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Inspiration » Pre-Wedding Parties » 40 Wedding Shower Favors to Wow Your Guests

40 Wedding Shower Favors to Wow Your Guests

by Maureen Burke
Three succulents wrapped in burlap with flowers in the background given as wedding shower favors

You’re engaged and planning your wedding to be the party of a lifetime — but the celebrations don’t have to wait until your big day. Now that your engagement party is well into the past, those nearest and dearest to you and your partner may throw a wedding shower in advance of your nuptials. This gender-inclusive gathering (sometimes called a bridal shower) allows family and friends to celebrate the soon-to-be newlyweds. There may be a meal, bubbly, gift opening or games. It all depends on the couple and the wedding shower host.

Wedding shower favors are a popular tradition at these celebrations, and can be customized based on the event’s theme or vibe. Like wedding favors, these gifts given to guests at wedding showers are a small token of appreciation from the happy couple. It’s a simple way to inject a little charm, creativity or wow factor into a wedding shower and send guests off with a fun memento from the day.

Do I Need to Give Wedding Shower Favors?

Though a close friend or member of the wedding party, such as a person of honor or bridesmaid, will typically host and plan your wedding shower, that doesn’t mean you need to be a hands-off guest. If your wedding shower host would like to include party favors, feel free to chime in with suggestions. You and your partner have every right to have a say in your wedding shower vibe. It’s a celebration of your love, after all. 

But as with so many aspects when it comes to wedding planning, you don’t need to include all the things. Wedding shower favors fall into the “nice to have” category for many couples. They may not fit within a party budget or be worth the mental energy to coordinate. Say it with us: Trust your gut, not tradition.

If you and your wedding shower host agree on party favors, the possibilities are endless. A wedding shower favor may be creatively added to the mix as part of the tablescape decor, or given as a welcoming amuse-bouche or an appreciative send-off.

Often, wedding shower favors are somewhat similar to wedding favors. Some common categories include:

  • Edible treats
  • Self-care items
  • Personalized gifts
  • Handmade treasures
  • Themed gifts
  • Botanicals
  • Nostalgic gifts

Aim to have the favors connect back to the happy couple’s love story, their wedding or the wedding shower itself with tie-ins through theme, color scheme or location. If the wedding shower is held at a botanic garden, for example, show guests your appreciation with wildflower seed packs in kraft envelopes stamped with your monogram. 

There’s no need to break the bank on party favors, so consider purchasing in bulk, upcycling thrifted items or going the DIY route with the mementos. Spending $10 or less per guest is well within reason. Remember, a wedding shower is a light-hearted gathering — these keepsakes are an added bonus and aren’t expected. 

40 Wedding Shower Party Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love 

The happy couple aren’t the only ones who can be showered with gifts at a wedding shower. Pass out these thank you gifts to treat your guests to something special. We’ve compiled a list of creative wedding gift ideas for your shower that guests can enjoy during the celebration or as a memorable keepsake.

Edible Treats

Cupcake sits on the place setting of a wedding shower party table
  • Chocolates: Whether you’re sharing high-end truffles or charming foil-wrapped candies, chocolate is always appreciated by guests. In this case, put your effort into the packaging over the type and quality of chocolate. Use clever phrases or adorable personalized icons on the favor box to share your sweet love story and thank guests for celebrating with you.
  • Gummy candies: Sweet and simple, gummy candy favors are a solid choice. Try using a clear container, such as a cellophane bag or recycled glass jar with a monogrammed sticker, to showcase the gummies’ vibrant colors, heart-shaped pieces or sugary textures. Bonus points if they’re in your wedding day colors!
  • Jam jars: If you’re hosting a light breakfast or brunch, mini jam jars can serve multiple uses: as adorable place cards, a sweet topping to your served food or a delicious bring-home gift. For a personalized touch, choose your spouse’s or your own favorite flavor and include a recipe card.
  • Honey jars or sticks: As the happy couple, your love is sweeter than honey; but, that doesn’t mean honey jars can’t take the spotlight on a wedding shower favor table. Also consider honey sticks to pair with tea or hot beverages, especially if the shower is hosted during the winter.
  • Cupcake: Create an amazing dessert table that’s filled with lavishly decorated cupcakes. These tasty morsels are the type of party favors that wedding shower guests can enjoy during the party itself. You can also provide gift boxes for a sweet takeaway treat.
  • Tea blend: If you’re having a garden tea party, go all in on the theme and offer your guests a specialty tea blend as a favor. It’s giving sophistication, but keeps the DIY window open when it comes to packaging. Go rustic with a cork-topped glass vessel or classic with a metal tin.

Self-Care Items

Homemade bars of soap decorated with custom paper and twine
  • Soap bars: This wedding shower keepsake invites guests to relax and indulge in self-care after they return home from the party. Connect the soap to the party by choosing a coordinating color or scent. It’s DIY-friendly, to boot.
  • Lip balm: No need to recreate the wheel when it comes to party favors. Choose something that everyone can actually use. Lip balm is fun, simple and totally useful — who doesn’t want silky soft lips? Create a cute label that builds on the theme or features the couple’s name for a personalized touch. 
  • Crystals: Harness the natural energy of crystals by offering each wedding shower guest their own to take home. Select a stone that encourages love, like rose quartz. Your guests will appreciate the good vibes and beauty of this unique party favor.
  • Sheet masks: Pamper party guests with a sheet mask. It’s a fun way to introduce others to beauty trends from around the world. Look for bulk options to keep the cost per mask affordable.
  • Bath bombs: Most of us can agree that a bath bomb is immensely satisfying. The exciting fizz, intense aromas and warm pleasure of a bath combine in this luxurious thank you gift that will inspire relaxation throughout the wedding season.

Personalized Gifts

Bright stemless wine glass sits next to plate and flatware on white tablecloth
  • Stemless wine glasses: Let guests toast to the happy couple with custom engraved glassware. Flex your creative juices — maybe over a glass of vino yourself — to select a unique design that will commemorate the wedding shower. This favor may require some advance planning, but totally brings the wow factor. 
  • Luggage tags: Ideal for destination weddings, a luggage tag is a practical token of appreciation. Plus, it invites wedding shower guests to envision and get excited about their upcoming travel to your ceremony. 
  • Mini Champagne bottle with custom labels: Tiny things are just adorable, aren’t they? Mini Champagne or wine bottles will delight wedding shower attendees, especially if you’re hosting a boozy brunch. Make the bottle serve double duty as a place card by adding a name tag, or incorporate them into the party by adding a straw and providing ready-to-use mixers. 
  • Reusable water bottle: Fill up on fun with customized water bottles that will always remind your guests of your love. Design a reusable bottle with you and your partner’s names or monogram, as well as the wedding shower date. 
  • Keychain: Open the door to infinite possibilities by choosing a keychain as a party favor. From classic leather to sleek metal finishes, and boundless shapes and sayings, a keychain provides effortless function and can easily bring back joyful memories from the wedding shower every time they grab their keys to head out the door. 
  • Monogrammed jewelry: If your wedding shower is more intimate, consider gifting bespoke jewelry to each guest. Engrave your monogram and their initials on beautiful metals, such as rose gold, to show your nearest and dearest how much you appreciate their love and support. It’s a memento that lasts long after you say your vows. 

Handmade Treasures

Close-up view of white candle with wooden wick in round glass jar next to matches, lavender and cloves
  • Candles: Create a signature scent for your wedding shower in the form of a chic candle favor. This crowd-pleasing thank you gift can be totally personalized to give off trendy, boho or elegant vibes based on your wick style, aroma, wax and container choice.
  • Bookmark: If you and your partner are bookworms, a customized bookmark is a natural choice. It’s something your guests can easily use without second thought. You can keep the bookmarks simple, or experiment with materials like fabric or wood. 
  • Fiber art: Showcase your fiber art skills with a handmade design for each guest. From flat weave to knitting, this is your chance to create pieces that are truly from the heart. Plus, handmade creations pair so perfectly with boho chic or relaxed wedding shower vibes.
  • Spice blend: Zest things up with a custom spice blend at your wedding shower packaged in a beautiful glass jar. It’s a gift that can be used to create more memories in the kitchen or at the dinner table. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful, and flavorful, gesture. 
  • Reusable bag: Set up reusable bags for your guests to grab as they exit the wedding shower. This gift is sure to please because it’s a simple option that has so much real-world utility. It’s also a great eco-friendly option. Look to classic canvas or packable nylon styles. 
  • Vase: Chances are, your guests already own a vase, but the homemade personalization will make it stand out. Dress up a mason jar with burlap and ribbon, throw one on your pottery wheel or construct a bud vase from repurposed wood. Pop in one or two flowery stems and you’re created a favor that will make guests sincerely say, “Isn’t this lovely?”

Themed Gifts

Person holding heart-shaped, decorated sugar cookie
  • Decorated sugar cookie: Sugar cookies are the ultimate canvas for representing your future life with your soon-to-be spouse. Partner with a bakery that will create a sweet design out of frosting, from a simple heart shape to inspirational message. Wrap cookies individually and pass them out at the end of the gathering.
  • Chocolate bars: Treat your guests to a meaningful sweet. Choose a candy bar from the local chocolate factory or a childhood favorite. Wrap in decorative paper and add a sticker to explain the reason behind the chocolate morsel and its connection to you and/or your partner. Offer a variety of flavors so guests can pick their favorite. 
  • Bottle opener or bottle stopper: Your guests can raise a glass to your long and happy marriage during your wedding shower toast and at home with the help of a unique bottle opener or bottle stopper. This may be a fitting gift if the wedding shower is hosted at a winery or brewery. 
  • Matchbox: There’s no denying that you and your partner have a spark, so let your love shine in a customized matchbook. These little gifts are really handy and have a fun retro vibe. Look to your wedding shower’s color palette or theme for design inspiration. 
  • Coaster: Accentuate your party’s theme with coordinating coasters. Available in a variety of materials, from glass to stone, this favor is a simple way to decorate the tabletop and send guests home with a functional memento. Adorn them with your names or a symbol that represents your wedding shower’s theme.
  • Magnet: If your wedding shower has a fair amount of out-of-town guests, look to a magnet that highlights the host city or state. Make it cute with a stunning image or die-cut shape. Themed magnets will definitely earn a coveted space on your guests’ fridge.


Mini potted succulent atop white and burlap decorated table
  • Succulents: Succulents are always a welcome gift. Their stunning shapes and colors fit into any wedding shower decor. Place a small plant at each individual place setting or together in a beautiful display. Dress them up with a sweet thank you note and shabby chic ribbon.
  • Air plant: Trendy, easy care, versatile: Air plants check all the boxes to make them a stylish thank you gift option. These little botanicals can thrive in nearly any setting or vessel, which appeals to party planners. And thankfully, air plants don’t require much of a green thumb!
  • Bouquet: Flowers give off an easy sophistication that make them an ideal gift of gratitude. Invite wedding shower guests to build their own bouquet as a party activity.
  • Seed packet: The love you have for your partner will continue to grow throughout your marriage. Make a nod to this sentiment by offering party guests seed packets of your favorite blooms, vegetables or fruit. Each time they water the seeds, they’ll be reminded of the special day they showered you with love. 
  • Herbs: Herbs make an all-natural gift that will fill your guests’ homes with a beautiful aroma and help enhance flavors of meals after the gathering. It’s an especially fitting wedding shower gift if the happy couple are foodies or chefs. 
  • Flower crowns: Create a whimsical vibe during the wedding shower with flower crowns. Consider making this a DIY station during the party, then capture everyone’s creations with sweet photos. 

Nostalgic Gifts

Person holding woven basket filled with kraft paper party favor bags
  • Figurines or trinkets: Share the story of how you met by pairing it with a thank you figurine — think your favorite childhood action figures or small dolls that help tell your tale in a whimsical way. Your guests will appreciate your vulnerability and openness, plus the cute trinket to take home.
  • Party favor bags: Surprise your wedding shower guests with some of your favorite things together in a festive bag, much like a throwback to childhood birthday parties. Choose novelties that share a bit of your relationship history with your family and friends. There are no rules on this one!
  • Temporary tattoo or stickers: For wedding shower party favors can have (slight) edge to them, look to temporary tattoos fashioned after the likeness of you and your future spouse. Not into tattoos? Try stickers. Etsy is a great resource for unique wedding shower favors like this one.
  • Mad Libs: Create a fun game that is sure to tickle your guests’ funny bones! Try to include your partner, wedding party and others close to your relationship in the game. This favor may lead to many memorable belly laughs. 
  • Mix tape: Compile a playlist of popular songs to get people in the mood for dancing at your wedding. You can create a physical giveaway with a CD or gift a custom album cover that directs guests to your wedding website to stream the tracks. Bonus: Include a few personal favorites and share how it connects to your love story. 

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