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Inspiration » Ceremony » 5 Non-Floral Bouquet Alternatives

5 Non-Floral Bouquet Alternatives

by Aubrey Bach
gorgeous paper flower wedding bouquet

Who said a wedding bouquet needs to be made up of flowers? Sure, flowers are beautiful, but they only last a day or two. Wedding flowers can also be really expensive, so if you can find other ways to decorate your wedding, you have an opportunity to save some serious cash. Whether you want to save money, keep your bouquet until you are both old and grey, or flowers just aren’t your thing, check out these beautiful non-floral wedding bouquet alternatives might be the inspiration you need. Whether you’re planning an elegant, formal affair or a whimsical party, you’re sure to find something that strikes your fancy on this list.


With a little glue and some careful scissor skills, you can create the bouquet of your dreams out of mere paper. We found this on one Etsy!

gorgeous paper flower wedding bouquet

Photo credit: morepaperthanshoes


Planning a beach wedding? Then a bouquet made of seashells is the ultimate detail.

seashell wedding bouquet

Photo credit:


We love the colors and casual feel of this fabric bouquet. Check out the DIY tutorial on!

diy fabric wedding bouquet

Photo credit:


Add some serious bling to your wedding with a bouquet made of brooches or other costume jewelry. You can DIY and still match the mood of a formal affair.

DIY brooch wedding bouquet

Photo credit:


Okay, so not only is this bouquet fun and adorable, it’s literally the sweetest thing we’ve seen all day. (Pardon the pun.) Bonus: You have something to snack on after the reception.

candy-inspired wedding blog

Photo credit: Austin Wedding Blog


Have you seen or made a non-floral wedding bouquet that you think would inspire others? Tell us about it! Tag us on InstagramFacebook or Twitter, or share a link to your photo in the comments below.

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