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Inspiration » ceremony » Real Joy Wedding: Ethan & Jenni

Real Joy Wedding: Ethan & Jenni

by Kelsey Vickers
Real Joy Wedding: Ethan & Jenni

First off, congrats! What is your most memorable moment from the wedding?

All of the dancing! It was so fun to see so many of our friends and family dancing the night away. Even when we were not out there dancing with them, the dancing went on and on!

What were the colors of your wedding?

Lavender, Sky Grey, and Charcoal Grey.

What do you think worked really well at your wedding that you would recommend every couple to do?

Make specific boxes for every table with everything that you want on them, in each box. Don’t forget to include everything like tacks or double stick tape in the box. Also, have written instructions and a photo of exactly how you want the table to look. It’s extremely helpful for all of your helpers!

Would you have done anything differently—splurge on a pricier dress, nix the favors, go for that extra passed appetizer?

We really wish that we had made a point to make it around to all of our guests at our wedding! We definitely tried, but barely saw a quarter of them!

What tips do you have for other Joy couples still in the midst of wedding planning?

Make date night a regular thing! Even though you’re getting married it is still so extremely important to date your spouse. At these regular date nights, leave wedding planning at the door! It is extremely important to regroup as a couple and check in on one another with life that doesn’t have to do with the wedding.

What were your favorite features of Joy?

I loved the guest list feature on Joy, it was absolutely my favorite! It was so convenient to use and made sending out save the dates and invitations so incredibly easy! It also made keeping an eye on our overall numbers, extremely easy to do! Definitely relieved a bunch of stress.

What were the features you found missing in Joy?

Nothing, I loved it all! I was so appreciative of how easy it was to communicate with everyone on your team!

At Joy we believe that although a wedding lasts one day, joy lasts forever. What does that mean to you and your husband?

We can not express how excited we are that we no longer have to say goodbye at night…but goodnight! We also can not wait for all the adventures we will be able to take on both good and bad with each other at our side!

Vendor Details

Venue: Meadowbrook Farms

Gorgeous! We had our wedding outside, and we were blown away by the view of Mount Si!

Photographer: Erin Albert

AMAZING! Absolutely loved working with Erin! She was so easy to work with, and she was extremely quick and so skilled at her work! When we had our engagement pictures taken she had about 30 pictures ready for us the next day, and the rest of them ready just a week later! Every time we look at her work we are completely blown away!

Videographer: Spencer Keller

Spencer was a super fun and enthusiastic guy! He was super generous, and he worked really well with our photographer!

Florist: Sarah Severin

I told Sarah what I liked, and she crafted the perfect bouquets for me! When I saw them for the first time I was absolutely amazed! They were perfect!

Hair Stylist: Lauren Mullen

Lauren was so extremely generous with her time and her skills! We had a consultation prior to the day where she could get to know my hair and now how to make it gorgeous on the day! Highly recommended this wonderful woman!

Makeup Artist: Janine Finley

Janine was so wonderful to work with! I felt totally and completely confident trusting her to do my makeup! She did an incredible job, and I felt so incredibly pretty, and yet didn’t feel too overdone.

Dress Boutique: Value Village

I bought my dress for $50, then we bought $50 worth of materials/fabric, then the alterations costed $250. It was such an exciting find!

Bridesmaid Dresses: Piper and Scoot

Awesome dresses! All of my bridesmaids loved them! They all felt confident and comfortable in their dresses all night long! And they looked fabulous on all of my girls.

Wedding Rings: Shane Co.

Shane Company employees are not paid on commission, therefore there is no pressure from them on you to buy! We absolutely loved our experience with them!

Engagement Ring: Na Hoku

We bought our rings from Shane Co. Best decision ever! They are not payed on commission, so there was absolutely no pressure to buy…EVER! They were so generous and knowledgeable, they were able to answer all of our questions!

Registry: Blueprint

Blueprint was so easy and convenient to use!

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