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Inspiration » united states » 7 Absolutely Unique Seattle Wedding Venues

7 Absolutely Unique Seattle Wedding Venues

by Katelyn Barthlome
7 Absolutely Unique Seattle Wedding Venues

Seattle is well known for its stunning views of the Olympic mountain range, access to the Pacific Ocean, and…well of course, for its rain. If you’ve been to Seattle though, you’ll know that its also got a ton of character! There are so many awesome little coffee shops and bars that are tucked away in some of the oddest spots. And the people here can be just as funky as some of the glass sculptures at the Chihuly Glass museum. We’ve done some digging and found seven absolutely unique wedding venues in the Seattle area!

Thornewood Castle

If you’re looking for a wedding venue that will make your guests think they’re actually in Europe instead of Seattle, check out Thornewood Castle. Located just 45 minutes from downtown and only 30 minutes from the airport, this venue is a perfect destination wedding location for you and your guests. And they offer lodging options as well! Thornewood Castle knows how temperamental Seattle’s weather can be: they guarantee that should you have an outdoor wedding in the garden and the weather turn foul, their amazing team can have your entire wedding moved inside within 15 minutes!  

Capacity: Up to 200 guests

Typical Cost: Wedding packages start at $2,950 (Depending on the day of the week and the season pricing varies)

Bonus: If you book online, you’ll automatically receive 15% off your booking!

Want to see more from Thornewood Castle? Be sure to follow them on Pinterest and Facebook!


Seattle Aquarium

Have a love for animals and sea life? The Seattle Aquarium might be the perfect venue for your wedding! Get married out on the pier and then come inside to dine and party hard with your guests while a bunch of sea creatures swim around in a huge wall-sized tank next to you. The Seattle Aquarium’s staff and event planners will work with you from beginning to end to not only help you plan your perfect day, but to also make sure no fishy stuff happens and everything goes smoothly the day of.

Capacity: Up to 200 guests

Typical Costs: Staring at $2,500

Bonus: Still trying to decide how to propose to your significant other? Well, the Seattle Aquarium has you covered! Have one of their skilled divers hold up a sign asking your love to marry you while you both gaze up at the fish!

Follow the Seattle Aquarium on  Facebook, Twitter, and on Instagram!


Treehouse Point

If this next venue doesn’t make your inner kid squeal with excitement, then I don’t know what will! Treehouse Point offer the ability to have your ‘fairytale’ wedding in a treehouse! This amazing venue offers four acres of lush greenery, tall towering canopies above, and did we mention treehouses?! They also offer lodging options for up to 18 people, which might be the perfect bonding experience for you and your wedding party. Treehouse Point also offers the help of their amazing team of wedding liaisons who are there to help you in every stage of your wedding, from early planning to the big day itself.

Capacity: Up to 80 guests

Typical Costs: Starting at $9,000

Bonus: Treehouse Point has an awesome Bridal Suite for you and your gang to get ready in!

Need more treehouses in your life? Follow Treehouse Point on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!


The 101

Art gallery by day and blank canvas by night, the 101 is the perfect venue for your wedding. The 101 is absolutely oozing with industrial chic, from its rustic industrial beams, exposed brick walls, and white cement floors, creating the perfect combination of industrial and modern. White walls and floors help bounce light coming in from several large floor-to-ceiling windows, making the space feel super bright and airy.

Capacity: Up to 300 guests

Typical Costs: Starting at $3,500 (Different prices for different days of the week and seasons)

Bonus: Bookings include a 24 hours rental period, giving you plenty of time to set up and take down!

Want to see more from The 101? Follow them on Facebook!


The Villa Academy Chapel

Want a venue that’s the perfect mix of a traditional church wedding with a ton of vintage flare? The Villa Academy Chapel Might be just for you! Originally built in the 1920s this chapel is oozing with character with tall, towering arched ceilings, large stained glass windows, and ornate stone work. This gem of a venue is hidden within a 31-acre park and offers plenty of parking for you and all of your guests!

Capacity: Up to 200 guests

Typical Costs: Starting at $800 for alumni and $1,100 for non-alumni

Bonus: An event planner is also available for your use!

To see more, be sure to follow them on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram!


The Georgetown Stables

Located in Seattle’s oldest continuously settled neighborhood, Georgetown, the Georgetown Stables offer plenty of history and charm. Complete with a parlor, main room, kitchen, lounge and a stage, this 2,500 sq. ft. venue may be small, but it’s mighty. Rustic wooden beams, exposed brick walls, and cozy string lighting will give your wedding all the eclectic charm you could want!

Capacity: 120-200 guests

Typical Costs: Starting at $800

Bonus: This venue is pet friendly!

Be sure to follow The Stables on Twitter and Facebook!


Emerald City Trapeze

Want a wedding venue that’s really outside the box? How about getting married at Seattle’s Emerald City Trapeze?! Imagine trapeze artist flipping, swinging, and performing above you and your guests while you enjoy one of the most memorable days of your life. High ceilings with exposed rustic wooden beams paired with lots of windows make the space seem bright and open, and the funky decor fills this spot with all the character you could need. A bridal suite is available for you and your crew to get ready and relax in before the ceremony. Also did we mention there’s plenty of free parking?!

Capacity: Up to 500 guests

Typical Costs: Starting at $3,000

Bonus: Thinking of having food trucks for your wedding dinner? Emerald City Trapeze is excited to offer the ability to have food trucks park right out front so your guests won’t have to go far for a tasty meal!

Be sure to check out Emerald City Trapeze on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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