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Dress For Success: What To Wear in Engagement Photos

by Joy Editors
Dress For Success: What To Wear in Engagement Photos

You’re engaged! What a wonderful time in your life. So wonderful that you want to capture it in a perfect photo that you will share on social media, set as the backgrounds for your save-the-dates and guest books, and one day, share with your children. When the stakes are this high, it’s important to make sure you make the most of your engagement photos and think carefully about what you will be wearing.

Here are our best tips for deciding what to wear in engagement photos.

1. You Be You

These are your photos—a glimpse into your life as a couple. It’s great to look for engagement photo inspiration on Pinterest, but stick to what resonates with you. Your clothes should be comfortable. Think: something that makes you feel beautiful, but nothing too on trend. And don’t be shy with other accessories, since your ring will still be the focal point.

Also, give yourself options. It’s hard to choose what to wear on just a regular day, so it won’t be any easier on engagement photo day. Take at least two options, one dressy and one casual, so you can mix it up. If you’re going the girly way, own it. A fit and flare dress, a full skirt, a gown, bright colors will play up the romance in a great way. But if you’re going the casual way, still think about detail, wear prints, and still use bright colors so you can stand out.

2. But Don’t Forget You’re a Couple, Too 

There are two of you going on this new exciting journey, so you should dress like it. Channel Will and Jada Smith, famous for rocking the stylish couple look. You don’t have to go the matchy match route, but do make sure your colors are complementary. (Check out this free color wheel tool from Adobe if you’re unsure about what colors work well together. It’s also great for planning wedding color schemes.) If you’re wearing a print for your engagement photos, your partner should wear a solid. That way the engagement photos aren’t too busy. Do make sure that your clothes are on the same level of formality. If you’re wearing a gown, your partner should wear a suit, not jeans.

3. Location, Location, Location

Where will you be taking your photos? Wherever you decided to take your engagement photos, it will definitely influence your outfit choices. So, talk to your photographer about where you’ll be shooting your engagement photos before you pick out your outfits.

If you want to use props, have a theme, or plan to wear costumes, location will be vital.

For example, if you decided to do a nautical theme, pick a location with easy access to boats. The boats can be your background or prop, and your color scheme can be centered around an ocean blue.

Tell us more!

Once you’ve picked the outfits and location, remember to get your ring shined, schedule a hair appointment (engagement shoots are a great time for a hair and/or makeup trial with your beauty squad) and check the weather report! Above all, have fun.

What’s your best advice for an engagement photo shoot? Share your advice on Facebook, Twitter or in the comment section below.

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