Find Your Vintage Wedding Dress Inspiration With This Video

    When it comes to fashion, history definitely repeats itself, over and over again. Vintage is always in, it just depends on which era is being featured in a particular season’s runway. (And if you’ve seen the slow but steady invasion of flare-leg jeans this fall, you probably have an idea of what decade is becoming all the rage all over again.)

    Vintage applies to weddings too! And unlike a trip to the mall, when you’re planning a wedding, you get to pick a theme and run with it. Want a 1920’s Gatsby-themed extravaganza? Go for it. Or do you prefer a 1950’s fete that feels like it came out of an early episode of Mad Men? It’s your party and you can emulate Betty Draper if you want to.

    Need some inspiration to fuel your mood board? Check out the most recent video from Mood, “100 Years of Wedding Gowns.” In three short minutes, you’ll see the vintage wedding dresses, hairstyles and makeup trends that have marked weddings from every decade in the last century.

    It’s pretty amazing to see how trends have changed so drastically in the last 100 years. The transitions in trends can be quite startling, too. Who would have thought that the prim and proper look of the Gilded Age bride would give way to the flapper styles of the twenties? Or that the buttoned-up mod look of the sixties would give way to the free-spirited flower-child dress from 1975.

    It’s also interesting to see how trends from each era continue to crop up in modern designer collections. The popularity of shorter gowns this year feels a lot like the 1950s to me, and the lace overlays featured in gowns from Reem Acra and Monique Lhuillier look inspired by the long lace overdress from the 1935 dress.

    Just please, don’t let the puffy sleeves from 1985 make a resurgence EVER AGAIN.


    Which vintage wedding dress is your favorite from the Mood video? Tell us if you’re incorporating vintage trends into your wedding on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or in the comment section below!



    Aubrey Bach

    Aubrey Bach is a writer based out of Seattle. She is a recovering Diet Coke addict who was raised on the mean streets of Seattle. At weddings, Aubrey is an enthusiastic but terrible dancer and has a knack for making friends with whoever is refilling the wine.




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