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Choose how you share Joy

by Cali Pitchel
Choose how you share Joy

We’ve been listening to all your feedback and today we’re excited to release a new update that introduces a feature we’ve heard many requests for. Now you can control the privacy of each section of your website! This update also brings many performance enhancements, finishing touches, and bug fixes, making Joy better for all. The update is live and available for use today.

Let’s jump in and explore how this works.


When a page is set to “Guest Only”, only guests you’ve invited to Joy or shared your secret wedding code with can view it.

By default, when you create your Joy website, your wedding schedule, travel information and wedding party is set to “Guest Only”. Your moments timeline, wedding story and wedding registry are set to “Open”.

Want your wedding schedule and photos to be “Guest Only,” but everything else, such as your wedding party, “Open” for everyone to see? Now can quickly toggle this setting for each page.

Remember, your wedding app is always private to your guests only. Before anyone is able to see or use anything in your app, you must invite them to join, or they must create an account and join using your wedding code. There are a couple of important reasons why we require this, but basically we want to respect your privacy and give control over who has the ability to post photos and messages from your wedding.


There are two ways you can change the security setting of each page on your website.

We’ve added a special page in your wedding editor any allows you to toggle this setting for every page on your website.

Joy Security Page

When you’re working on a specific page you’ll also see an icon next to the title of the page. This icon lets you know whether or not this page is currently open or available to guests only. Simply click on the icon to change the security of that page.

Inline Security Settings


Your wedding day is super important to us and we want to do what we can to make it better. Let’s continue making Joy better, together!

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