15 Creative DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Cherish Forever

    Are you looking for creative DIY wedding favors that will knock your guests’ socks off? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve scoured the planet and found 15 of the greatest DIY wedding favors ever. We’ve even categorized them as follows: 1) Edible Favors, 2) Drinkable Favors, 3) Green Thumb Favors, 4) Fragrant Favors, and, last but not least, 5) Sentimental Favors. The best part is that you can make each one yourself! Check out the wedding favors that made our list and prepare to be seriously inspired.


    Let’s face it – everybody likes a snack. So giving your guests one last treat as a special thank-you for attending your wedding is always a good idea. Edible favors are especially good if you are known for your skills in the kitchen, or just your love of food. Whether you choose something sweet or savory, your guests are sure to appreciate something delicious.

    “BREAKFAST IS ON US” Jam + Biscuit Wedding Favors


    jam and biscuit wedding favor

    Photo credit: StyleMePretty.com

    DIY Rosemary Infused Olive Oil Wedding Favors

    infused olive oil wedding favor

    Photo credit: Brides Magazine UK

    “THANKS FOR POPPING BY” Popcorn Wedding Favors

    DIY Popcorn wedding favor

    Photo credit: Evermine


    We’re totally in love with these special sips. Giving away a favor guests can drink means they’ll continue toasting your new marriage long after the speeches are done.

    Hot Cocoa + Campfire S’mores Wedding Favors

    hot cocoa wedding favor

    Photo credit: Green Wedding Shoes


    Mason Jar Mini Cocktail Wedding Favors

    DIY Mason Jar Wedding Favor

    Photo credit: Something Turquoise

    “WE BLOODY LOVE YOU” Bloody Mary Mason Jar Wedding Favor

    Bloody Mary Wedding Favor

    Photo credit: Something Turquoise


    After the wedding, your love will continue to grow, and so will these adorable favors. Embrace the obvious metaphor with a tiny gift that will make your guests’ houses more beautiful and remind them of the good time they had at your wedding for years to come.

    “ALL THINGS GROW WITH LOVE” Succulent Wedding Favors

    DIY Succulent Wedding Favor

    Photo credit: Smarty Had a Party

    “TAKE ONE AND WATCH LOVE GROW” Seed Packet Wedding Favors

    Potted Herb Wedding Favor

    potted herbs wedding favor

    Photo credit:


    Help your guests unwind after the wedding is over with these sweet-smelling wedding favors.

    DIY Mason Jar Candle Wedding Favors

    DIY candle wedding favor

    Photo credit: Evermine

    DIY Handmade Soap Wedding Favors

    DIY soap wedding favor

    Photo credit: PopSugar

    DIY Non-Toxic Bath Salt Bomb Wedding Favors

    DIY bath bomb wedding favor

    Photo credit: Sugar and Charm


    Mini DIY Polaroid Magnets

    Mini polaroid magnet wedding favor

    Photo credit: PopSugar

    Coffee + Personalized Mug Wedding Favor

    Coffee mug wedding favor

    Photo credit: HitchedintheHood.com

    Custom Playlist Wedding Favors

    personalized playlist wedding favor

    Photo credit: Green Wedding Shoes


    What are some of your favorite DIY favors that you’ve received as a wedding guest? Share your fave favor in the comments section below or join the conversation happening on Facebook and Twitter.




    Aubrey Bach

    Aubrey Bach is a writer based out of Seattle. She is a recovering Diet Coke addict who was raised on the mean streets of Orange County, California. At weddings, Aubrey is an enthusiastic but terrible dancer and has a knack for making friends with whoever is refilling the wine.




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