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Inspiration » Food + Drink » How To Plan An Unforgettable Wedding Menu

How To Plan An Unforgettable Wedding Menu

by Kirsty Wareing
How To Plan An Unforgettable Wedding Menu

In the old days (we’re talking the early 2000s), it used to be that the typical wedding guest got to choose between three meal options: chicken, fish, and a typically lackluster vegetarian option (mmmm… overcooked pasta primavera). While this ensures most people will find their meal palatable, it’s becoming more common these days to offer unusual, exciting, and especially delicious menus that reflect the happy couple’s own sense of taste. Here are just a few tips to plan a truly unforgettable wedding menu that feels fresh, exciting and truly celebratory.


Whether you’re having a destination wedding or staying close to home, sometimes building a regionally specific menu is the best way to ensure delicious, high-quality food. It’s likely to be based on the season, meaning lots of flavorful fresh produce, and the chefs may have a deep understanding of the cuisine’s history. Part of the charm of having your wedding in a different country or state should be about celebrating the place’s inherent beauty and culture, so don’t simply revert to the default entrees just because you’re worried about what one or two fussy guests will enjoy.


Photo Credit: 100 Layer Cake

Photo Credit: 100 Layer Cake

If you have family members who absolutely adore cooking – or are even professionals – consider asking them to create the menu as a wedding gift. Depending on the size of your guest list, this could be overwhelming, but there are ways to plan menus for large gatherings that can keep things relatively stress-free. If your reception will be in the morning or early afternoon, offering guests a delicious variety of brunch options and mimosas could be a simple and charming choice.


A romantic way to plan your wedding menu is to think about the dishes that evoke memories for you as a couple. Did you have a particularly delicious dinner on your first date? Are there unusual foods you discovered together and fell in love with? Tell your story through the details of your wedding ceremony and reception so that guests really feel part of your journey. Share these anecdotes with guests; either through your speech or by leaving handwritten notes next to the dishes as served. Foodie couples can have real fun planning a meal for their friends and family that shows their unique connection to flavors and cooking styles.


How are you choosing a wedding menu that feels more interesting than the status quo? Leave a comment below, or join the Joy community on Twitter.

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