tall. And a double-breasted suit is a particularly bold choice. You should go with it for it if you’re confident you can pull it off, though!


A tuxedo is the usual choice for a more formal outfit. (It is possible to up the ante with a morning suit or tailcoat, but your guests may have trouble matching that level of formality!) Remember that tuxedo pants don’t have belt loops and require suspenders. One other thing to note is that most people are less interested in owning a tuxedo than a suit. If you do choose to go with tuxedos for your wedding, arranging for rental tuxes can be a good idea.

Women’s suits

There are a few things to note about women’s suits. While men’s suit jackets are generally the same length, women’s suits jackets have varying lengths. The price of women’s suits also tends to vary more. Likewise, there is a dizzying array of styles. Check out these wedding suits for brides to see just some of the examples out there.


No matter the type of wedding suit, it should fit well. You should find a jacket that fits in the chest, though the arms may need to altered. Pants should be a comfortable fit when you buy them, though they will need to be hemmed to get the right length. It’s really worth it to get your suit tailored to get just the right fit. It will look so much better, and a well-fitting suit can be worn again on many occasions!

The look that you want

For your wedding you can choose the look that feels best to you. That may mean a dress, or a suit, or something more casual. There are increasingly more ideas out there for wedding participants to choose from. Figure out what your loved ones are comfortable with and go with it!

One thing to note about suits is that while the clothing industry still generally divides suits into men’s and women’s varieties, nowadays it’s possible to find suit makers who go beyond a binary view of gender. You can even get a suit with a custom fit to get just the right look.

Of course you can also opt for a more casual style for your wedding. No matter how casual the style though, it’s still a good idea to make sure that everything fits well. Your wedding day style is about looking and feeling great. And whatever style you choose, don’t forget to share your awesome photos with Joy!

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