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Inspiration » About Joy » You Asked, We Listened: Login-less RSVP

You Asked, We Listened: Login-less RSVP

by Cali Pitchel
You Asked, We Listened: Login-less RSVP

Now that we’ve launched the first phase of our new Guest Management system, your guests no longer have to create an account in order to see your wedding website or RSVP. Hooray! This eliminates a lot of the friction for your guests—especially those less-than-tech-savvy family members and friends.

As we respond to our couples’ feedback, we’re building Joy in a way that allows for flexibility. If you only want a wedding website, that’s okay! Same goes for the iPhone or Android app and any other feature. That also means you have the option to turn off the RSVP feature. And related to that specifically, there are more ways to use Joy now—with or without RSVP. We’re going to go behind the scenes a bit and show you what each looks like for your guests and how to manage from your Admin Dashboard.

Private Wedding Website

When you want to keep your site private for Guests Only.


Settings & Security from your admin dashboard—you want to set your site to Private and mark all content for Guests Only.



When your guests navigate to your wedding URL, this is the Welcome page they will see if your wedding is set to Guests Only.


Once your guests click on “Unlock Wedding” they will have the option to enter your wedding code or sign in again if they have an existing Joy account.


Public Wedding Website

When you want to use Joy and keep your wedding website public. 


Even though your site is public, the wedding code is still visible to you (and for your guests who want to download your app).



When set to Everyone and you opt out of using Joy for collecting RSVPs, you’ll notice no RSVP button appears.


It’s only after your guests see your wedding website and/or RSVP when they’ll be prompted to create an account. (Repeat: Creating an account and logging in is optional for your guests after they have a chance to see your wedding website and/or RSVP.)



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