Who’s Who in the Wedding Party

    Your wedding party is your supporting cast. They stand beside you, carry your stuff, and make sure you get to the ceremony on time. Choosing your wedding party allows you to honor your favorite people, those closest to you, who’ve made you into the person you are today — whether they be family, friends, or even pets. How you shape your wedding party is totally up to you, but it always helps to have a starting point.

    Here’s a rundown of the traditional roles that make up a wedding party. Take these roles and make them your own:

    Depending on your religious or cultural background, and how traditional your ceremony is, your wedding party may look very different than the above. But regardless of its shape and size, your wedding party has the same overall responsibility: to support you and your partner.

    The support duties may include planning parties like bachelor/bachelorette parties, providing emotional support, helping you and your partner get ready before the wedding, and participating in the ceremony. But arguably the most important duty of every member of the wedding party is to remember that, in this romantic comedy, they are simply a supporting character.

    To all you lovely wedding party participants out there: Respect the couple’s choices. Offer opinions only when asked. And, please, please, don’t run off with the bride.






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