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Capture Every Moment: Share and Collect Guests’ Wedding Photos With Joy

by Aubrey Bach
Capture Every Moment: Share and Collect Guests’ Wedding Photos With Joy

When the Joy team started talking about creating a wedding app, the ability to share and collect guests’ wedding photos was the very first feature we thought of. Photos are one of the most important ways to remember a wedding, whether you’re looking at a physical wedding album or scrolling through your phone’s camera the morning after you attend a wedding.

And we know first-hand that once you’ve successfully planned a wedding, collecting all the photos taken by wedding guests is the last thing you want to have to work at. We wanted to make it possible for everybody at the wedding to easily see and share the photos they take. We call our photo-sharing feature “Moments,” and think it’s the most important part of Joy. Here’s how it works:

collect and share guests wedding photos

Scrolling through the photos of Dave and Amy’s wedding is almost as much fun as the big day itself, but without the hangover or the sore feet.

Remember every moment 

Professional photographers take beautiful pictures of key parts of the wedding: the first look, the walk down the aisle, the first kiss, the carefully posed family portrait, and more. But your friends and family capture important moments too, like selfies on the dance floor, your college roommates cheers-ing during cocktail hour, and close-ups of all the special details you put so much effort into. And while they may share one or two photos on Facebook or Instagram, most of their pictures will never leave their camera roll. But when you use Joy, all of your guests can share as many photos as they want on the private Moments timeline, so you can see your wedding day from their perspective.

Prefunk with pictures 

Your guests don’t have to wait until the Wedding March plays to start sharing photos. In fact, they can begin using the Moments timeline as soon as they download Joy. Family and friends can use Joy to wish the couple well, plan pre-wedding meetups, share getting-ready photos, and more.

wedding guest photography

Thanks to Joy, Allison was able to capture the perfect shot of Amy and her mom dancing – those girls know how to move!

Anytime, anywhere, any way

Everybody has a different way of taking photos with their phones. Whether you are strictly square, a lover of landscape or prefer portrait, Joy’s Moments timeline automatically arranges all photos into a beautiful collage on a phone or desktop computer. You can import photos from the photo timeline, from your favorite photo editing app, or take pictures from Joy’s in-app camera. Your photos, your way.

Automatic slideshows 

As soon as guests start sharing photos, Joy automatically turns them into a slideshow viewable from any computer. You can see everybody’s getting-ready photos while you do your pre-wedding primping, play the slideshow during the reception from a laptop computer, or reminisce about the good times long after you’ve danced the night away.

Whisper… or shout

Joy not only lets you view your photos, it lets you and your guests share favorites on Facebook or Instagram. So you can make keep things quiet and private, or let the whole world know how much fun everybody is having. 

comment on wedding photos

A picture captures 1,000 words, but when you use Joy, you get the best of both worlds. Guests can comment and “love” photos, so the conversation continues after the wedding ends.

Get interactive 

Guests can do more than just gaze lovingly at photos in the Joy timeline, they can interact with them as well by “loving” or commenting on any picture. While we built Joy, we tested it out at lots of friends’ and weddings, and the commenting feature was a crowd favorite. We saw real-life friendships develop during the wedding because people had virtually “met” via comments on photos posted before the wedding. It’s a private network just for you and your guests, and it has a huge part in adding to the community feel. After all, weddings are about bringing new families and friends together, right?

You (and your guests) can view the Moments timeline any time to relive memories or create a slideshow instantly!

You (and your guests) can view the Moments timeline any time to relive memories or create a slideshow instantly!

Love is forever, and so are your photos

Your wedding memories should last a lifetime, so the photos you and your guests share on Joy will last that long too. Your Moments timeline saves high-res versions of each and every photo, forever, on your private website, and you can download the files any time.

Tell us more

Which of Joy’s photo sharing features are you most excited about? What features should we add? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or in the comments section below.

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