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Inspiration » How-To » How to Use Your Wedding Website to Keep Guests Up to Date

How to Use Your Wedding Website to Keep Guests Up to Date

by Joy Editors

If your wedding plans change, whether by choice or out of necessity, it’s important to keep your guests in the loop. While you’re busy sorting out new plans with your venue, planner, and vendors, save yourself some time and stress by using your wedding website to communicate with guests.  

Communication is always key, but it doesn’t have to be difficult, even when things don’t go as planned. With that in mind, we’ve compiled tips for keeping your wedding guests informed, which will let guests know you are thinking of them, and spare you hours spent answering questions.

Update your wedding website

You can think of your wedding website as your guest communication center, since it’s often the first place people will go to look for the details of your big day. If you have a wedding site, it’s important to update it with any changes that impact your guests. Here are some ways you can use common wedding website features to keep guests informed.

Welcome message

Change the welcome message on the homepage of your wedding site to include an announcement about updates to your wedding. This will let guests know your plans have changed as soon as they visit your site.

Announcement banner

Catch your guests’ attention by adding an announcement banner across your wedding website to convey important updates. This feature is now available through Joy, and helps you quickly share news of changing wedding plans with your guests.

Wedding date and location

Update your wedding date, time and location on your wedding website to make guests aware of the new details.

Wedding schedule

Update your wedding plans on the schedule page of your wedding website as well, to avoid any confusion or conflicting information between your site’s welcome page and schedule page.


Answer any questions you anticipate your guests asking about your new plans via the frequently asked questions page of your wedding website.

Your story 

Share a letter to your guests about any changes in your wedding plans through the “story” page of your wedding website. While the “story” page is typically used to share your love story, it gives you the opportunity to address your guests and provide all the details they need to know.


Add your new dates, updated hotel block information, and any other information that guests will need to know as they change their travel plans to the travel section of your website. This helps your guests with the logistics of attending your wedding, and ensures they don’t make travel plans based on dates that are no longer accurate.

Share your wedding website with your guests

If you haven’t yet shared your wedding website with your guests, announcing a change of plans can present a good opportunity to do so. If you’re using a wedding website builder with a built-in guest list like Joy, you can easily send all of your guests an e-card or email to share your news, and let them know you will keep your wedding website updated as your plans progress. 

Message your guests with important announcements

If you already have your wedding website set up and you’ve sent out Save the Dates or invitations, you’ll need to announce important changes to your guests once you’ve updated your site. The most convenient way to make an announcement to all of your guests at once is by sending an online Change the Date e-card or general email message. For example, Joy allows you to easily send free general emails and Change the Dates to all or some of your guests, saving you countless hours spent individually calling or texting guests.

We hope this helps you use your wedding website to easily communicate with guests, and for a comprehensive look at wedding communication, including invitations, Save the Dates, and Change the Dates, also check out this guide.

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