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Inspiration » Real Weddings » Real Joy Wedding: Daniel and Rebecca

Real Joy Wedding: Daniel and Rebecca

by Kelsey Vickers
Real Joy Wedding: Daniel and Rebecca


First off, congrats! What is your most memorable moment from the wedding?

Walking down the aisle to my best friend and now-husband. It was such a special moment to experience after having been in a relationship for over six years. Also, the moment that the celebrant pronounced us a married couple in front of all our family and friends was a moment to remember forever.

What were the colors of your wedding?

Crimson and cream.

What do you think worked really well at your wedding that you would recommend every couple to do?

We realized at the end of the big day, the most important thing was that we got to marry each other. How you choose to celebrate your day is up to you both and it should reflect you both as a couple. There were a few things on the day that we would encourage others to do. We split our speeches up so that there was not a long stretch of people speaking. This allowed the night to flow nicely and give people a break in between speeches. We also chose to spend money on what was important to us and didn’t feel the need to follow every tradition in the book. We opted to use cars that belonged to our friends instead of hiring wedding cars and also used Joy to send out our invites instead of spending excessive amounts of money on invitations.

Would you have done anything differently—splurge on a pricier dress, nix the favors, go for that extra passed appetizer?

We loved our wedding day and every detail as we planned. In all honesty, we probably would not have changed a thing. It was an amazing day and exactly how we planned it to be.

What tips do you have for other Joy couples still in the midst of wedding planning?

At the beginning of your planning, sit down together and write a list of all the features that are important to you – what aspect must you include in your wedding and what are you happy to do away with. This will help you both stay on the same page and understand what is important to each other. This really helped us stay focused on what we needed to include and what we didn’t need to worry about.

What were your favorite features of Joy?

The online RSVP feature was amazing. It meant that we did not have to chase up everyone for their responses and made the whole process of planning the wedding much easier.

At Joy we believe that although a wedding lasts one day, joy lasts forever. What does that mean to you and your partner?

It is what the day represents that lasts forever. We hope to be forever with joy in our marriage and the wedding day is just one single day of this journey.



Vendor Details

Venue: Zonzo Estate

Incredibly supportive staff throughout the process to make sure that your day was perfect.
Amazingly helpful and full of brilliant ideas.
Officiant: Mike Larkan
Mike had the most professional approach and made the ceremony entertaining and memorable.

Hair Stylist: Bessy

She was passionate about what she does and helped me figure out the perfect hairstyle for the day.

Transportation Services: Victorian Touring Coaches

Terrific customer service and so friendly to deal with in planning for the big day!

Photographer: Foto Jojo

Videographer: Everything Video
Makeup Artist: Rebecca Kotze

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