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Inspiration » oregon » Bridal Boudoir Photos: A Wedding Gift for the Bold

Bridal Boudoir Photos: A Wedding Gift for the Bold

by Ariel Dreicer
Bridal Boudoir Photos: A Wedding Gift for the Bold

Ranging from sweet and romantic to downright sexy, bridal boudoir photos can make a fun and intimate wedding gift for your partner. You can do it by yourself as a surprise (men do them too!), or as a joint session with your partner. If you’re curious and considering this bold wedding gift for your partner, check out our advice on how to make the most of  it.

Do it for your partner and for yourself

boudoir joint photo shoot wedding gift


Boudoir photos are becoming a popular pre-wedding gift. And social media can make it feel like everybody’s doing it, especially if your more self-assured friends are posting theirs on Facebook. But before you sign up for them yourself, ask yourself, “Why?”

Boudoir photos are extremely personal and intimate. If you’re already pretty uncomfortable about your body, or the thought of having suggestive digital images of yourself out there makes you queasy, then it might not be a good idea to pay to have them done. In that case, consider another wedding present option for your boo.

However, if boudoir photos do seem right for you, they can come with tons of benefits. Baring your heart (among other things) in front of the camera can be empowering. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate your beauty and your happiness at this important moment in your life. Also, spending that much time in front of the camera can also help you get comfortable before the big day. And, hey, any excuse to go lingerie shopping.

Be picky about your photographer

boudoir photo shoot wedding gift


You have a couple of options when it comes to choosing a boudoir photographer. One option is to stick with the photographer you’ve already hired for your wedding. Going with the same photographer might help you save money, as many photographers offer package deals that include engagement, boudoir, and wedding day photos. Additionally, the boudoir photo shoot is a great opportunity for you and your photographer to get to know each other better, which will lead to even more spectacular and intimate photos on the wedding day.

A second option is to choose a different photographer for your boudoir photo shoot than for your wedding. Just make sure to do your research. Ask your friends for recommendations, or find a local photographer on Instagram. Meet with the photographer beforehand, and make sure it’s a good fit.

Regardless of who’s taking your photos, confidence is the key to a great photo session. The more comfortable you are, the better the photos are going to be.

Make yourself at home

bridal boudoir photo wedding gift


Unless you have modelling experience or were simply blessed with killer confidence (we’ll do our best to hide our envy), you’ll probably be a little uncomfortable at first. Your photographer will have some strategies to help you loosen up, but it doesn’t hurt to come prepared.

If you’re not actually doing the photo shoot in your home, take some steps to help you feel like you’re in your element. Ask your photographer if you can play some music, and wear clothes that you feel amazing in and that show the amount of skin you truly feel good about.

If you want, ask a good friend to come along with you for the photo shoot. That way your buddy can give you honest opinions and you guys can joke about it when things get awkward. Feel free to bring some bubbly too, just, you know, try not to get *too* comfortable.

All in all, if you’re having fun, the photos will show it.

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