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Inspiration » How-To » How to Use Digital RSVPs to Plan Your Virtual Wedding

How to Use Digital RSVPs to Plan Your Virtual Wedding

by Amanda Hanna

With more couples choosing to get married virtually, collecting RSVPs for a digital event might feel unnecessary. After all, couples can simply share their live stream link by text or email. Voila! No digital RSVPs required, right?

Although this is theoretically true, you should know your live streaming platform (i.e. YouTube or Vimeo) may only be able to accommodate a certain number of guests without the stream cutting off or stalling. To ensure your live stream goes smoothly on your big day, it’s wise to have an accurate headcount, just as you would for an in-person wedding.

Fortunately, Joy’s digital RSVP system helps you easily manage this process: you can set up specific RSVP questions and collect guests’ attendance plans and responses — all from your wedding website. Read on to discover five benefits of using digital RSVPs to plan your virtual wedding.

1. Ask customized RSVPs questions about your live-streamed wedding

After filling in essential details on your Joy wedding website, like your FAQs and Schedule, you can head to your RSVP Questions page to ask guests specific questions about your live-streamed wedding.

Beyond basics like “Will you be attending our virtual wedding?,” you can also include tailored questions and custom prompts. This can be helpful if you want to collect ideas or inspiration to plan your virtual event. 

For example, you might ask, “What song should we use at our live-streamed wedding ceremony?” in a multiple choice format or text box that allows guests to type an answer.

Tip: You can also drag and reorder your RSVP questions in a way that makes sense for you, as opposed to having them listed on guests’ RSVP forms in the order you entered them.

2. Create follow-up RSVP questions about your digital wedding and guests’ needs

After adding the basic RSVP questions you want to ask, you can also create follow-up questions that depend on guests’ prior answers. For example, if a guest marks “Yes” to “Will you be attending our virtual wedding?,” their RSVP form can automatically trigger follow-up questions to help you gather additional information.

Here are some essential follow-up RSVP questions you might ask:

  • “What is your mailing address?” Collecting guests’ mailing addresses in advance is useful if you want to send wedding favors, or even a mini bottle of champagne ahead of the big day for them to enjoy during the live stream.
  • “Do you need any technical assistance to join the live stream?” Whether it’s potential issues with their electronic device, internet access, or another technical consideration, you want to ensure guests have the tools to access and enjoy your live stream. This could mean arranging a call with them at a later date, but before your wedding day, to troubleshoot.
  • “Would you be interested in giving a toast?” Given the physical distance and digital nature of your wedding, guests will appreciate the opportunity to play a meaningful role on your big day. On your RSVP Questions page, you can either choose to ask this question to all guests, or to just specific people like close friends and family.

3. Send gorgeous invites that harmoniously sync with the RSVP

The beauty of Joy’s digital RSVP system is that it syncs with Joy’s suite of e-cards and paper invitations. Although sending Save the Dates, Invitations, or Change the Dates isn’t required to get guests to RSVP, the benefits of doing so are abundant. These benefits include:

  • Creating a special feeling that complements your virtual wedding, as opposed to sending an email or text that just includes your wedding website URL/RSVP link
  • Building up guests’ excitement for your virtual wedding
  • Conveying essential information like the date, time, place, and live streaming link, as well as a list of acceptable electronic devices
  • Keeping guests updated in a clear, organized, and aesthetically pleasing way in case of any changes
  • Directing guests to visit your wedding website where they can read more about your virtual wedding and submit their RSVP

By sending e-cards and/or paper invitations, you can ensure guests have all the information they need for your virtual wedding, as well as an opportunity to visit your wedding website and RSVP.

4. Allow guests to access a personalized RSVP experience

Once you set up your RSVP Questions page and send your e-cards and/or paper invitations, both systems work in tandem to create a personalized RSVP experience for each guest. When a guest goes to RSVP via your invite or wedding website, Joy prompts them to add their first name, last name, and email address. 

Based on how you set up your Guest List and RSVP questions, the system provides each guest with an RSVP that’s tailored to them. This means their RSVP form will list their name, include any plus ones you allowed, and prompt them to answer the RSVP questions you created.

5. Review guests’ attendance plans and responses from your Guest List and inbox

Instead of winging your headcount or using some painstaking method to sift through your attendee list, let Joy’s digital RSVP system do the legwork for you. Once a guest submits their RSVP form, you’ll receive immediate confirmation in your inbox and see their information and responses automatically populate on your Guest List. 

This makes it easy to see who plans on attending your virtual wedding, as the Guest List stores all the information you need to know in one place. Your RSVP questions will also have their own column on the Guest List, which makes it convenient to review and gather guests’ responses to inform your live stream plans.

Tip: If a guest needs to edit their response, digital RSVPs make it easy. Guests can simply head back to the RSVP to change their responses and resubmit the form. From there, the new responses will be reflected on your Guest List and in your inbox. 


Whether you’re having a virtual wedding by choice or necessity, Joy’s digital RSVP system will make all the difference as you plan (or re-plan) your big day. Although you have new considerations to think about, like how to set up your live stream video, digital RSVPs can help you create a more streamlined, transparent, and inclusive experience for all.

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