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Inspiration » About Joy » How to Use Joy to Plan Your Virtual Wedding Shower

How to Use Joy to Plan Your Virtual Wedding Shower

by Allison Hata

You likely already know how to use Joy to plan your wedding or virtual wedding, but did you know Joy can also be used for planning other wedding events and festivities? If you are looking for a seamless way to plan a wedding shower or virtual wedding shower, look no further than Joy for all your needs!

Create A Website For Your Virtual Shower

Just as you would create a website for your wedding, you or your virtual shower host can create a beautifully-designed website for a virtual wedding shower. Select a design for your site that reflects the theme of your shower, whether that is florals, tropical, fiesta, or metallic and elegant.

Fill out the site with all the details of your virtual wedding shower, so that guests know the time and date, how to join virtually, and any other key details you want to impart. For example, you can use the FAQ page to share information about the dress code for the shower, any shower games you are sending, where guests should send their gift for the shower, etc.

Be sure to delete or repurpose any pages for the shower website that don’t make sense for the purpose of the wedding shower, such as the Our Story page or Travel Tips page.

Create a Virtual Event on Your Schedule Page

Whether you or your shower host create a new website for your virtual shower, or you use your existing wedding website to share shower information, the most important part is to add the virtual wedding shower event to your schedule page

When you go to create the event within your schedule page, select ‘virtual event,’ select the platform of your choice, whether that is Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook Live, or others, and populate the virtual event link and event details. 

You can also customize the privacy of your virtual event so that it is only visible to guests tagged with a certain label (such as ‘Virtual Shower’). This way, only guests invited to your virtual shower can view and join the event. 

Creating a virtual event on your schedule page makes it incredibly easy for shower guests to join your virtual shower right from your website, and eliminates any confusion over how to join the virtual shower or what link to use. 

For more details, view our step-by-step guide to creating your virtual event.

Create Your Virtual Shower Guest List

Populate your shower guest list within Joy’s guest list manager, so that you can track all your guests information and RSVPs in one place. If you already started a guest list in a spreadsheet, not to worry! You can easily import your shower list into Joy’s guest list.

If you are using your wedding website for your virtual shower rather than creating a shower website, create a ‘Virtual Shower’ label within your guest list and use it to tag the guests you plan to invite to the shower, to create a sub-list for the shower within your master guest list.

Send Free, Online Virtual Wedding Shower Invitations

Avoid paying for printed or online invites to your virtual wedding shower, by sending Joy’s beautifully designed e-cards to your guests. You can design your shower invite to match the shower website theme, or to be any theme you desire. You can also fully customize all of the e-card text to be fitting for the virtual shower invitation, and direct guests to visit the shower website to learn more and join the virtual event.

To get started sending, simply go to your guest list, select the guests you wish to invite, and click ‘Send Invites & Messages.’ From there, customize the invitation to your heart’s desire and send away to arrive instantly in your guests’ inboxes!

Track RSVPs for Your Virtual Shower

You may be wondering why you need to track RSVPs to a virtual shower, but there are still many elements you’ll want to plan, just as you would for an in-person wedding shower!

Most importantly, use RSVPs to get a headcount for your event to ensure the streaming provider you select can support your group with no hiccups or meeting time caps. 

Additionally, if you want to send favors or decorations to all the virtual guests to liven up the virtual shower, you can use an RSVP question to collect mailing addresses. If you are planning any sort of trivia game for the virtual shower, such as a newlywed-style game or ‘who knows the bride best,’ you can use an RSVP question to collect fun facts about the bride or couple.

You can fully customize RSVP questions using Joy to suit your shower needs, and even ask follow up questions. For example, once a guest responds that they are attending, you can ask them if they’d like to give a toast at the virtual shower, for their address, etc. Guests that respond with a decline won’t be asked any follow up questions.

Stream the Virtual Shower on Your Wedding Website

As mentioned earlier in the post, once you create a virtual event within your wedding schedule page, you and your guests can easily go to your wedding website, click the virtual event on your schedule page, and the virtual event meeting will open so that you and your guests can all join with ease. 

And, since you’ve customized your event settings so that only invited guests with the ‘Virtual Shower’ label can view or join the event, you don’t have to worry about any unwanted guests or Zoom crashers popping up during your event.

We hope this guide helps you seamlessly plan and organize your virtual shower, so that all of your guests can join with ease. Now all that’s left is to enjoy yourself and open presents!

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