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Inspiration » ceremony » Real Joy Wedding: Evan & Taran

Real Joy Wedding: Evan & Taran

by Kelsey Vickers
Real Joy Wedding: Evan & Taran

First off, congrats! What is your most memorable moment from the wedding?

Honestly, hugging each other after we walked back down the aisle.  Just feeling the love from everyone in the room rushing through us, was incredible.

What were the colors of your wedding?

Red and blue (nothin’ wrong with the classics!).

Daniel Prawica


What do you think worked really well at your wedding that you would recommend every couple to do?

Schedule a brunch the day after. We had so many people attend that we really didn’t get face time with them all. Having a day-after brunch (invite-only, of course), really allowed us some one-on-one time for the people who came in from out of town that we wanted to spend a bit more time with. Your attention is very divided on the day of (understandably!), but that one little bit really helps in making everyone feel they got some time with the happy couple.

Daniel Prawica

Would you have done anything differently—splurge on a pricier dress, nix the favors, go for that extra passed appetizer?

We opted to have a tower of donuts instead of a traditional wedding cake, which was great- but we should have gotten three times more! Who knew the late night demand would be so immediate, we barely got to try some ourselves! (Good thing we taste-tested them well beforehand.)

Daniel Prawica

What tips do you have for other Joy couples still in the midst of wedding planning?

Communication is key, and we mean that for everyone. Only in explaining to our DJ that he’d played music during the reception on the first floor and then the dance floor on the second floor of our venue did we realize “Oh, it would help if people knew that this thing took place across two floors.” Thankfully our RSVPs were digital so we had a ton of emails of which to blast and let everyone know of any last-minute changes as they came up.

Daniel Prawica

What were your favorite features of Joy?

Honestly, all of it was great! The massive RSVP database was a big help as we got to combine people together and organize them in groups which made for a much easier time when doing the seating arrangements.

Daniel Prawica

What were the features you found missing in Joy?

Honestly, Joy did everything we needed it to do!

At Joy we believe that although a wedding lasts one day, joy lasts forever. What does that mean to you and your partner?

For us, as with many couples, the wedding is the culmination of months (if not over a year) of meticulous planning with your partner and making sure it’s a day that expresses your relationship in a way that everyone can see. Once you’ve accomplished that, there really feels like there’s no limit to what you can accomplish together. So for us, the wedding is just the starting point to so many great adventures ahead.

Daniel Prawica


Vendor Details

Venue:  Salvage One

They really truly made it feel like ours was the only wedding day on their docket, as the personalized attention (and truly phenomenal design aesthetic) made for a truly exceptional experience.
Beyond Events made us feel like we were their only clients, with a personal care and touch which was just incredible. The food is something that our guests are still talking to us about — which is something you truly can’t say for every wedding. Incredible.
Wedding Rings:  G.V. Jewelry

Shane Company employees are not paid on commission, therefore there is no pressure from them on you to buy! We absolutely loved our experience with them!

Photographer: Daniel Prawica


Thanks for your platform – it was an incredible resource to have as we got everything prepared for our beyond-special day! – Evan & Taran

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