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13 Creative Ideas for Engagement Party Favors

by Bailey Gaddis
13 Creative Ideas for Engagement Party Favors

The question has been popped, and now it’s time to celebrate. Your first stop in a potentially long line of wedding celebrations is the engagement party. As you weed through engagement party decorations, venues, and other party ideas, consider adding engagement party favors to the mix. Not only is the tradition of engagement and wedding favors fun for all ages, but it’s also a great way to create an extra splash of goodwill among your future wedding guests. Since there are seemingly endless engagement party favor options to choose from (After all, you have enough on your plate with your upcoming wedding planning!), we’ve narrowed them down to 13 of our best picks to help make the selection process fun and simple.

Tip: Choosing the perfect engagement favors will be much easier after you select a theme for your engagement party, as the theme can inspire your gifts!

1. Engagement Party Favor Bags

Allow guests to relive the childhood joy of receiving a mystery gift bag by putting together party favor bags or totes that include items like heart-shaped bottle stoppers, tiny champagne or wine bottles, wedding-themed bottle openers, “We’re Getting Married” coasters, “Mint to Be” mint tins, wedding candy, confetti, playing cards, fake diamond rings, and other festive or useful trinkets.

2. Portrait Tattoos

Give your guests the pleasure of representing your love somewhere on their body by having temporary tattoos made that feature the likeness of you and your fiancé. Have an area where guests can apply the tattoos and make sure to snap ample photos.

3. Personalized Wine Glasses

Why not have customized wine glasses—or champagne flutes—made that will allow your guests to always remember your upcoming union? This glassware can be inscribed in rose gold with something as simple as “We’re Engaged!” or “She Said Yes!,” an infinity symbol representing your endless love, or the name of you and your fiancé with that cute little plus sign, and some hearts for good measure. Some couples even have a wedding logo made (for example, a tree with roots that create a heart) they use on customized gifts, wedding invitations, place card holders, and wedding décor.

4. DIY Mason Jar Candles

Handmade candles are all the rage right now—and for good reason. Making your own candles not only gives you and your honey a fun activity to do together as you chat about wedding plans, but it also allows you to craft a signature scent candle that recipients will associate with you. If you want to use romantic aromas, try ylang-ylang, neroli, jasmine, sandalwood, or patchouli. But if you’re not feeling the DIY favor jar, you can simply have your candles made. Either way, these make for great coffee table centerpieces!

5. Photo Booth Strips

Send your guests off with a series of festive photos by renting a photo booth for your engagement party. Make sure the photos are lively by having a collection of feather boas, wild sunglasses, wedding-themed masks and signs, or anything else you find fun outside the booth. To make sure you get to chronicle the good times, have a photo album nearby where guests can add one of their photo strips and write a note.

6. Party Favor Boxes for Destination Weddings

engagement party favor box

Get your guests excited for a destination wedding by creating party favor boxes that include small gifts like a globe keychain, travel-inspired stickers, and a luggage tag, in addition to items that represent the area where you’ll say “I do.” For example, if you’re getting hitched in Hawaii, you could add a lei, dried pineapple slices, Hawaiian coffee, a travel-sized bottle of Koloa rum, or sunglasses. You can also include a note or favor tag in the box encouraging guests to use it as a home for the keepsakes they collect while on vacation for your wedding.

7. Popped the Question Popcorn

Play up the classic “They popped the question and I said yes,” theme by gifting your guests some popcorn. You can make this gift extra special by creating a station with popcorn bags, or small tins, that guests can fill with regular, cheddar, caramel, or kettle popcorn.

8. Caricature Portraits

Add humor to your party by hiring a caricature artist to capture your guests’ unique features. This can be especially fun at a party, as guests are likely already dressed up and looking their best.

9. S’mores Kits

If you’re having an outdoor party replete with a bonfire or fire pit, especially around Valentine’s Day, amp up the merriment by having s’mores goody bags replete with marshmallows, chocolate bars, graham crackers, and skewers. Plus, you can enhance those love vibes by using pink, heart-shaped marshmallows.

10. Customized Beach Balls

For parties taking place on the beach or near water, beach balls with your smiling faces on them—or maybe just your names and wedding date—are light-hearted gifts that will please everyone from guests with a flair for games to those with kids that are always happy to receive a new toy. These can also be good engagement party favors if your wedding will be on the beach, as they’ll get your guests pumped up for the nuptials. If you haven’t told your guests where the wedding will be, the beach balls can also serve as a clue.

11. Baked Goods or Candy

As sweets are a hit with pretty much everyone, give your guests cookies, brownies, or cupcakes from your favorite bakery, or make them at home. Wrap each treat individually and customize it with a sticker that lists your wedding deets, or any other message. If you really want to go all out, you can even arrange to have an image or message placed on the face of your desired treat(s).

12. Bridesmaid Flower Crowns

If you’ve already selected your bridesmaids, give them a little something extra at the engagement party by purchasing or making flower crowns. For brides wanting a romantic or bohemian style wedding, use silk flowers so your special ladies can also wear them on the big day—or even at your bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner if you wish.

13. Monogrammed Cufflinks for Groomsmen

For grooms that have their groomsmen chosen, monogrammed cufflinks can be a classy gift to hand out during the engagement party. Just like the flower crown party favor, you can ask your groomsmen to wear these cufflinks during the wedding. If you do want this gift to be used at the wedding, think of the attire you’ll want the guys (and maybe some gals!) to wear, and purchase cufflinks that complement the design and monogram.

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