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Inspiration » Honeymoons » Honeymoons and the Coronavirus: What You Should Know

Honeymoons and the Coronavirus: What You Should Know

by Hannah Huber
just married honeymoon and coronavirus covid-19

April 23, 2020

As the world continues to take precautions against the spread of the coronavirus, weddings and honeymoons are being postponed daily. Many couples are choosing to heed the warning of the CDC and take their honeymoons at a later date, but what happens if you’ve already booked your dream getaway? Luckily, there are a myriad of options set forth by the Department of Transportation, airlines, and hotels to help navigate this tricky time. We’ve distilled the highlights below to give you a head start on planning (or re-planning) your trip.

Here’s What To Do If Your Flight Is Cancelled

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, if your airline cancelled your original flight, you are entitled to a refund, not just a voucher. This is inclusive of non-refundable flights as these cancellations were as a result of a public health emergency. You can absolutely still reschedule your flight or take the voucher if you wish, but it’s important to note that you are entitled to a full refund. If your airline carrier is giving you the runaround, contact the Department of Transportation for support or reference their very public statement to your customer service representative. 

If you are weary of traveling in the near future but your airline has not cancelled your flight due to the current crisis, you still have some solid options. Many airlines, such as Delta, are making it extremely easy to reschedule existing flights, even if they are non-refundable, and doubling down by extending the expiration date on those credits. Some airlines are going as far as extending mileage member perks to 2021. 

Most hotels have been directed to close during this time or are generously donating their rooms to the medical professionals fighting the coronavirus pandemic. While each property has a different policy, most hotels are refunding or rebooking stays without a problem. Some major hotel groups are even going as far as to allow rebookings through 2022. For the most up to date information, give your hotel a quick call or check their website.

Bottom line: You have options that will keep you safe and still allow you to take your dream honeymoon when you feel comfortable.

How Travel Is Changing

As of now, the U.S. is only offering in-person service at passport agencies for those with a qualifying life-or-death situation. You can still apply for a new passport or a renewal by mail, however they will be significantly delayed and expedited service has been suspended. If you have a trip coming up this year and still need to renew your travel documents, send them in now so as to avoid any further delays. In addition to the delay in travel documents, several countries around the world have put travel restrictions into place and flights have been reserved for those with dire circumstances and medical professionals. Before booking (or re-booking) any new plans, check to make sure travel is still possible to your destination.

Travel Insurance Shortcomings

Unfortunately, travel insurance won’t be much help to you for COVID-19 related losses. Some travel insurance companies are going as far as to change their policies going forward to detail that they will not cover any losses due to the coronavirus pandemic. For example, Allianz Travel Insurance has the following statement on their homepage: “Our plans do not cover losses directly or indirectly due to government-imposed travel bans or similar restrictions related to COVID-19, and we therefore highly recommend that you do NOT purchase a travel protection plan for such conditions.”

Luckily, there are many other options for recouping losses from vendors directly that we mentioned previously. Under normal circumstances, travel insurance is a great way to protect yourself and your partner while away on vacation, but these uncertain times have brought new challenges to a head and insurance companies are evolving policies to keep up. If you purchased travel insurance, it’s always worth looking into what your policy can help you with as each one differs from company to company, but it’s likely you will find more accommodation with the vendors themselves.

Still Want To Get Away Now? Here Are Some Honeymoon Alternatives

Being stuck inside after your big day is not the ideal way to start your new life with your partner, but when life gives you lemons… well, you know the rest. While you might not be jetting off to a faraway land anytime soon, you can still shake up your day-to-day in anticipation of your upcoming travel plans. We’ve compiled a few tips to keep you safe and sane while missing your honeymoon.

Set The Dinner Scene

Whether you were days away from takeoff or still contemplating cancellations, you can channel that romantic honeymoon energy at home until you have the chance to travel again. Create an unforgettable evening in any destination by cooking an authentic meal with ambiance to match. Was your Venice trip postponed? Break out the pasta stand mixer attachment your aunt gifted you, turn on some Italian opera, and spend the night experimenting with dishes like Bigoli in Salsa for a peek into your upcoming trip.

Spend The Night Out (But In)

According to National Geographic, since the coronavirus hit, causing people all over the world to shelter in place, pollution has decreased making everything from stars to distant mountains more visible. Take advantage of this silver lining by making use of any outdoor space you have access to and set up a tent or fort for a night under the stars. While it might not have the allure of camping in idyllic Big Sur or Yosemite, it’s a nice way to change up the scenery while social distancing. Grab a bottle of champagne and a pair of binoculars for some stargazing while the skies are clear. 

Build a Blanket Fort 

If your living room is feeling a little stale, try building a blanket fort to transport you to a new place. Grackle and Pigeon’s instructional book Blanket Fort: Growing Up Is Optional brings a whimsical vibe to the childish activity. The book details a list of items you’ll need to construct your fort and an easy step by step how to. Once you’ve got the perfect set up, grab your bedding and snuggle up in a new venue to take in a movie set in your favorite destination.

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