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Inspiration » Wedding Planning » Your Wedding Website Template Guide: Beautiful Design Made Easy

Your Wedding Website Template Guide: Beautiful Design Made Easy

by Allison Hata
Your Wedding Website Template Guide: Beautiful Design Made Easy

Your wedding website is the best way to communicate what your wedding is all about. Through the stories and photos you include, it can be an expression of your relationship and the tone you want for your wedding. It should also be a place where guests can easily find all of the information they need to have an awesome time while celebrating your marriage. For both of these reasons, the design of your wedding website can be super important. A good design will of course be beautiful, but it can also make it so much easier for guests to find what they need. Website design may seem a bit daunting, but with the right tools you can have a wedding site that looks and works great. The trick is finding the right wedding website template for sharing this important moment in your life with your loved ones. Here’s what you need to know!

Wedding website template choices

Nowadays, most websites are arranged in one of a few types of ways that have been proven to work well. Luckily most of these templates are visually appealing and great for a wedding website! The layout you want for your site is a personal choice, but you should take practical considerations into account as well. Basic decisions can affect how your guests are able to navigate your site and how accessible the most important sections are.

For your wedding site, two common ways of arranging elements are to arrange the site vertically in a continuous scroll or have elements in columns side by side. With a vertical arrangement, it’s important to have the most important stuff at the top where guests don’t have to scroll down to look for it. With columns, you may want to have important information in a column that is always visible, and other cool stuff in a column that guest can scroll through. Your website might also have a menu to help guests navigate to the right place quickly. This can be a top menu, a side menu, or a dropdown menu.

wedding website template

Two template arrangements for showing the same information

When you’re starting out, you should take the opportunity to explore different layouts for your website. A Joy wedding site, for example, allows you to choose between templates to see the same information presented in different ways. Once you’ve created all of the sections of your site, you can easily switch between templates to see which one presents your content best. The overall look may be the most important thing to you. Just don’t lose sight of making it easy it for your guests to use!

Colors and style

The design of your wedding website is about more than just the layout, of course. You also will want to select colors, borders, and graphics that go best with the content of your site. Borders and shadows are useful for separating different sections. You can go with anything you like, though certain colors and designs can make your site more readable and easier to navigate. You can go with a style that’s classic or modern, embellished or minimalist—it’s up to you! Just make sure to test out your designs not only for how good they look, but how easy they are to navigate.

Here are just a few of the design choices that can make you can make for a wedding website that is gorgeous and convenient for your guests:


A stylized font is a common choice for a wedding website and can look great! Just be sure that it is easy to read, especially with smaller text. You can also go with a modern look or something fun! Test out different fonts to see how the look on your site before settling on one.


Different fonts lend a different feel to your text.

Color schemes

You can really choose whatever color scheme you want. As always, you should make sure the content of your site is easy to read and that the overall look is easy on the eyes.

color scheme

Pick a color scheme that matches your wedding!


You may be able to select a theme that will add similar decorations to all of the sections of your website. This can be a really convenient way to establish a consistent style for all of the sections of your site!

wedding website themes

Same layout and content, different themes

Graphic accents

You may also want to add graphic accents. These can be great for adding visual appeal and breaking up the different sections of your site. Floral elements or geometric designs work great with a lot of themes!

graphic accents

Graphic accents help divide up a web page.


Photos are a great way to decorate the different sections of your website. Adding a cover photo for your main section creates a nice visual effect, and photos can also help your guests identify different sections of a page.

cover photos

Different cover photos for different sections


Site menu and sections

It’s important to divide your wedding website into sections that make sense. For instance, you can create a section for your wedding schedule, a section for your Q & A, a section for travel info–basically a section for any broad category of information your guests will be looking for. You’ll also want to put the sections in an order that makes sense.  Your wedding welcome page with the date and location should always be first. After that, the link to your registry, your wedding schedule, and travel info should have privileged positions as well. Just make sure the most essential things for your guests are easy to find! Listing the key sections in a menu at the top or side of the page is usually a good idea. A link to RSVP online should also be prominently displayed on the welcome page.

mene sections

Order your sections with the most important first.

Your own unique design

The colors, photos, and graphic accents decorating your wedding site can start setting the tone you want for your wedding well ahead of the big day. Though the possibilities are endless, choosing the right content and design for your wedding website doesn’t have to be difficult. Joy’s wedding website tools will guide you with templates, themes, suggested color schemes and more. You can start from there and then make it your own using a variety of design options. In no time you can have a beautiful wedding website that is also fun and easy to use!

Get Started – Your Wedding Website Template and Theme

Joy gives you lots of options for customizing your wedding website with different templates, themes, accents, and more! You can combine just the right elements to make a beautiful site that is unique to your wedding!

Choosing a wedding site template, background, theme, and more:

  • To get started, navigate to the “Templates” section from your dashboard.

dashboard templates

  • Here you can see the different options for customizing the design of your site.

wedding site template

  • By selecting the “Template” option you can browse the templates available and choose one for your site. Changing templates won’t change the content of your website, it will only affect how it is arranged on the page!

wedding website templates

  • Once you’ve selected a template, you can navigate to “Background Options” from the templates menu. Here you can change the look of your template by adding a theme, borders, or a background color. You can choose between a theme design, or a classic, modern, or minimalist look.

background options

  • From the templates menu, you can also choose graphic accents to go with certain templates. As well as adding style to your page, they can also help divide sections and make them easier to navigate.

graphic accents

  • From the templates menu, you can also navigate to choose themes, fonts, and colors for your site.

website themes

  • Try choosing different combinations of templates, themes, accents, fonts, and colors! Experiment to find your own combinations and see what works for you.
  • You can also navigate to change your cover photos from the templates menu.

cover photos

  • Don’t forget to arrange your sections and the links in your site menu! From the templates page you can navigate to change the names and order of your sections!

website menu

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