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Wedding Thank-You Notes and Gifts: The Essentials

by Jesse Long
Wedding Thank-You Notes and Gifts: The Essentials

Even if you’re having the simplest of weddings, it will likely require the help of many people to make it all happen. Naturally, you’ll want to thank your friends and family for being awesome and making your wedding day special. Your guests are also likely show up bearing gifts, and it’s just proper etiquette to thank them as well. Wedding thank-you notes, of course, are the simple solution that etiquette provides. You should send thank-you notes to anyone who gave you a gift and anyone who helped out with the wedding. This will probably include your wedding party, as well as any other friends and family who helped out with the logistics of the wedding day. The most important thing about wedding thank-you notes is that you should send them, and sooner is better than later. Here’s our guide to making the process as easy as possible.

Get organized and ready to send those wedding thank-you notes!

As with so many things in wedding planning, the first step for writing wedding thank-you notes is to get organized. You can use your guest list spreadsheet to keep track of gifts. (If you’re using Joy’s guest list manager, remember that you can easily export your guest list to a spreadsheet to help with this!) Add a column to your spreadsheet to take note of what gift was given. You can also add an extra column to add any other notes or special things you want to mention. Don’t just fill out the info, though. Go through the names shortly after you enter them and send out those notes! The sooner you get to it, the easier it will be. You don’t want to find yourself still needing to write 80 wedding thank-you notes several months after the big day.

The tradition is to send handwritten thank-you notes, and taking the time to send a personalized, warm note of appreciation will better express your gratitude. As for the stationery you write them on, it can be fun to find something beautiful to write your notes on. Matching the style of your invitations and wedding program can be a nice touch, for example. Just don’t let a search for the perfect stationery distract you from getting your notes written and sent promptly. You don’t have to go for the fanciest stationery–the content of the note is still much more important than what it’s written on!


When it comes to the wording of your thank-yous, you should express your appreciation in a way that feels right to you. A personal note will definitely make a better impression than something that seems generic. It’s also good to be specific—mention the gift, what you like about it, how you will use it, etc. Even if you don’t like the gift, find something nice to say about it. For cash gifts or gift cards, let them know what you plan to use it for. And if you had a honeymoon registry, including photos or descriptions of the location can be a nice touch, as well. The closer you are to someone, of course, the less you have to stand on formality. Just don’t forget that it’s still a good idea to send a note, even if you see the person every day!

Thank-you gifts

For those most involved in helping you plan or pay for the wedding, you may want to show your appreciation with a gift. This could include members of your wedding party and your parents, as well as anyone who helped you out with the wedding (without getting paid for it). Though you can totally get your maid of honor a stunning new necklace if you want, it isn’t necessary to spend a lot on your gifts. A gift that has special meaning often makes the biggest impact. This could be something as simple as specially framed photos or mementos from the wedding.

However you choose to show your appreciation, just make sure to do it! Though writing out all of those notes may seem like a lot of work at first, you’ll rest easy knowing that you’ve properly shown your gratitude to your amazing loved ones.

Get Started – Ordering Prints

When it comes to finding great stationery for your thank-you notes, you don’t have to look far! Joy allows you to easily order prints that match the style of your wedding site.

Ordering Prints with Joy:

  • From your wedding site dashboard select “Order Prints.”

order prints

  • If you’ve selected a style for your wedding site, you will see examples of prints that match that style.

wedding style prints

  • Clicking on any of the examples will take you to a page where you can customize and order prints through Elli.

wedding thank-you notes

  • The options at the bottom of the page will also help you find the right print options for you.

wedding prints options

  • Clicking “Customize & Order” will take you to Elli and show you options for personalizing and ordering prints.
  • “Get Print Samples” will show you options for ordering samples from Elli.
  • “Browse More Styles” allows you to change the style of your wedding site. After you change styles, just go back to “Order Prints” from your dashboard to see prints for that style.

wedding styles

  • When selecting a wedding style be sure to choose a style that says “Prints Available.”

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