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Inspiration » Photography » Strike a Pose: How to Look Good in Photos

Strike a Pose: How to Look Good in Photos

by Aubrey Bach
Strike a Pose: How to Look Good in Photos

Whether you’re a simple guest or a blushing bride, if you find yourself near a wedding, chances are you’re probably going to have your photo taken. And naturally, you want to look good in those photos. But flattering photos require more than just great hair and a carefully-chosen outfit. Whether you are about to pose for an engagement photo shoot, walk down the aisle, or just take a bunch of selfies on the dance floor, check out the tips on this list to find out how to make sure that you look good in photos.


Lighting can make or break any picture. If at all possible, try to time key outdoor photos during the so-called golden hour, right before sunset, when the sun gives a warm hue and soft light. In fact, many couples schedule their outdoor weddings around the golden hour to ensure the best photos. Otherwise, make sure you keep light sources in front of your face, so you’re looking into them. That way you’ll bask in a soft glow, and not get washed out or too backlit.


Here’s a trick that can make you look 10 pounds thinner, no matter how much wedding cake you eat. When you’re posing for a photo, twist your torso, pushing one shoulder forward slightly and one back. Throw one arm on your hip for a little sass (and to accentuate your waist). This simple trick narrows your frame instantly.


Nobody wants to fondly look back on wedding photos and see a double chin. To elongate the neck, always stand up straight in photos, and push your forehead and chin forward just a bit. It will feel weird, but this slight movement can make a world of difference in photos.


When you smile for the camera, don’t try to look directly into the lens. Instead, aim your eyes up to the top of the lens (or the phone), just a tiny bit. It makes your eyes look bigger and relaxes your face for a more natural smile.


Group photos are great, but if you want to stand out in a crowd, don’t crouch. You’ll look much better if you stand up straight! If there’s no room to stand, try kneeling (with a straight back!) or sitting on the ground with your legs to the side before doing the sorority squat.


Tyra Banks said it in every season of America’s Next Top Model – smiling is more about your eyes than your lips. If you want to avoid the frozen, unnatural look that comes with a serious photo shoot, take a second to relax your face before each photo, especially around your eyes. Take a deep breath and think a happy thought and let your eyes reflect this to avoid looking like a mannequin in photos.


Telling people not to pose may seem a little strange for a blog post about posing, but the truth is, many of the best wedding photos are candid. So yes, take as many pictures as you want, and don’t shy away from the photo booth, but don’t spend the whole night trying to take the ultimate selfie or being on the lookout for the professional photographer. Dance, laugh, smile, eat, drink and be merry, and you’ll probably end up looking gorgeous in a photo you didn’t even know was being taken.

What’s your signature pose? Tell us your best advice for beautiful photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or in the comment section below.

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