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Inspiration » Real Weddings » Real Wedding: Tyler and Lynea

Real Wedding: Tyler and Lynea

by Kelsey Vickers
Real Wedding: Tyler and Lynea

Canadian couple Tyler and Lynea share how keeping their guest list small allowed for them to realx and enjoy their special day.

First off, congrats! What is your most memorable moment from the wedding?

A helicopter picking us up at our wedding venue and whisking us away to a mountain top with our best man and maid of honor. The weather was calm, clear and beautiful and the scenery was breathtaking. It was an experience we will never forget!

What were the colors of your wedding?

White. Navy. Green. Silver. Glass. Wood.

What do you think worked really well at your wedding that you would recommend every couple to do?

Keeping our guest list to a minimum. Our entire wedding day was relaxed and casual and didn’t fly by like we were told it would.

Would you have done anything differently—splurge on a pricier dress, nix the favors, go for that extra passed appetizer?

Took the time to really enjoy our meal! Ask for leftovers to enjoy the next day if your caterer allows it.

What tips do you have for other Joy couples still in the midst of wedding planning?

Start early! There is no harm pre-planning way in advance. When it comes to our wedding weekend, you’ll be so happy that you ironed all the details out beforehand.

What were your favorite features of Joy?

How simple it was to create and personalize!

At Joy we believe that although a wedding lasts one day, joy lasts forever. What does that mean to you and your partner?

Our joy started the day we met back in 2011 and continues to grow as we share new experiences and hardships along our journey together.


Vendor Details

Wedding Venue: Mount 7 Lodges

Photographer: Lee Watkins

Florist: Kitty Boda

Wedding Dress: Sweet Pea & Noelle
Dress Designer: Anais Anette
Wedding & Engagement Rings: J C Bradley Jewellers
Caterer: Julie Marshall
Real. Good. Food! Julie and her team were an absolute delight to have cater our wedding. We were very pleased with the meal and service we received.

Baker: Queen City Cakes

They will bake your dreams come true. Plus… it won’t only be beautiful, it will taste incredible too!
Bartender: Good Libations
A must-have for your wedding! They make the best white wine sangria ever!

Hair Stylist: Letitia

Letitia will make all of your hair dreams come true. Beyond her incredible skill, she is a super lovely person!

Makeup Artist: Dani Rae

I didn’t even have to tell her what I wanted and she worked her magic! I loved my makeup so much.
Transportation: Alpine Helicopters
A must-book experience if you can fit it into your budget!
 Invitations & Stationery: Desine | Lisa Elford
Lisa was exceptional to work with. She truly is a visionary in the trade! She made my stationary dreams come to life.

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