20 Clever and Affordable Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

    If you’re tasked with planning a bridal shower, chances are you’re pretty close with the bride-to-be. First and foremost, make it about her. Would she prefer a classic afternoon tea or a non-traditional afternoon at a brewery? Let her personality guide your direction and theme. Then, dress it to the nines with these inexpensive and easy bridal shower decoration ideas.

    1. Create a Balloon Arch

    Bridal shower decoration ideas: balloon arch

    Balloons are one of the cheapest and most effective bridal shower decoration ideas, since they take up a lot of visual space. With a few extra hands from the wedding party and a low-temperature glue gun, it’s pretty light work.

    If you don’t want to splurge on the glue gun, this DIY option uses fishing wire instead. A helium tank or pump will help, or simply enlist extra lung power from friends. Select balloons in a few colors to match your palette.

    2. Make a Candy Table

    Bridal shower decoration ideas: Candy bar

    Create a beautiful and delicious candy bar by ordering bulk sweets in your party color palette. (Search your color and “bulk candy” on Amazon for some affordable options.) Then, place them on pretty paper plates or in glass vases. Have everyone in the bridal party bring a few vases they have on hand, or pick up a few different sizes at your local dollar store. The result does double duty as a cute decoration and easy bridal shower favors.

    3. Collect Assorted China

    Bridal shower decoration ideas: Mixed tea cups

    If you’re hosting a bridal shower brunch or afternoon tea party, scour local thrift shops for mismatched china and tea sets. Mix them throughout your tables for an eclectic and adorable vintage aesthetic. Pinkies up!

    4. Light Some Candles

    Mother of the bride mug

    There’s nothing more flattering than the soft glow of candlelight. Pick up some cheap votives and tea lights at your local dollar store and scatter them around your tables. If you’re hosting at a venue, give them a call first. Chances are they will have candles and votives on hand.

    5. Let Them Eat Cake

    Cake and finger food display

    Cake stands turn your dessert table into a beautiful display. Ask the bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom to bring any cake stands they have on hand. There’s a good chance more than a few will have one at home. Then, pile on cupcakes, cookies, or tea sandwiches at varying heights.

    6. Put a Ring On It

    Bridal shower decoration ideas: Ring toothpicks

    You can purchase a lifetime supply of these adorable ring cake toppers on Amazon for a few dollars. But don’t limit them to cupcakes. Use them as toothpicks to hold together sandwiches, stick in tiny tarts for added sparkle, or create a donut diamond ring.

    7. Stage a Photo Wall

    Fun party photo wall

    Is your bestie a savvy Instagrammer? Pick up a metallic foil fringe curtain at your local party supply store to create an easy photo wall. Bonus points for a few silly props to make it a complete photo booth. If you’re also planning a bachelorette party, you can use the curtain for that bash as well.

    8. String Balloon Letters

    Bridal shower decoration ideas: Balloon letters

    Save on the helium tank and string balloon letters to some twine for a custom banner. Find letter balloons at your local party store or Dollar Tree.

    9. Add a Photo Display

    Bridal photo display

    Borrow your favorite photo stand to include print-outs of the bride- and groom-to-be. Or, include old family photos of parents and grandparents on their wedding day for a nostalgic touch.

    10. Hang a Rustic Banner

    Rustic banner for bridal shower

    For a shabby-chic aesthetic, use scrap fabric, burlap, or tissue paper to create a rustic tassel banner. Drape in uneven lengths to complete the effortless look. If the party is outdoors, cafe lights are the perfect finishing touch.

    11. Design a Simple Centerpiece

    Simple centerpiece design

    Keep floral centerpieces simple and enlist the help of lots of filler. Call your local grocery store to find out when they receive shipments, so you can get the best picks of the day.

    Pick up plenty of baby’s breath and eucalyptus greenery for a full effect, then add a few roses or accent flowers. Think outside the box for the vases. Vintage pitchers, antique bottles, and the ever-classic Mason jars create a boho look.

    12. Don’t Sleep on the Streamers

    Bridal shower decoration ideas: Streamers

    Nope, streamers aren’t limited to kids’ birthday parties. Hang them across the ceiling for a totally grown-up effect. Leave plenty of slack to create a colorful canopy.

    12. Decorate a Rustic Ladder

    Mr and Mrs rustic ladder

    Decorate a simple ladder with some faux flowers and Mr. & Mrs. decor. Leave as-is for a simple decoration or use the rungs to display photos or favors.

    13. Print Pretty Place Cards

    Bridal shower decoration ideas: Placecards

    Use a free printable website to create beautiful place cards for names or table numbers. Shop your local party supply store for simple stands that let the art steal the show.

    14. Stage a Bar Area

    Bridal shower decoration ideas: Bar area

    A vintage desk, bar cart, or banquette table is the perfect host for your custom bar. Set out a few different types of bubbly or liquor along with mixers and pretty garnishes.

    For a bridal brunch, pick up a few juices to make an adorable mimosa bar. If you’re going with a specific bridal shower theme, this is the perfect opportunity to drive it home. For example, create a spicy margarita bar for a fun fiesta.

    15. Craft a Custom Banner

    Bridal shower decoration ideas: Custom banner

    Head to the craft store and pick up some triangular pennants, twine, and stick-on letters. Or, cut custom shapes yourself from card stock. (Use an Exacto knife and ruler if you aren’t handy with scissors.)

    Attach a letter to each flag to spell a custom message to your bride-to-be. If you have good handwriting, you can draw on letters yourself. Get creative with the message. For example, if you’re hosting a nautical-themed party, write “Ashley Ties The Knot!”

    16. Decorate a Dress Form

    Bridal dress form

    For fashionista friends, a vintage dress form makes one of the best bridal shower decoration ideas. Dress it up in ribbons and flowers to complement your party aesthetic.

    17. Make Mini Donut Displays

    Mini donut party display

    You don’t need to splurge on an expensive donut wall installation for a fun bridal shower decoration idea. Go the DIY route with a few mini ones for the same effect. Take the backing out of large photo frames for the stand, and then attach pegs with wood glue. You can also purchase a donut display on Etsy if you aren’t too crafty.

    18. Style Your Beverages

    Mason jars with striped straws

    Create Instagram-friendly drinks by cleaning out old jam jars and tying a twine bow around the neck. Complete the look with paper straws in your party colorway.

    19. Build a Bookworm Backdrop

    Bridal shower decoration ideas: Book page banner

    If the bride-to-be is a self-proclaimed bookworm, embrace her hobby with this easy DIY banner. Rip pages out of an old book (shop the dollar bin at a used bookstore) and cut into the shape of simple pennants. Use Scotch tape to attach to a long piece of ribbon.

    20. Include Colorful Macarons

    Bridal shower decoration ideas: Macarons

    Macarons are arguably one of the prettiest desserts. Double yours as decoration by picking some up in your party color palette. For a cheaper hack, shop frozen macarons at Trader Joe’s and let them defrost on shower day. Add a few French flags and you have an instant Parisian themed bridal shower.

    Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas for the Savvy Party Planner

    Between hiring a caterer and purchasing a bridal shower gift, planning a wedding shower can be expensive. Thankfully, the decorations don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet.

    Pick your favorite bridal shower decoration ideas from our list, then head to your local dollar store or party supply shop for everything you need. The bride-to-be will be blown away and have a day to always remember.






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