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7 Steps to Live Stream Your Wedding

by Katie Brownstein
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April 3, 2020
Updated May 11, 2020

As in-person wedding celebrations are postponed due to COVID-19, many couples are choosing to get married privately on their original wedding date or to virtually share their ceremony with loved ones.

Whether your wedding is over live stream or in person, you deserve to experience the joy of saying your vows in front of your community. We’re here to help with seven steps to live stream your wedding.

1. Send invites or Change the Dates to guests

Whether a live stream was part of your original wedding plans or not, make sure your guests have all the details. Send online invitations or Change the Dates through Joy to your guests with the information for your virtual celebration.

Image of wedding invitation e-card with wedding live stream information
Image of several Change the Date e-card designs

2. Collect RSVPs

You may not think about collecting RSVPs for a live streamed wedding, but an accurate headcount is key to ensure the live stream platform you select can handle your event size. Joy’s RSVP feature allows you to customize your RSVP questions and gather guest responses to inform your live stream plans.

If you plan to send a wedding favor to guests ahead of your live stream, such as mini bottles of champagne for a toast, you will need to know who is coming, and their address, in advance.

3. Select your live stream provider

Determine your live stream platform based on your guest count and the anticipated length of your ceremony. Check the requirements of your platform in case you need to set up your live stream link in advance. 

You can conveniently live stream your wedding directly through your Joy wedding website via YouTube or Vimeo integrations, allowing your guests to simply visit your website at the time of your event.

Image of Joy wedding website video integrations

4. Update your wedding website 

Wedding websites have become even more important in light of COVID-19 to keep guests up to date of your wedding plans. Guests will check your wedding website for information ahead of your big day, so be sure to update your event date, time, location, greeting message, and event schedule with your live stream details, and make sure you’ve removed any out-of-date information.

Create an unmissable announcement banner across the top of your wedding website and mobile app to alert guests of your live stream plans and even share your live stream link, so that it’s the first thing guests notice when they visit your site.

Your wedding website’s FAQ page is the place to share any special requests for guests, such as to have a drink in-hand to cheers to the couple, to follow (or not follow) a dress code, or if conferencing, to mute their speaker during the ceremony to ensure everyone can hear your vows.

5. Send a reminder to your guests

Send your guests a reminder message in the days or hours leading up to your wedding live stream, to ensure they tune in at the right time.

6. Live stream your vows

Set up your live stream video and audio so that guests will feel as if they are in the room with you — then say your vows with your loved ones joining you virtually. We’ve detailed all the technical steps to set up your live stream here.

Image of live stream video player on Joy wedding website

7. Capture and share wedding memories

Record your live stream to capture and share your wedding video. After your live stream is complete, upload the recording to your Joy wedding website to relive the happy memories.

Get a little extra: if anyone is present for your private ceremony, have them take photos and add them to the ‘Moments’ shared album on your Joy website and app, which updates in real time for guests to follow along. Virtual guests can even upload their own photos via the Joy App (in real time or after) to document the uniquely shared celebration.

Image of 'Moments' live photo album feature

Send thank you E-Cards to your wedding guests for helping you celebrate, and direct them to visit your wedding website to view your wedding video and photos.

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