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Inspiration » Proposal Ideas » 5 Romantic Fall Proposal Ideas

5 Romantic Fall Proposal Ideas

by Joy Editors
Fall Proposal Ideas - man and woman embracing in a field

Autumn is considered by many to be a season of change. The leaves shift colors, a new school year begins and comforting traditions commence as temperatures drop. In keeping with the spirit of the season, why not make the ultimate change yourself by offering a lifetime of love to your beloved? Here are five fall marriage proposal ideas that will warm up your special person and kick off your wedding planning journey.

1. “Basic” Proposal

fall proposal idea picnic
For this fall proposal idea, you have the opportunity to embrace all the goofy clichés of the season as you surprise the love of your life with some new additions to their fall wardrobe. The “basic” proposal is an amusing, playful play on the “basic girl” cliche that’s been magnified by various memes and GIFs over the years.

First, lead your sweetheart to their favorite fall location with a large picnic basket in tow. Explain how the love you have for one another is substantial and durable because it isn’t “complicated.” When you have their attention, present your special person with a few gifts. Think leggings, a new scarf and a pair of UGG boots. Don’t forget the pumpkin spice latte from their favorite coffee shop. Then, once you reveal the gifts, say, “Our love is basic, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” What else would bring a glowing smile to their face better than a playful sense of humor for your engagement proposal?

2. Apple Orchard

fall proposal idea apple orchard
One of the best fall proposal ideas is surprising the love of your life at an apple orchard. It offers numerous benefits, including a gorgeous backdrop for impromptu engagement photos, an intimate location and a sweet surprise once you pop the question.

This romantic proposal idea works because of the element of surprise. After all, there are multiple excuses to trick your love into having an apple orchard getaway including picking fresh apples so you can indulge in a homemade cobbler or pie later. Take in that clean, crisp fall air as you craft your perfect proposal story amid the rustling leaves—just try not to coordinate your special moment on a day you’ll be interrupted by a middle school field trip.

3. Football Game

football game helmet
While many people celebrate the fall season for sweater weather and comfort drinks, there are others who think one thing: football season. If your honey is all about touchdown celebrations and epic tailgates, why not plan your surprise proposal during the big game? Whether it’s on the 50-yard line of your sweetheart’s alma mater or on the jumbo screen of your favorite arena, many teams are more than willing to help you facilitate this creative marriage proposal idea.

But if you’re looking for a more intimate experience that doesn’t involve thousands of screaming fans, you might favor a tailgate proposal in front of your loved ones. You can hide the engagement ring in a kebab skewer, or write your question on the bottom of your love’s red SOLO cup. You have many options at your disposal. Just use the one that feels right, find the perfect moment and, like a football, run with it.

4. Pumpkin Patch

woman in flannel holding a pumpkin

Few places can compete in spreading joy during the fall season quite like a visit to the pumpkin patch. Utilizing its many magical offerings, from a journey through an exciting corn maze that’ll have you and your sweetheart twisting and turning with suspense to a fresh cider-making class where you can brew up your own love potion in the spirit of Halloween, you’ll have the opportunity to make an important, life-changing memory at a place where memories are already being mad

Or, arrange a visit to the pumpkin patch as a starting point. Then, host a pumpkin carving party with the two of you and secretly write or carve “Will you marry me?” on your pumpkin. When the time is right, reveal all. You can even look to sites such as Pinterest to discover some creative pumpkin carving ideas.

5. Park

fall proposal idea park
Amid the changing leaves and blackberry bush, a park can be a gorgeous setting for a fall proposal, as the ambiance created by this naturalistic backdrop serves as a perfect reminder of the beauty that change can bring. Taking your love to the right park in autumn, surrounded by inviting benches, elegant bridges, and calming waters, is a perfect way to make them feel like they’ve found a door to their favorite fairytale.

With the calm gusts of wind and the friendly, roaming wildlife around you, take this opportunity to tell your beloved how the picturesque setting falls short when compared to their smile, voice, and charm. Become your own poet as the park awards you with a backdrop that can only be created during a short period each year. Who knows? If your autumn proposal is a hit, and you hear that resounding yes from your other half, perhaps this place in this perfect time will inspire you to come full-circle by having a fall wedding next season.

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